Conversations With The Dying

Madame Alexander KatrinaI started visiting this old gal who is dying, back in November.  She’s got cancer all through her, into her fingers and toes. I really didn’t think she would be alive at this time but she is and I’m glad!

She’s a classy woman, in spite of being destitute. She keeps herself pulled together; I don’t think anyone knows how she can do it.

Her mind remains keen and in spite of her situation, she’s a hub of information. With her Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury & Neptune in Virgo, I guess this should not surprise, but it does.

Specifically, she has current news on a variety of topics that interest a person.  That she knows what would interest a person, is also interesting!

Mary knows things she shouldn’t know.  I thinks she knows things, because she’s dying.  People (like me) visit her.  They feel comfortable so they take freely.  She asks pointed questions, at times but in whatever case, you wind up telling her things because she’s dying.  She will quite literally, take your secrets to her grave.

To explain the doll pic, Mary has that doll.  She won it when she was a child and has kept it for all these decades.  Her doll is worn, of course.  But it’s still captivating to see.  She told me the doll’s name was, “Katrina”.  I was surprised and happy to find her on the cover of this book.

I took the picture to Mary’s place, yesterday. I walked in and she was wearing beautiful pink pajamas. I realized she looked just like her doll. It’s all so trippy. More on Mary:

Grace For The Terminally Ill

She’s come to the point where she can no longer cook for herself, reliably, though she can sit there and rattle off, recipes for meals she likes and used to prepare.  The meals, like Mary, are perfectly put together.  She told me yesterday, she could no longer fry chicken, which she loves.

“Do you like, KFC?” I asked.

“I love, KFC,” she said.

“Well I can go to KFC and get you a bucket?”

“You can?”

“I will. See, Mary. The good thing about not being able to cook chicken anymore is that someone will cook it for you.”

On that, she laughed, heartily. I left to get her chicken a few minutes later.  I came back and we had a picnic.

I got off topic sort of. What I meant to convey, is that it’s nice to talk to someone who will keep your secrets… permanently.   It’s a particular feeling, sitting with someone who is very near the end of their road.

7 thoughts on “Conversations With The Dying”

  1. “It’s a particular feeling, sitting with someone who is very near
    the end of their road” ….
    Elsa..this is so true! This is the wealth of my volunteering. This is such a great gift. : – )

  2. It’s the blessings you pass along that you’ll never even know ‘where they hit’, that are a great and true gift. Sometimes, your timing is other worldly.

  3. I read this and think of my mama who was so good to all
    Her wonderful wink she used to share
    Thank you for the thought
    Is it the time of year to swim towards the other little fish?Its a big pond ,it is so nice to Find a gentle spirit.
    Bite her ear for me; that’s what mama would say, you could feel it better than a kiss on the cheek.
    Want to feel everything these days,and more tomorrow
    Happy almost April, feel like we had 4 full moons and 1 to go.

    1. Love how you put things Raerae, and sharing how your Mama would put things…bite your ear better than a kiss on the cheek! Yea, my
      Ma had ways of saying and seeing Lear to the bone. And as for 4 full moons? We count 4 full moons regular every month

      Love the Mary stories Elsa!

  4. Thank you I experienced this more than I would like. I have leaned into accepting death and conversations with the dying. I have learned to love more without expecting anything in return. Knowing they will leave me and I will be okay and grateful to have shared paths. I am a change in progress. I have Pisces 8H moon water trine Jupiter 4H Scorpio, Venus & Mars 12H Cancer. Thank you for this blog Elsa.

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