Why Can’t I Find A Man? Because You Can’t Be Trusted.

It might be Venus opposing Pluto or the fact my lunar return this month is particularly feisty but I feel like tackling these difficult but rich topics latley.

With Saturn in Libra many people are trying to overcome whatever it is that blocks them from partnering. I am trying to help them and because I am ambitious and my success is dependent on their success I am trying very hard. I also just prefer results to failure and this requires that I get down in the mud and blood and slime and try to figure out what is going on. Why can’t a reasonably attractive single woman find a man to take her seriously as a partner?

There is always a reason and while there are a numerous possibilities, I only want to talk about one of them simply because no one ever does. A man is not going to marry a woman he can’t trust. Got that? I am not talking about fidelity. I am talking about TRUST.

If a man can’t trust you, he’s not going to invest in you and commit to you, though he may sleep with you. When I say trust, I use the word in it’s complex form. For example, he’s got to trust that you won’t ruin his life.

There are a lot of women who offer no such guarantee. Matter of fact, their behavior strongly suggest they WILL ruin a man’s life and if this is the case what is he to do? What would you do if you had a head on your shoulders?

You can imagine how delicate an operation is when I’ve got tell a woman that people don’t trust her but if no one ever tips her off, she’s probably doomed. This may not matter much to a woman at 22 and 24 but  as she heads towards 30, turns that corner and has her baby clock kick in, it’s a whole other story.  The point comes were women want to get to the bottom of what it is that plagues them and often enough, this is it.

Can you be trusted? Is it observable?

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53 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Find A Man? Because You Can’t Be Trusted.”

  1. I think there is something about me that men perceive as untrustworthy. It’s not true. I’m a very trustworthy person. I seem very unpredictable and mysterious to them. That’s not what I am though. I’m a good, hardworking woman with a lot of integrity. My needs are very simple. I do what I say I’m going to do. I don’t know what else I could do.

    I think it’s harder for Plutonian woman too. I look evil and dangerous.

  2. I’m not trusted. It may be because I’m too independent, as in I don’t like to stay with the group and don’t typically know how to blend in with the group. Must be my moon conjunct uranus, cancer stellium in the 11th, and sag 4th house stellium. Everything I want contradicts and that’s a giant red flag in itself. It’s hard to be a “different” person because that’s inherently untrustworthy.

    I’m deeply sensitive and loving but I’m so uncomfortable being seen as vulnerable that I come across as cold. I’ve been working at aligning my internal feelings with my external projection for years but it isn’t easy considering that beyond my natal chart I have home life issues to overcome. I guess my moon-saturn-chiron makes it hard to cuddle up to me.

    I want LOVE as much as I want SPACE but when a person wants space it seems like they have something to hide. I’ve been accused of cheating often despite honestly only doing it once when I was 14 and thought my relationship was over since I hadn’t heard from the guy in weeks. I’m loyal but no one gets that because its not obvious who I’m loyal to or why. I have strong principles but no one knows where that comes from and I don’t volunteer that information because I assume everyone else lives in some sort of similar manner. (SPOILER ALERT: they don”t)

    I’m unknown and unknowable. I’m changing slowly but I know that at least up to this point everyone feels every inch of the arms length they’re kept at. I know I can cut and run at any moment, as do they.

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