Can A Relationship Remain Stable When Uranus Transits Venus?

uranus glass coasterHi, Elsa.

Is it possible to keep one’s relationship or have a stable relationship during a Uranus conjunct Venus transit?

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Dear Wondering,

Good question! Uranus signifies change, not break up. Yes, it’s possible that your relationship remain stable during a Uranus transit to Venus. It may actually become more stable during this transit.

To use this energy constructively, consider reinventing how you relate to each other. You may feel less clingy and become more comfortable with space in your relationship. This is healthy!

I have Uranus in my 7th house. My husband has Venus in aspect to Uranus. You’d be hard pressed to find a more stable couple. We do it our way.  We make our own rules!

Good luck!

What happened when Uranus transited your Venus?

23 thoughts on “Can A Relationship Remain Stable When Uranus Transits Venus?”

  1. Uranus in aries has been transiting my venus in capricorn over the last couple of years. What has changed? Well, we do more things separately and we even sleep in separate rooms. But the relationship remains as sensual as ever and we still love eachother.

    1. My Venus is in Capricorn and my Husbands is in Aries. We haven’t slept together for the last 7 years. We have been married nearly 43 years….it works for us. I have been doing things independently of him since 2000 for the most part. We both appreciate the stability of our family, which is our shared purpose.

  2. My SO has had Uranus going back and forth over his natal venus/ Mars in Aries 8th house conjunction for some time now and, although are relationship was kind of unstable at first for a while, it’s really stabilized and actually feels great.

  3. Oh lord! Crazy times. But I had it transiting opposite my sun and venus and I was in my early 20s. All sorts of people had strong reactions to me, not just romantic partners…the clerk at the gym, random people about town, etc. it hasn’t been that way since!

  4. Actually come to think of it I started dating my future husband then and we’re still together ten years later, not without some twists and turns though.

  5. Thanks for the posting Elsa. Uranus is having his grand transit on my Marriage chart 7th house. Relationship has changed significantly. We sleep different room, Hubby come home late, I can’t even question and I don’t do anymore, at first it was irritating for me and still sometimes it bother me. But I’m trying to manage our new life style. This question came to my mind too. Are we going to sustain? Just for my 2 little kids, I want to have their father and they are attached to their father too. I don’t give priority to my need, but still I would like to have my family. All has started since 2008. Unfortunately Uranus Pluto Square also effecting my relationship as a double dose.

    Just to mention, I don’t think it will ever be strong again, or will remain enjoyable, or trusted like before 2008.

    So I don’t agree your comment “healthy”. At least in my life 🙁

    Good Luck to others.

    1. I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. I meant to say that it is potentially healthy.

      Couples may change the rules, but this does not mean they BREAK UP. For some people, the new way might to marry as opposed to just living together.

      Relationships change…but Uranus is not a negative planet. It wakes you up.

      Also, it’s hard to see your own chart, sometimes. There is an event in their life, and they tag it with a certain transit, perhaps incorrectly, to some degree.

      Bottom line, people stay together through Uranus transits, all the time. So to become overly worried about breaking up, as an outcome of this transit does not make sense.

      I am afraid that people “cut and paste” ideas of others, with like experience or observation, first hand. “Oh, people break up under Uranus transit to Venus.”

      This does happen…but how often? Not that often, when you consider the whole of a situation.

      Look for things to be energized, but to take Uranus and turn it into to FEAR is a mistake (in my opinion).

  6. Uranus in aries has been roving back and forth over my venus in aries. My husband and I are still very much in love. Aaaaaand I am pregnant again. So, there’s that. For real, though. I always keep things in flux in our lives. This is just one more thing.

  7. What about when you have venus Uranus synastry? Is it the “doing it our own way” apply ? Or is commitment a long shot? My venus squares his Uranus and instability is certainly a theme.. But I also have venus sq Uranus in my chart

      1. I don’t think this can be discerned by isolating one aspect. Sorry, but people are not that simple, especially when they mix!

  8. Aries Uranus has been going back and forth on my Descendant which directly affects my marriage. It’s been a roller coaster me being Libra ASC and my spouse a Libra-Sun. There were on/off periods of chaos, FWB rendez-vous, and wanting to divorce but that didn’t happen. We have beautiful children together and there was no way we were going to have the children to ourselves 50% of the time. Uranus forced us to change how we can find more freedom without divorcing. We spend time apart, hanging out with our different groups of friends, doing community work, doing out of the ordinary things that we usually don’t do. Going to parties separately. We sleep in different rooms. We tend to our own hobbies without nagging or clinging on to the other person. We get ourselves out of the mundane and tend to each of our unique personalities and needs. It’s liberating to know that things don’t always have to be set in stone.

  9. I think only very stable couples endure Uranus-Venus transits. See, I married someone I knew was wrong for me. Uranus was approaching my 7th house. The moment it crossed my DC, I packed my bags and left the S.O.B. It was a very short-lived, stormy marriage. But when I got remarried some years later to the right person, we weathered the Uranus-Venus just fine. It wasn’t easy but it helped us address resolve many buried issues and we’re even stronger now and in a much better place.

    I knew of another couple whose composite Venus conjunct Ascendant was squared by Uranus in Aries for a long while. It’s been like 4 years since and in that time, they’ve had to endure long separations due to travel, career, illness, and in some ways, I think to give each other space. I don’t know how they are now… I wonder if they made it??

  10. Uranus has been in Aries my 1st house Rising Sign for a couple of years now and I love it! Good changes all across the board but not with that gut wrenching long drawn out pain of Pluto or the devasting loss of Saturn. There is also such a sense of freedom that is delicious. Most girls don’t like surprises – but I always have and now it’s paying off and making me so comfortable. Gonna find it hard to give him up to Taurus in a couple of years…but hang on you beautiful Bulls, this Ram at least had a blast?
    Aries Rising

  11. My husband’s moon is 26 Libra; my Venus is 28 Aries. My Venus is conjunct my IC. Since I switched to equal house system, I’m not sure how much importance to give to the IC. I moved 5 years ago when Uranus hit my 4th house cusp 5 years ago. Now it is about to hit the IC.

    Anyone have any insight on the significance of the IC relative to the 4th house cusp – in the Equal house view?

    We are both so restless after moving about 5 years ago. This place has many good qualities, but the summers are too much for us. We don’t really want to move, but…. Could this indicate a move, I wonder?

  12. I’d say that Uranus conjunct my Venus is actually making my marriage *more* stable. I was on the brink of leaving my husband, but Uranus helped me see my marriage in a different light. Uranus is exactly conjunct my Venus now and I’m very happy in my marriage. I’m glad we stuck it through this long- through the mess of Pluto sq. Uranus transits (to my Mars and husbands Moon) and Saturn returns. I am so humbled that we get a new start. Uranus will be back and forth over my Venus and trine his over the next couple years. I truly believe we will be a totally different couple than we were when this is over.

  13. Avatar

    I am having uranus conjunt to my descendent since may, 2015. Now it has effectivelly entered my seventh house. I’ve been in a stable union, not married, for 25 years. Many times I had the occasion of divorce due to infidelity on his part but I ever have thought about our children and how they would grieve with their father’s abscence, so I buried my pride and we stayed together. This last two years he became to show an instable behavior, acting like a big boy/ single one, that made me uneasy and very much worried. This month he became very nervous and relestless with me leading him to the hospital to be examined and so he told me the truth: he was having an affair and now she is pregnant. It was too much for me to bear, so I separate and have no intention to be together again.

  14. I have Uranus on my Venus right now (just passed 3rd of a triple transit), and so far, nothing exciting in relationships or finances has happened 🙁 Anything surprising? Yeah, much more stable relationship after years and years of complete instability. So maybe there’s that!

  15. Tr Uranus is opposite my Venus and tr Jupiter is conjunct. Who cares about love, what about some good ole Venus-inspired money luck? Universe send me big money! 😀

  16. I’ve been in a stale relationship for years. no sex- and I mean once a year sex and little intimacy of any kind. Then my other half gets accepted to do a degree this October and his health which had been poor suddenly improves. He had been stick thin because of his health but now he is weight training and had a trendy new haircut and suddenly he’s interested in sex again. Not only that but he’s interested in foreplay (for the first time!).
    I’ve spent the last couple of years thinking of how I can extract myself from a relationship in which I find myself financial trapped, but now it is suddenly better than it has ever been. In case you are wondering, ‘is he having an affair or going through a mid life crisis?’ No he’s totally besotted with me. How do I know he’s not having an affair? he works from home and we go everywhere together. (I also work from home).
    I was thinking that I might get fatally attracted to some other guy, I didn’t anticipate this at all :). Still I suppose there could be other surprises to come- he might be the one to decide to leave and instead of being ecstatic I’ll be broken hearted. But for now things are great.

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