Effects of Uranus Retrograde in the Natal Chart

einsteinUranus is the great change-maker. He shakes things up, knocks things down, and refuses stagnation of all kinds. He’s the force that keeps society moving forward, and he’s not afraid to break a few eggs in the process. But what happens when he is retrograde in the natal chart?

Uranus is retrograde about 40% of the time, so clearly it’s something that many of us have to deal with! Because of this, it manifests in myriad ways. In this post, I have endeavored to find people whose only retrograde planet is Uranus so that we can really isolate the effects. In doing this research, three themes became extremely clear.

  • Sudden Endings – One of the most feared rumors about Uranus retrograde is that the person will experience a sudden death or loss, and due to the inward and backward-facing nature of retrogrades, the loss is often self-inflicted. While this is clearly not the case for nearly half the population, I am honestly surprised to say that the research bears this out. Examples of this would be Marie Antoinette and Madame du Barry, respectively the wife and mistress of King Louis XVI, who both lost their heads to the guillotine during the French Revolution. Or look at US President Zachary Taylor, whose presidency was tragically cut short after a bout of gastroenteritis rumored to be caused by eating too much fruit and milk! And finally, there’s King Edward VIII of England, who shocked the world by abdicating the throne in the name of love. When it comes down to it, Uranus wants change, and heads will roll when they stand in his way.
  • True genius – Uranus retrograde is not all doom! It has also produced some of the most iconic geniuses to ever grace the earth. William Shakespeare himself had Uranus as his only retrograde planet. Along with being the most well-known playwright on the planet, he also invented over 400 words that are still in use today. Or Jacob Grimm, of Grimm’s Fairy Tales fame? That brilliant anthology is still the inspiration for our modern myths and stories.  And what list would be complete without the icon of genius himself, Albert Einstein? With only Uranus retrograde, he was able to rethink the entire movement of the universe, and his name became synonymous with brilliance.
  • Revolutionaries – No mention of Uranus would be complete without discussing revolution. People with Uranus retrograde have an uncanny ability to look at the world as it is, see the historic injustice, and somehow figure out how to disrupt it entirely. Nelson Mandela, however complex his legacy, is still an excellent example, having devoted his life to the anti-apartheid movement. There’s also Gertrude Stein, who lived in an openly same-sex partnership when such a thing was nearly unheard of, and who wrote what is considered the first “coming out” story. Or even better, Frances Perkins (who, full disclosure, does also have Mercury retrograde), who was so affected by the horrible plight of workers that she threw herself into the labor movement, eventually working as one of the chief architects of the New Deal. Not only did she defy the expectations of her gender, she changed the American political landscape forever. Uranus doesn’t just want change – Uranus wants equality. And these people helped to move society in that direction. As Perkins herself said simply, “I am a revolutionist.” And in that sense, she is Uranus incarnate.

Uranus is about change. Uranus retrograde is about looking back at the world as it has always been and deciding that it no longer works. Whether it be theater, labor conditions, science, or anything else, these people have a sort of magic ability to reinvent the world. And as far as those unlucky few who suffered at the hands of Uranian shocks, take heart. The worst fate seems only to befall those who attempt to elevate themselves above others and cling to that position at all costs. Uranus is the great equalizer. We are all one species sharing one planet, and we all have both the right and the responsibility to make it a better place for everyone. That is Uranus’s true lesson. And strange as it is, it is Uranus retrograde that leads the way.

Do you have Uranus retrograde in your chart? Have you experienced any shocks? What about strokes of genius?

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  1. Uranus rx conj ascendant in 1st. I have all three generational planets retrograde. I really can’t figure out much of my uranus even if funnily I’m typing on an astrology blog right now. I mean physically, all those descriptions of looking ‘different’ I can’t see it – or being tall- at all- maybe that’s the rx. But shocks, haha, had lots of those, so many, even now. My whole life is a shock wave. I’m also sensitive to electricity, to even smallest noise from them.

  2. Waiting for replies. Tell me tell me. If I make it to 2029, progresses Uranus will be retrograde although I have already pretty much given up on the world scene already. Human race is too far gone.

  3. Uranus is the only planet rx in my natal chart. BLM is also rx and she I believe amplifies the destiny of my life. Uranus is retrograde in Gemini, 6th House…House of Health, habits and routines, work but not necessarily career. The planet of revolutions sextiles the stellium of Mars and Saturn (closely conjunct) along with Pluto all in Leo in the 7th and 8th Houses.
    I am a old woman, a new grandmother, and I have been through and incited many shocking turns of events in my life. The relationships and legacy of my lineage has been a constant challenge and source of powerful lessons. Health projects and issues have regularly shown me how to revolutionize the what through without cutting parts of my body out to do it. Energy work and sudden inspirations or odd connectivity have been and continue to be sources of great story-telling.
    All that Uranus energy in sextile squares the planetary Scorpio Sun, Mercury and Chiron in the 10th and 11th Houses. Humbling truths and incredibly surprising twists are a constant. I’m not easy to live with but like Gertrude Stein and Albert being a wild hare has its highlights. Boy would I enjoy partying with those two!
    Thanks for this perspective, Midara, it’s well-written and generous; I love the potential in it!!!

      1. Thank you for tapping into this oldie but goodie post, Dorothea. Fun yes us old quirky ones do see the funny in the eccentric and that’s a nice angle to begin a new year and see anew

  4. Great article! Thank you, Midara.Uranus, Pluto, Neptune are all in retrograde in my chart. Uranus in 29′ Libra,6th house. My life is one wild ride, alots, alots, alots of changes. I love changes, they are always unexpected, sudden indeed,- during those i am always rebelling against something and someone or a bunch of people, i feel like a warrior in those times, i know i can not buckle down, i will not, stiil i realize when i have to walk away, to retreat if something/someone not worth it, do not worth the further fight.Can not stand sleepy stagnating enviroment, always shaking nice evil peole up. They tell me: “Hey you, go away, don’t you see we are blissfully ignorant, so leave us along!” And i say: ” No poblem, just wanted to make sure, that we agreed upon something atleast.Good day.” The only sure things in this world are changes. Can you believe,that a taurus sun has just said? Yep, with Uranus retrograde.

  5. It’s important how big of a role Uranus has in one’s chart. My Uranus R, conjuncts Ac and Moon, but from 12th house. It also aspects Sun, Mercury and Venus, so all personal planets exept Mars. You can say I’m a Uranus person.
    My sudden loss was a break up of a relationship of five years, completely unexpected. It nearly broke me and had a huge effect on my future life. My already existing fear of abandoment was amplified by a million. It was years before I could let anyone in my life and I’m still trying with all I got not to let that fear selfsabotage me now when I’m in a great relationship.

    1. Ema, I’ve uranus rx natally in the 8H. When it transited Aries it was in my 12H. I know what you mean. I can almost bet that this failed relationship you mentioned was affected by uranus conj mars in Aries square pluto(March 2015). Which house do you have aries? If so, do know that what’s most horrible about the after-ending process is not so much the feeling of abandonment, but probably to have become almost handicapped in how to appreciate and rediscover what to do with the new found freedom. I feel you. I am still processing (hopefully on the verge of the final cut and breakthrough), so you’re far more advanced than I am! Be pleased! Enjoy. Deal with red flags if they come up, but know that we could be dead tomorrow anyways 😉 I wish you many blessings

      1. Thanks for your kind words. This brake up was long ago, I was in my twenties. transiting Uranus was in Aquarius, conjunct my IC, and coming pretty close to my Pisces Sun. So i had great period of time to recover.

        1. Ema, thank you for the reply. Im glad that was long ago ?
          Interesting that you brought up the IC connection. That 2015 transit was also squaring my IC/MC axis now that I think of it. Makes sense that I felt like losing/being deserted by a family member… wow. thank you so much, it brings me greater understanding ?

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    Janelle McKinley

    Albert Einstein was a plagiarist who worked against the best interests of this country. Chris Jon Bjerknes has written books about this second-rate plagiarist, liar, and generally morally bankrupt entity. His plagiarism was well-known early in the 20th; scientists set up a debate that he actually sneaked out of. Also, Bjerknes wrote The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein. The PR machine went to work to keep the AE Smartest Man on Earth ever before us so we’d forget about Nikola Tesla who was ready to offer free energy to the world over a hundred years ago. The military industrial complex didn’t forget about him though, and people are woefully unaware of the ominous use that’s been made of technology that now surrounds us like a spider’s web, called The Matrix, 5G, AI, Transhumanism and total control the end goal by a few maniacs.

  7. I am wondering if anyone with uranus in 1st rx or not or with uranus conj ascendant or with aquarius in 2nd house often experiences small electric shocks? As stated above I used to sometimes but in the last two weeks it’s been up to a ridiculous degree. Everything I touch gives me a small electric shock, anything metal, most of appliances and even my plant- it’s not a stinging sensation with the plant, it’s the same feeling with appliances, which makes me think something in my body is going haywire. Body zaps, that’s the name.

    1. Yeah, I do. Uranus in the 1first retrograde. I have snaps and sparks randomly . The most unusual sensations I’ve been having for years is my quandery. Upon falling asleep , or coming out of sleep I feel an electric hum sweep uniformly over different limbs.Up and down or sometime circulating in an even pulse. Sometimes it tingles on my lips. I keep guessing at what it is. External or internal ? Satelites or nano tech? immune system armies or kundalini confusion? Not sure , but its electric wave that I have noticed.

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