Stellium in Capricorn

capricorn-taxidemryThe Sun, Venus, Mercury and Pluto are in Capricorn right now, pretty tightly conjunct (11-25 degrees).  Wherever the stellium falls in your chart, it’s safe (Capricorn) to say you have business there…or some kind of responsibility.

The planets fall in my 12th house. I am running my business by intuition at the moment.

I also notice that reality (Capricorn) is decidedly foggy (12th). I read the news and wonder if it is real or fabricated.

I also have made a number of sacrifices (12th) lately, because I’m a parent (Capricorn).

Where does the stellium in Capricorn fall in your chart?

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  1. The stellium is in my fourth house and I feel energy moving forward to fulfill my mission in life. The house of my soul energy is ready to share in each divine moment that presents to share healing and love.

  2. The stellium is in my 7th house… With Venus retrograding toward Pluto… It’s a hit parade of contact from my ex-girlfriends. With Jupiter retro there is this feeling of missed opportunities in their contact. With Neptune on transiting my mid-heaven: confusion.

  3. 1H. pluto coming into conjunction with my SN at 13 degrees. totally transforming my life direction. we shall see, it has yet to be revealed.

    1. In my Natal 11 degree Capricorn is in my 12H but at 19 degrees goes into my 1H where my moon and merc are in Cap then my sun in 1H @ 19 degrees Aquarius

        1. Thank you!!!! So glad to be coming out of 12h – 12 years in a sort of slavery/ solitary confinement. Looking forward to taking front stage as a new me 🙂

  4. It’s smack dab in the middle of my 7th and on my soon-to-be-ex husband’s descendent. The reality of the divorce is settling in and is incredibly painful but plans are being made and court dates are being set. I’ve had several exes pop up as well, but just to offer apologies and words of support. Guys that have no idea what I’m going through or sniffing around, and it has been really nice to hear from some of these ghosts.

  5. also in the 12th. been terribly anxious suddenly.

    have saturn going over my venus/saturn/mc. feeling the weight of all my responsibilities extra extra.

  6. Falls in h11.
    Deep conversations with an older wise mentor about our relationship and past events; talking of old relationships that still affect us both, deeply.
    Responsibility to organise certain business transactions for parents.
    Taking a trip to see someone I have an old, old connection with. I hope for some kind of letting go, for both of us.
    Taking care of business matters that need to be sorted so that I can carry out my goal over the next couple of years.

    1. Love your question. Those angular tranisits are always like that for me. What’s going on? Alot of personal planets mixed in with pluto. It’s a mystery alright. I’d just pay attention. How are you feeling?

  7. Sorry VenusDenys. Goat comment was not for you, just general. Apparently my giddiness today is interfering with my motor skills again. I can’t stop laughing. I shouldn’t be. I mean really, saturn ruled capricorn should be serious.

    1. Lol:) I’m a slow learner and really sucked at geometry. Because of the weather I wound up being off work all week (going back tomorrow). Been very grounded and staying at home cleaning and cooking and thinking about who I am and where I want to go. Making plans while I eat my homemade soup. My Cancer is MC Jup/Uranus 10H.

      1. Recent jupiter return? Natal jupiter is conj sun in 10th. I never know where I was goin until I get there. I usually end up heading in a general direction and then there I am. Make it work or not. Wheel of fourtune. Spin the wheel and see what I get. I’ve had to learn the hard way not to be as risky with my personal life. Bad choices there can really mess up my rhythm. Natal mars rx in the 4th. That’s a grounder alright. I can get buried.

  8. 1H, and Pluto trine my Virgo stellium but those quick inner planets also trine my Taurus Jupiter but square my Libra Sun… as is the case with a lot of western astrology, its the “favorable with unfavorable” in synchronicity… so in the end each neutralizes the other… Life goes on…

  9. It’s all in my first house and conjunct my moon. Have to be in the public eye in a couple of days and the migraine and rash came today. Still, I like this Taurus moon!

  10. It’s in my first. I am swamped with all kinds of work…. Work at work, work trying to start a business, and all the new stuff I am doing in my life. At the same time, I am taking care of my health. With all those planets in the first, the control freak in me is also decidedly antsy. I need to step back and lead rather than go all control freak.

  11. It is in my third house.(my personal moon).it will raise through thuds in least timing with in a short period.i will not go overboard this time but honesty will reach.
    by jonnala

  12. 12th allover. With Venus natally in 12th and Saturn opposite, I guess I am used to sacrifices. But maybe a little too much. First important thing that happened is that I resolved a very old and big hurting pattern: not expressing my love openly, hiding it because of fear and rejection. First I tries to set a date, but I was rejected. Then I felt like I had nothing more to lose, and totally opened up and expressed my love and experiences from the last few months (I went through hell) and it lifted an enormous weight off of me. Not that I am cheering (still regret the fact that my love is not answered) but this is the first time I feel true to myself, a sort of unseen power of honesty, quietness and peace within myself. This was a major breakthrough, but not in the Uranian way (usually for me). Maybe I finally learn to work with this Venus-Saturn opposition. I have to, because Pluto is on his way to conjunct my natal Venus, and I would like to have the old stuff worked out, and see how the regenerating side of Pluto works 🙂

  13. My Capricorn area is in the 10th and 11th houses. So I have to work hard in my career, my group associations, and my hopes and dreams. I have the drive to make my hopes and dreams a solid reality (bonus: my Neptune is in Capricorn in the 10th house)!

  14. 2nd house. Self respect. It’s really all I’ve got. I think that was what I was being asked to give up in the multiple situations that put me in the gutter of confusion. Constantly pressured to do unnatural acts. I have to live with myself. Everything bangs up against my conscience. Probably why I am so hard on myself. But that’s virgo for ya.

  15. I have the natal Capricorn stellium (Saturn, Neptune, Uranus) in my 9th!! So at this point I am finishing cosmetology school and also starting back to college so I can finish my human services/counseling degree that I put so much time and energy into. BUSY BUSY BUSY!

  16. Looks like it’s in my 12th, too. Feeling it all so physically. End of relationship with someone I thought was so lovely, job interview I think I totally botched, work is stressful, home is lonely (except for my cats — which makes me feel pathetic). Day to day life is so physically taxing/hectic. Trying to keep/find perspective through meditation & mindfulness. Hoping a hike in the woods and a trip to the market with the girls tomorrow will help me find some joy & relaxation. No end in sight to the stress and it’s living in my muscles, mostly my back. Hopefully the planets will offer a breather soon!!??

  17. my last full day at the old job. stayed there longer than i have anywhere. making a big leap from security to innovation and growth with the new one i’m starting on monday. less pay, less benefits (than what i’d et if i went from intern to employee where i am) but experience and responsibility i’m going to need if i’m ever going to work for myself some day.

  18. 10th H — career and ambition right focus? Venus is the 11th H though I only have my chiron in Cancer @ 26 degrees there, so will this mean anything?

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    Priyanka Patade

    Hi, actually i dont know my house, my birth date is 21st december 1990, can u plzz tel me how is this stellium of planet has enteres in my sign. plzz help

  20. Hey elsa , i have my moon (13.10) degree , mars (17.57) degree , venus (24.14) degree and neptune (28.00) degree in the sign of capricorn in my 5th house. Does that mean i have a stellium? and what in leo or in capricorn o.O . Like do i have a stellium in leo because it’s in my 5th house or i’ll say that i have a stellium in capricorn o.O Please help. Please

    1. Thankyou so much for your reply! you’re amazing! Could you help me with one more question if someone has venus , mars and neptune in capricorn and in 6 th house and within 0-5 degrees , does that mean they have stellium in capricorn in 6 th house ? how many minimum planets are like required to call it a stellium o.O and what are like the features or characteristics of a person with stellium in cap in 5 th house and also stellium in cap in 6 th house ? my sister has the three planets in her sixth house haha xD can you help me please ?

    2. My sis also has her jupiter and uranus in aquarius in 6th along with mars venus and neptune n capricorn in 6th and her uranus conjucts her neptune … my brother has venus neptune uranus and jupiter in 6 th house and venus nd neptune are in the sign of cap where as jup nd ura in aquarius and his uranus conjucts neptune too … what does that mean do they have stelliums ?

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