Seriously, Just Do It!

Mars symbol redRegarding this morning’s newsletter, Direct Action, Hope, Faith & Crazy Luck, I took my own advice. Baby Driver quit procrastinating, got in her car, and took it to be serviced.  I had a brake light out, so I went to Auto Zone and a man there installed the replacement light(s), for no charge. I went home and wrote him a nice Google review.  All of this is Mars in Aries transiting the 3rd house, stuff.

A gal just emailed me for a short-notice consult: another Mars in Aries thing. It’s her fiancé in trouble and she wants to know how to support him.  Hmm. Real love (Venus in Taurus).  She’s a hero, he’s a man (Mars).  This is how this is supposed to work.

I really feel it’s time to start swinging at the problems in you life. If you do, I strongly suspect you’ll fare well over the next few weeks.

2 thoughts on “Seriously, Just Do It!”

  1. Hey Elsa! Two months ago I was invited to speak at a conference and looked at today’s chart and said YES. I’m not an accomplished conference speaker but I know the stuff I will be talking about inside out. The Taurus Sun is opposite my moon in Scorpio tomorrow. At around 11am tomorrow the chart has Aries in the 9th and Taurus in the 10th and Cancer on the AC. That’s my 10th house, so what can go wrong? Nothing!

    Thank you for the guidance.

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