Can Jupiter and Pluto Cancel Each Other Out?

Jupiter Pluto statuesAs Jupiter prepares to make its final pass across Pluto while on its way out of Capricorn, I thought this was a good time to talk about the way the two planetary energies combine.

On the surface, the two planets couldn’t be more different. Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, brings with him joy and expansion. His very presence is a gift. Pluto, on the other hand, brings loss, pain and destruction. He drags you into the depths and tests what you’re made of. But what happens when the two planets transit the same point at the same time? I’m in a unique position to talk about this, because every major Pluto transit of my life has had Jupiter transiting conjunct Pluto. Every single one!

When I was just beginning to study astrology, I recall wondering if Jupiter’s influence would cancel out Pluto’s. Maybe Jupiter’s bounty would mitigate the loss that Pluto promised, right?

Well, no. And yes! But mostly no.

The thing about Jupiter is that it expands whatever it touches. Whether it be money and knowledge or pain and loss, Jupiter is the cosmic amplifier. Jupiter also lifts things and puts them on a pedestal, which isn’t such a good place to be in when Pluto comes around. So when Jupiter inserts himself into a Pluto transit, the losses are bigger, the fall is farther, and the pain is more acute. Simply put, Jupiter makes it worse.

At least, that’s how it seems. But Jupiter does offer a deeper, hidden benefit. Jupiter provides meaning.

Typically, with Pluto transits, the losses are so staggering that it can take years or even decades to fully process what you went through. But Jupiter provides a little boost. When Jupiter is involved, it is much easier to see how your pain fits into the larger narrative of your life. You can figure out what lessons Pluto is there to teach. You can start integrating that knowledge much sooner, which allows you to bounce back faster. You can get your life back.

Look at it this way. With a Pluto transit, you’re going to get dragged under. There’s no avoiding it. Not even Jupiter can stop it. But what Jupiter can do is fill you with helium so that you can float back up.

So as this cardinal clash breaks up and we begin to prepare for a new chapter, spend a little time thinking about how this last year fits into your greater story. Especially if you have planets in the late degrees of cardinal signs, take a moment to think about what you’ve lost, what you’ve learned, and where this journey will take you. You may be flat on your face right now, but Jupiter will get you back on your feet.

Have you had simultaneous Jupiter and Pluto transits? What was it like?

9 thoughts on “Can Jupiter and Pluto Cancel Each Other Out?”

  1. You are a mind reader! I have been thinking about this a lot, having a Capricorn stellium in late degrees. I agree with all you said, and would like to add that Jupiter provides hope, in addition to meaning. Maybe there is only a glimmer of it, but that spark is what floats you back to the surface from the depths.

    Also, Jupiter makes it possible to imagine a future, no matter how slim its likelihood of coming to pass. Typically, I would assign imagination to Neptune, but in this instance, its the outward expansive energy of Jupiter that pushes your consciousness ‘forward’ (I know that Time is not linear).

  2. In my chart, when Tr Jupiter was conjunct my 7H Pluto, serious relationship issues were addressed with the aid of trained professionals (9H). The issues were then resolved. And history is repeating itself now.

  3. With Capricorn in my second house,this pluto transition I have lost much. This Jupiter in cap transit has put me back on a solid financial path.

  4. Very helpful, Midara, thank you. I’m 71 and live alone. This Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter activity in Capricorn is in my 4th house, of which Jupiter is also the ruler (very late Sag on cusp). It is also square my Moon/NNode in Aries. Ever since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2009(?)painful chronic health conditions have kept me at home almost continuously; the covid lockdown has just been the icing on cake as far as isolation goes. Such a change from my former life. Pluto has and continues to change me inwardly as well beyond recognition, and I hate to say it but in hindsight it has been for the better.

    Now that Jupiter has joined the fun I’ve been decluttering and throwing things out or giving them away, and I love it. and buying a few clothes that suit me better as well. I have natal Sun in Gemini trine Jupiter in Aquarius so I’m definitely receptive to the Jupiterian vibe (my Jupiter return coming up on December 29th, though he’ll be with Saturn this time). I’ve discovered Marie Kondo and get my kicks these days by folding all my clothes as per her instructions…..heh.

    I wish everyone understood astrology, it would help so much in dealing with the upheavals and disruptions of life in 2020.

  5. Wow, Jupiter and Pluto together for all Pluto transits, that’s remarkable! How often does that happen to someone?

    Jupiter and Pluto, with Saturn, are within 10 degrees of my 10th house now. They won’t be there at the exact same time but I’m interested to see how it plays out.

    Jupiter’s presence on my Sun/Mercury conjunction has been uplifting, even though it’s a so called “harsh” aspect. I’ve had an abundance of faith with it in my 9th house. After Pluto completely transformed all of my beliefs – what an experience – this is kinda like the icing on the cake. A gift. I am thankful!

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