Is A.I. Hindering Your Ability To Partner?

girl who does not existThe idea is the social platforms are failing. To counteract this, AI steps in with fake personas to the bolster the illusion of engagement. I think this operation is well underway. So what’s the result?

You go on a dating app, trying to find a viable partner. Unbeknownst to you, you’re under competitive pressure from people who don’t exist, like this girl, I’ve featured.

So you engage with someone; but you’re real and you’re flawed. Meantime, the platform(s) generate endless potential; these unreal entities, beckon this person you’re dating, come play with me!

Hundreds Of Singles! No, Thousands Of Singles!

But in reality, it’s a giant waste of time; all humans involved are damaged by the experience, though the platform did get your cash.

Or let’s say you’re married and going through a challenging period.  One or the other spouse, checks out a dating app and sees thousands of potential matches, leading them to believe they’d have no problem replacing you; further it will be fun!

I don’t know how sophisticated the average person is, in regards to spotting “false” but wherever you are with this, it’s quite important you get better at it fast.

Anyone understand me? Or do I need to go back to the drawing board, again?

13 thoughts on “Is A.I. Hindering Your Ability To Partner?”

  1. How about this test. If it CAN be faked technologically (using ai or other tools), then chances are it already IS faked.

    P.s. Congrats on the new website!

  2. I usually have trouble understanding reading some of the posts because I have a rather prominent Neptune/Mercury opposition. But I’ve understood all these recent posts and I super appreciate them!

    I’ve never dated or partnered so I have never thought about those sites or those platforms. But it makes so much sense.

  3. I hate AI, but I seriously wonder if the only way I’ll ever have a boyfriend again is if it’s an AI app on my phone.

  4. But the dating apps don’t need to create their own fake profiles of women bc there’s already a proliferation of scammers/bots. But yeah AI is helping the scammers/bots become more sophisticated.
    I think men on dating apps are at a disadvantage in the first place bc the men vastly outnumber the women and late stage capitalism is changing the way we date and mate. Women are their own people with lives outside of home making and raising children, and many are opting out of those roles and lots of men don’t know how to cope that they’re not centered in our lives anymore 🤷‍♀️

    1. Funny enough, I see more fake profiles of men, but they aren’t AI. They’re hired by the platform sometimes to engage with real women and when it’s time to meet, the profile creates an excuse. There are some unsavory men setting up dates only to stand women up as podcast pranks, but I’ve been getting Intel that these fake accounts/real men are there to stop women from leaving the apps.

      What’s sad about it is women are thinking that a huge chunk of men are standing them up on purpose.

      1. Yeah, I know about dickhead dudes that stand you up. That happened to me early on and I learned pretty quick. Some months later I saw his profile on Reddit, where women are saying he’s basically acting like an incel
        I did his chart way back, he was a cancer conj my ascendant w Venus 29°. & Mars 26° conjunct in Leo
        My take is he is objectively hott but he was feeling insecure so he started living at the gym and all those muscles he’s developed have interfered with his brain and he’s like narcissus in love w his own reflection and thinks women should just show up at his apartment to service him

        Anyway, I swipe left on dudes that are too attractive to seem real but I’m also not really using dating apps right now. I might occasionally get a month of tinder premium when they offer me 50% off but it’s still pretty poor ROI like I only need one date where the man buys a couple drinks to make up the cost but god forbid a man pay for anything these days cuz “I thought women wanted to be equal!” Well Buddy, my disabled ass is decidedly not equal in society and I don’t get any opportunities to better my financial situation so you will be paying for dinner!

    2. This is one of the main points of Rollo Tomassi (founder of red pill). Women have changed in our society from “needing” men, to only going for men they “want”.

      Men in the red pill sre more likely to “know how to cope” since they are aware of this. Whereas normal guys might be confused.

  5. Thanks Elsa! You’re super clear. I’m trying to get better at spotting it. When I first looked at the girl I thought she was real but something didn’t feel right…

  6. This, already on top of the many existing problems with the dating scene, in that there is already too much choice with human potential partners. Which therefore leads to being cancelled, ghosted, blocked for no reason, because site users are simply chasing a dopamine hit: they meet a person and hit it off at first, maybe with a lot of intense lovebombing but then the dopamine hit wanes, so they ghost them before even giving them a chance to meet in person, in favour of the next dopamine hit they encounter. And the endless cycle goes on and on. Slot machine dating.

    The sad thing is, as humans we have created this!

    When the penny drops, people will realise there is absolutely nobody out there for them on the sites, and may try and use old school methods of meeting people in real life (remember that nice place called a bar?).

    Trouble is, due to over reliance on technology, people can barely string a sentence together, let alone come up with a dazzling witty chat up line. “Hey how r u 🙂” doesn’t have the same ring to it said out loud.

    I think we are reaching a tipping point of disillusionment in the dating world, which will lead to a new pandemic: horrendous loneliness. I think Neptune reaching the 29° Pisces this year may amplify this.

    1. My God you’ve nailed this thing perfectly.
      And for me with Neptune in love with squaring my Venus by basically exact degree for what seems like two years it’s amplified so loud the din is blinding…almost.
      Reading your post as well as all others confirms all of my suspicions about bots, plants, fakes and other ‘agents’ of distraction.
      Problem is for me and this current Neptune transit ‘irl’ (in real life) is as murkily unreliable as those sites.
      By the way men almost always must pay more than women AND lately because of our proclivity to ‘hit it n quit it’ seek to yoke you into paying for AT LEAST a 3 month package.
      This is 3 months of agonizing cock teasing, intellectual mind fucking with absolutely no cum-uppance lol.
      However believe it or not despite things like the pandemic which sealed the deal of independence and self isolating for so many of us hope rings eternal as we CAN engage the old fashioned way.
      Thing is even if the talk isn’t even small like that anymore KEEP TALKING until we talk our way into some semblance of engagement and let the attraction which was meant to be flourish.
      I believe.

  7. Have never been a fan of this dating platforms. I like to know the provenance of potential dates, I like people who are known and liked by people I know. I’m not the type to fall for a complete stranger. I need an introduction. Maybe it’s my Capricorn Sun.🤷🏽‍♀️

  8. I don’t understand the point of it. If she is not real, how can anyone actually go meet up with her, them, etc.? Is it just to generate hits? I am not partnered but I would never use a dating app anyway. I know it’s the way now but I’d rather bump into someone at a party or in the grocery store and start a conversation and see where that goes. I’m done with new relationships anyway, but an app is not my style.

    I agree that I thought she looked real at first but analyzing her skin and features, she’s too perfect.

  9. We might all be better finding matches as young as possible, like high school sweethearts. I know that’s not possible for everyone (wasn’t for me) but this sounds diabolical. Way to break down society and keep people apart and disappointed. Add making the site’s owners a lot of money too.

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