Breaking Bad Habits

going around in circlesA young client asked me how to overcome a problem he has. I told him he might mature out of it.

“When you evaluate what you get out of the highs and lows, against the price you pay to have them, after awhile, with maturity, you start to realize you don’t want to be doing this for the next 50 years…”

I wrote that, but then I thought about it. If the thing you’re doing is really harming you or taxing you, you probably don’t want to do  is for 30 years either, or for 10 year or even 5 years…”

With Uranus square Pluto and the Cardinal grand cross, this is a really good time to take control of your life. Quit acting like you’re not in a ditch, if that’s what you’re doing. Quit acting like you’re not going in circles, if that’s what you’re doing.

Jerry Jeff Walker knows all about it.

Are you going ’round in circles? Is there something you should change, today? What is it?

8 thoughts on “Breaking Bad Habits”

  1. “I-want-to-be-proved-right” type of thoughts. Obsession with the past in the head, when the body is actually throwing up every little remnant of it.
    As Scrooge would have it, baaaahhhhh humbug! 🙂

  2. Yep. Uranus square Pluto is offering wonderful opportunites for new insights and ways to remake my foundation.Today I need to start doing things that will allow me to live the future I picture instead of going along with what others decide for me. I need to take charge and make decisions! 5th H transiting pluto – i’m getting serious about who I am and who I want to become. I’m so serious I’m even planning for the children I’m not even close to having.

    I also realized that its important to know who I am at my core and really honor that and work around it. I’m not who I was telling myself I was.

  3. Am in a holding pattern like some other people in my life for the more major kind of moves, but am working toward better maintenance of what I have. That is always a work in progress. I don’t seem able to move that fast right now. I am prepping. But I am dealing with my mind set that at this age is a major undertaking to change. Okay, okay maybe I should stop playin the age card. 😀

    Alot of conversations about procrastination this week. One young person said he can’t handle the suspense. Knowing the deadline is coming and that it has to be done became unbearable. If he just does it when he starts itchin he doesn’t have to experience that other thing. I can relate. But I also could relate to others who said they thrive under pressure. And one who is so overloaded at the moment that all that can be done is taking it as it comes. But we are all firming up goals and how to get there. The wonder of it all are those who get bored and are always lookin for more to do.

  4. A very funny image popped into my thoughts after re-reading this post: a tire iron, you know the one you use to change a flat tire. Four-points to choose from to fit in the lug nut and the one of the other end of where you apply pressure/elbow grease/brute force to free up the nut. (Uranus-inspired) The Cardinal T-square=that tire iron. Can’t drive far on a flat tire sorta thing. Now I’m gonna take a look at those habits and the tire iron and see what comes!

  5. These transits hit my Saturn-AC/DC-Jupiter-Venus, in that order. I’ve started to come to grips with the various ways I bite off more than I can chew and am realizing some things about both my projections and the way I take care of myself. Merely talking myself out of succumbing to the dark depths has done wonders.

  6. Reconstructing my emotional landscape…. these transits are hitting my moon…. deciding that shit happens in life, and i can choose to feel negatively… or i can dry my tears, realize whats left, and keep moving

    1. (((Pearl))) Sometimes that is all we can do. Pick ourselves up and carry on. I think every time we do this we get stronger.

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