Can An Air Sign Person Settle Down After Forty?

saturn girlHi, Elsa.

I’m 40. I have studied some astrology and understand that with so many planets in air signs, I’m not one to settle down quickly. However, I have Saturn in 7th and Capricorn ascendant…..will I ever get married already?

Saturn in 7th Pisces

Hi, Saturn. I would not bet on you getting married. I don’t mean that in a negative way. It’s just like you said.  Being light and flighty comes easily.  If you want to marry, you’re going to have to take a different path. The path will not be easy.

Just imagine a butterfly, flitting around. How hard would it be for that butterfly to get down on the ground (Saturn) and walk down an aisle, “’till death do we part”?  It’s far easier to fly to and fro and light here and there.

Reading this might make you feel bad (Saturn). If so, I’m sorry. It’s just if you want to marry, you’re going to have reinvent yourself.

It’s possible. You have Venus in Aquarius. You’ve experimented with being single, you can experiment with being married.  But what you won’t be able to do is marry without accepting some limitations (Saturn).

As bad as that sounds, it’s an obvious fact. Married people are tethered to each other. If this is unacceptable to you, you’ll live with the other side of Saturn which is “lack”.

If this were me, I’d try to have some fun while being married. The married part would be the anchor. If this sounds good to you, realize you’ll have to light (land) long enough for someone to take a serious look at you, and vice versa.

Ultimately, you can choose to invoke this neglected part of your character and make marriage a priority or even your primary goal (Saturn).  Or you can “not go there”, as they say.

Good luck!

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6 thoughts on “Can An Air Sign Person Settle Down After Forty?”

  1. Good question, it got me thinking. My son has seven planets including his Sun in air, and all trine either his Saturn or Moon in Gemini (9th House). He’s in his forties, and a couple years ago met and married a French woman. For years now they have crisscrossed or stayed in one country and then the other (he is Hawaiian, and now lives in the Hawaiian Islands and she on a French colonized island). They have a very different arrangement as far as marriage goes. There’s the issue of passports and visas and regs that govern ‘citizenship’ but I bet it’s more than that. “Settling down” means such different things to individuals and couples.

  2. Avatar

    I crave intimacy but also need a tremendous amount of freedom. Would need a partner who feels the same way otherwise I’m probably better off never marrying. No personal planets in Libra, but four in Sagittarius and an Aquarius ascendant.

  3. Yep, Here I have Moon and Venus conjunct in Aquarius, North Node in Libra and Libra taking up most of the 1st house, and Gemini on my Midheaven. Now in my late 50s, I’ve barely even dated for more than a couple of months at a time. Friendships have been long and fruitful, however. I’ve been “anchored” by caring for my mother, and it drives me batty sometimes. I’ve been thinking along the “reinvention” lines for the coming day when I no longer have Mom. However, that reinvention puzzle is quite a ways off the conventional track!

  4. My co-worker has Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars in Aqua in the 6th house, Mars is also squared by Uranus, DSC in Aqua, and she got married at 27 and has been happily married for almost 10 years now. Of course, things are never perfect, but overall, they seem happy. She has a baby girl now. As trology-wise, one could say she has air overload. No earth. Leo ASC and NN and Pisces Mercury.

    So, you know, perhaps love and marriage and coupling is mostly random stuff and we shouldn’t think about it too much. If it happens or not, it doesn’t appear to depend much on us.

  5. I’m mostly air and fire and I understand this! I’ve found ways to ground myself just enough, but after one failed marriage and some pretty serious introspection I accepted the idea that maybe marriage isn’t for me and that’s totally ok.

    I’ve opted for a very nonstandard relationship model and it works really well for me and the people involved. Finding those people is a bit harder but really I don’t mind that. Things and people that are important are worth the extra effort to me.

    Sun/Saturn in 1H Gemini opposite moon/Neptune in 7H Sagittarius. 😉

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