Can Scorpio See Through Taurus?

bullfightTaurus and Scorpio are intensely attracted.  It’s rarely comfortable for either person. They’re attracted in a romantic way, but just as often, they’re pitted against each other in some other way.

I’m often asked, if Scorpio can see through their counterpart, Taurus. I don’t think so! Scorpio can see Taurus, better than anyone else in the zodiac in some ways. But that’s it.

Taurus is a DENSE person.  It’s like looking at a huge piece of furniture; you’re not really going to be able to manipulate it into moving one inch, never mind ‘cross the room.  This is part of the fixation for Scorpio.

Bottom line, can the matador see through the bull?  NO. But the combination is as compelling as it is undeniable.

What do you know about Taurus relating to Scorpio?

19 thoughts on “Can Scorpio See Through Taurus?”

  1. I have a stellium in Scorpio. I am terribly attracted to Taurus women, but they always have a mysterious vibe to them and draws me in but by the time I’m done thinking and start acting, Taurus has left! They don’t wait, so now I got that figured but that’s it.

  2. My dad and brothers are Scorpios, Mom ascendant. I always ended up with Sag somehow. Maybe I needed some clarity and simplicity finally…
    However, sometimes I do think that I’ve missed some of the transformational aspects of a union.

  3. My parents were Taurus and Scorpio (with opposite Pisces/Virgo risings too). I think my Scorpio dad was attracted to my Taurus mom, but not vice versa really. Now Mom is with a Taurus with the same birthday as her!

    I of course came out Taurus Sun with Scorpio rising!

  4. Scorpio Stellium and Plutonian 8th house.
    So, yeah… Taurus baby? Bring it!

    Had a triple taurus BF with the stellium in the 12th house. I’ve always had something for those Piscean males to be honest. My Juno is in the 12th as well, so there you have it I guess. Something about that mystery we Scorpio’s love.

    Taurus is just like a big, giant ball of a sensitive softie with a pragmatic outlook and famous temper. They have nice, soft fur, and they respond well to touch, food and regularity. Sometimes too sensitive. He had Venus in Pisces…

    My mom is a Taurus, sun and moon on the fixed star Algol. Exactly where I have my Chiron, in the 4th house. We have had a very turbulent cold/hot relationship all my life. The past two years, she have tried pushing me out of her life. Her Virgo ascendant have this box I need to fit into, which I refuse to do (of course – I am an Aquarian ascendant after all!). This has made her pretty annoyed, so instead of coming out directly, confronting the conflict, she is just closing herself off from our relationship.

    There is a special place in Hell for mothers who doesn’t want their daughters and pushes them out of their life.
    She is Gemini-sh so she shouldn’t be too bothered by all that – she is not very affectionate in her feelings anyway, preferring mind over feelings and “What do you do at work” instead of “How are you doing and feeling about X” questions.

    I’ve stopped expecting she will change, so I took myself away from her judgement and have not seen her or communicated with her for several months now. Never felt more at peace, her presence has been cryptonite in my life.

  5. I have a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in my Scorpio-ruled 9H. My ex has his Moon and Mars in his Aries/Taurus-ruled 9H. I am passionate about researching astrology and learning about spirituality. He is solely passionate in amassing wealth. Major disconnect.

  6. You don’t “see through” Taurus, what you see is what you get.

    Taurus pisses on your psychological enquiries and moves on and upwards to the next field of clover. I would always back the Bull against the Scorpion. It’s just a nasty little biting thing, as far as they are concerned. Nothing to be interested in.

    They do love a Virgo.

    1. Yep, the minute Scorpio turns their X-Ray vision on Taurus and tries to psychoanalyze them, they get cow eyes and a cud-chewing bull looking back at them. They’re unfazed. ?

      1. This is kind of true. I can look through anyone, totally unfazed. Sometimes I have to remind myself to be nice, to put myself out there. Sounds mean, but I’m really not.

        1. Firstly, I’m sorry Anette. Sounds so painful. My Taurus Sun conjunct N Node is almost exact opposite to my Scorpio rising by degree. Moon 2 is in close opposition with Venus 8. I also have Neptune in Scorpio in house 1. I think I can see through other people w/ Taurus. Perhaps not all. I’ve only had 1 Sun in Taurus bf. We’ve known each other for decades. We had an awful relationship, and he cant stand me to this day. He has a lot of enemies so I don’t feel targeted. I wish him peace, but I don’t care to see him ever again.

  7. First, I am resonding from the AMP page, which I am not sure what that is, but I think I like?

    Second, Taurus in on my 6th house and goes into my 7th house. I have always found Taurus women like a breath of fresh air and we get along just great. I love their earthy sensible outlook and are usually so nice and calm and have nice senses of humor. I love their creative endevors and just find them nice and comforting to be around. Sure I have met some that are stubborn and all about their job and not as nice as some, but in general I like them. The men too. I do not always find them attractive, but are in some way attracted to them, at least as friends. I have had three Taurus boyfriends in the past, but they never lasted that long SN in Taurus?). As far as in general between the two signs, I can only speak from my experience.

  8. I am a female Scorpio Sun with Taurus Moon in my 8th house. My 3 most serious relationships have been with Taurus males. I dunno. It’s been great and it’s been hell. I don’t think the attraction or the sex was that remarkable but there is a definite pull that drags the two together. Taurus are loving and steadfast, which I crave, but too earthy for this Scorpio. My last relationship was with a Scorpio male and I’m still trying to get over that one. Oh, Scorpio…

    1. Probably those taurus men don’t have enough pluto energy for you? I am a female taurus sun and taurus moon both in the 8th house and I met a scorpio man and the attraction is so magnetic.

  9. I would love to have a Taurus friend. It’s either instant repulsion or instant attraction. I feel like with Taurus there is an unbreachable wall of security unless they trust to let me in. I’m not even sure, then. I hate the ignoring! I wish Taureans liked me but usually they don’t.

  10. Yes and try being a Plutonian Taurus at that! Always so intensely attracted to Scorpios yes, and vice vs…. as one once said to me when I explained we are opposite signs – “so, we we are magnets.” To say the least…

  11. Been married to and divorced from both a Taurus and a Scorpio.

    With a Scorpio rising and a 7 th house Taurus Moon exactly square Pluto – in hindsight it was never about the Scorpio or the Taurus partner – but rather how to allow both Venus and Pluto to work together within.

    A lot of “work” integrating the vertical Axis – Leo MC – Aquarius IC and their rulers was needed

  12. I’m Taurus sun. Sun in 2nd house, stellium with Mars in Taurus conjuncting Mercury. I have Saturn conjunct Pluto in 7th house. I have only had serious relationships with Scorpio or Capricorn, and always with very Pluto-heavy folks. I am a very “Plutonian” Taurus, and all of my relationships have been/are intense.

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