It’s Not That Easy To Turn Back

Approching stormIt’s hard to get off a certain path once you’re on it. It’s just not easy to turn back.

Thinking of terms of astrology is eye-opening. At this point in my life, I want to be careful which path I choose and what I invest in. Part of this is age, but part of it has to do with transits.

If you’re having a strong Neptune transit, you will probably drift.
Uranus transits, particularly if Mars is involved, tend to see a person act impulsively and experiment.
Many people go down a dark path when Pluto transits their chart, or into a depression.  Some transits see people take leaps of faith that can land them in hellish conditions.

Years can pass during these type processes. It’s possible you get little done. I can tell you this for sure, because I’ve lived it. Today, I have tremendous appreciation for the idea of slowing down enough to choose that path I am going to take, with care. Care, not fear!

I spoke with a Pisces gal. She spent ten years with the love of her life, but the couple did not stay together. He died four years after they separated. She’s got no interest in any other man. His was the soul for hers.

She said she could have done more. If she’d tried harder at the time, she could have kept him in his life, but she did not.

I pulled this post up because Jupiter will soon leave Sagittarius. You really want to choose carefully – get it right.

Finding Direction When Jupiter Leaves Sagittarius For Capricorn – Video

How much thought and care do you put into the choices you make in your life?


39 thoughts on “It’s Not That Easy To Turn Back”

  1. I’ve been having a very long Neptune transit. First, trining all my Libra planets as it traversed through Aquarius, then hitting my ASC, then squaring it’s natal postion, moving in on my moon and wrapping up for a few years right after it squares my MC.

    What was the question again?

    1. I feel your pain I have Neptune conjunct my asc in my natal chart! And it’s been on my midheaven for some time. It’s good to keep yourself grounded in who you know you are! People will test this and as long as u know u r a good person it can’t touch you. But the craziness will still be whirling all around you. Be true to yourself !

  2. I am trying to be more deliberate about where I put my energy too. Especially my mental energy. Your idea about transits is powerful because people often assume they have more control than they actually do. The best we can do is to embrace what we have at our disposal at any given time. Swimming against the tide can be successful but only very rarely so you have to be sure it’s really worth it to you.

    Mostly I want to appreciate the people in my life, the way they are, at each moment in time because you never know how health or circumstances will strain our ability to relate to each other.

  3. I used to just fly through them (choices), making a decision ‘on the fly’ was no big deal. Now that I have people that I am responsible for and have a lived a bit, I’m MUCH, MUCH more careful and weigh everything thoroughly. I’m also not scared to re-weigh things afterwards to make sure it’s still the right choice,

  4. I put a lot of thought into the path I take, but sometimes I wonder if I pigeon-hole myself. Once I feel comfortable about a path, I can be a bit too rigid to do anything else sometimes.

  5. I got off the path once, very impulsively. I tried to get back on track a couple of times, but each times it gets harder and harder. And yes I have Uranus square Mars in my chart.

  6. I’ve started over a few times in my life. That is a real path changer. I wanted John Prine, Spanish Pipedream, but I’ve got what I’ve got. I’m in my 60’s so I don’t have a long path ahead any more, but I have a loose plan. I did throw away my TV.

  7. I have a strong Uranus in my chart (conjunct Ascendent 0 degrees) so I tend to just “know” and change paths in a second… without prior thinking. This did not cause me trouble so far. It happens it was a good thing to do. Uranus trines my Jupiter and forms a sextile with Mercury.

  8. This time around i put a year and a half of thought into my choice of path. This process happened during a pluto to sun transit. I’m sure from the outside it looks like I have done nothing and have maybe given up on life but I haven’t. The reason I took so long is because I was on a cruise to nowhere from 2007 to 2010 (thanks Neptune). Don’t want to make that same mistake again. Can’t afford to. I have to invest in what’s real. If I don’t, my future well being is at stake. So Pluto took me to the depth of my soul….my own personal hell to get to the bottom of what is real for me. And to uncover what in me has been keeping me from attaining these things before now. It was truly the most scary process. I have to act on implementing the plan that I hashed out now. And I am really scared. Truly….scared. But it is my truth. And I hope that 10 years from now I will look back on my 36 year old self and be proud of my courage.

  9. My very late degree Ketuvian sadge fights with the rest of my chart about this. Basically, I can fret all I want to but in the end I drift off anyway.

    I think about it harder now and I try so, so SO hard to be smarter but I end up thinking…Jesus, I’m going to be dead in practically half an hour, if that half hour passes and I haven’t done this stupid but truly exhilarating thing will I regret it?

    It’s always yes, you know? Always. And then ten years later I’m going, what the F*** were you thinking there, you moron.

  10. “How much thought and care do you put into the choice you make in your life?”

    Holy hell, this question (laughs to self knowing I need to GET THE HELL OUT of my head more, and then this question).

    The answer for me is, every day. (U/P in Libra 12th, Saturn 0deg in Gemini 8th). So yeah, a sh*tload of introspection.

  11. I used to think something, think on it hard and then act seeing the big picture rarely worrying about the minor details. Sometimes I would act impulsively. This either turned out good or bad, but I’m able to bounce back. Now that I’m trying to become an adult, I have to realize that I have think more about where I’m going and what I’m doing.

    The consult with you, Elsa, has really really got me thinking hard about my future in ways I haven’t thought about.

  12. ‘stop your rambling stop your gambling stop staying out late at night go home to your wife and family down by the fireside bright”-
    — I want to be content with the cud chewing docility of the relationships I am in: plodding and pluggin away, I do! But I also want to be passionate fierce and alive!

    I need to tend to the fire that provides nourishment. I want to be nourished and experience contentment.

    Thanks for the heads up Elsa!

  13. I think I put too much thought and care into my life, lol. However, I can let too much fear influence me.

    Sometimes, I need more Jupiterian qualities.

  14. I have started over numerous times usually due to the death of a loved one. It’s all good to me. I am pretty flexible about life.

  15. I follow which way the wind goes a lot of the time. I had to–(and this compulsion is very personal *to me.*)

    I had not allowed myself to drift, my life would not be as it is. I’m not comfortable drifting but have got a lot of comfort from drifting, if that makes any sense at all.

    I put up an incredible amount of resistance, as a general way of being, and I put out an enormous effort to fight it.

    Uranus/Sun/Saturn T-square. I’m a piece of work.

  16. WTF t.Neptune in my 3rd makes no damn sense. I fight my own resistance. Now I will keep myself from making corrective posts on this thread!

  17. It’s a timing thing with me. I know what I need to do. It’s in my gut. But the timing has to be right to make the move. Have been realizing this lately. The squaring going on is forcing decisions. The decision to move on some things. The decision to keep the pace on others, which involves attitude adjustment or another way to deal with a situation. I don’t think I put alot of thought or any at all into the actual decisions, they just happen. It’s a given, which has made me question free will at times. It’s the execution that takes time. How to do the change. How to carry it out. The nuts and bolts of the change. Usually when I get that together in my head, conditions will occur that allow the change to happen.

    My natal mars retro is in pisces so when these decisions happen I can face great confusion if I stress about getting it done. I try not to go there by reminding myself that it will happen eventually. Difficult because I am a goal motivated person. Forcing or hurrying usually results in errors.

  18. It feels like I think about the consequences much more now post a Saturn return than even 3 years ago.

    I’m having a Neptune 12th house transit right now and it feels like I’m gettjng nothing done and time is slipping away and my prime will escape me.

    I though this was supposed to be an easy transit because of Neptune being home there but everything is a fog and I’ve been so isolated for a few years now. (Even this seems like a tangent).

    I don’t feel like I can choose for myself at the moment. Hopefully this too passes.

  19. I don’t really work on impulse, I have to think a lot of shit out for years.
    I should be having a Uranus transit but it really hasn’t kicked in and made me act crazy yet.

  20. I feel that for great lengths of time I thought too much about the end game
    Not sure I gave myself enough choice,for a good 30+years work was very consuming and gave me a sense of accomplishment…following approved plans with precision to detail and contract
    It crafted my personal behaviors my thought process on all topics…
    Today I have down shifted could be
    I am idling in neutral?hanging on the words , well maybe, maybe not
    I believe there are innate divine
    Designs in play available and slower
    Actions or easier acceptance of control ,belief I am contributing?
    Results or effects seem to be a given without me pushing the pedal,I think ,like the
    Weather I tend to watch and wait
    The season is changing ever so slowly I feel I am too in how I see and involve with every day

  21. I’ve always put a lot of thought in my choices. I know it’s a jupiter thing (future, expansion) yet also a saturn (need for control thing.)

    I also go with my instincts and feelings a lot too (water sun and ascendant, neptune vibes.)

    Currently have transiting neptune impacting on my neptune and moon. With the retrograde movement the planets have been hit twice so far. Sun will be next in the transit production line.

    I am drifting a lot these last months yet saturn helps me keep some practicalities afloat, and jupiter in the first house transit is helping me use some opportunities that are appearing for me or helping me push some opportunities forward.

    How am I drifting? Well, more than usual (I’m a pisces with sun and moon aspected harshly by natal neptune so I do drifting well.) I make space to re-watch a lot of tv shows (neptune, filmography) I love and learn how to cook (a good thing.)

    I ponder on my wishes and re-evaluate my dreams (neptune) and painfully realise some are no longer possible or that they might not be possible. I also drank a bit more wine than usual in August (from not drinking at all to a glass or two a day while on holidays.) I try to be kind with myself as neptune just takes over.

    Professionally I still work hard in my career yet reduced my work days months ago for many reasons plus with neptune transit I didn’t have all the drive to push, despite my sun-mars square. And amongst other things, I drifted and thought reducing my work days was viable.

    Now after looking at how much my taxes will be next year I’ve really I drifted financially!! I’m adding one more work day to my week yet still have a day off to drift.

    Working hard like I do when I work is pretty hard with a neptune transit which tries to undermine my saturn-sun aspect’s efforts to compensate for my innate neptunian nature. Hence why I reduced my work days initially.

    Many years ago when transiting neptune conjuncted my venus, then my mercury and then my IC (all in aquarius), I drifted for years and years, not working at all, travelling, finding myself, and also getting confused and lost with false starts regarding love and work.

    Now I am (hopefully) more of a grown up (mortgage, husband, good career and profession) so I cannot drift like I did years ago.

    It’s hard. I’d say it helps to have other (positive) transits going on to help do something.

    All I know is that because transiting neptune will conjunct my Sun three times in the next two years, I will change a lot in the way I am and respond to others, and I’ll lose parts of my identity to establish new ones.

    Can’t be too worried about what will be of me in some years as neptune transit helps with the not worrying too much! I’m developing more faith (neptune)

    1. I don’t mean being a grown up means being married or having a home, etc.

      Just that I now have other things to think about other than myself – grown up territory.

  22. I just go with the flow but I end up hitting rip tides and have to rethink and redo. It doesn’t help I have a 12th House Sun and Mars AND four Astroids in Aries because I can be impulsive too. Maybe I need to slow down and steer the boat.

  23. Transiting neptune squaring my afflicted mercury and my asc.Two years ago I got a job in the city. I decided to live in the city (25km from the country house where I lived with my husband) So I got into a mortgage and bought a flat.Last year I realized life in the city (I had’t lived there for 16 years) was smothering me, I couldn’t adapt. Came back to the country. This year I’ve got a schedule that makes commuting impossible.
    I have Uranus MC square mercury. I overthink, in circles,a lot ,to finally make sudden decisions. This summer I adopted a big dog,thinking of staying in the country but difficult to put in an appartment.Drowning in Neptunian fog

  24. This is interesting, because I’ve been stufying the esoteric meaning of the Temperance card, which is about moderation, putting things in perspective, maintaining a sense of calm and balancing extremes. It is not a foolhardy card, it’s about choosing a path with deliberate care. Been getting this card a lot.

  25. This has been weighing heavily on my mind lately. At 63 should I fight to get my health back? I have let myself go taking care of my husband. Should I just relax and see where the tide takes me? Do I do volunteer work? Get a real job? I am not a domestic goddess so knitting and quilting will not cut it for me.
    I enjoy traveling and going to events but I really don’t want to do that alone and I don’t want to be a 3rd wheel. Do I even consider another relationship? Will I invest my emotions just to lose someone again? My North node is in sag.

    1. Travel even if it’s alone u meet all kinds of wonderful people along the way it sounds like you need to find yourself again after being there for your husband and take time for yourself!

      1. Libra Thanks for your question. Nothing actually excites me right now but I don’t want to get stuck in the past as that is what I am prone to do. I applied for a position at an afterschool program through Ymca to care for children a few hours a day. I have ventured out to a few eateries by myself as I know being alone is probably my new normal. Financially traveling on my own is not feasible. So. I guess I have time to think about it.

  26. I put a lot of thought into my big decisions. Sometimes the implementation is fast. But the ideas have been brewing for a while.

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