Uranus in Taurus Trine Natal Pluto In Virgo – Unexpected Healing

My lumbar spine scolosisI’m sorry to keep posting this picture but I have no idea who might read this and when. That is was my spine.

I woke up this morning as I have for the last month or so, in a state of shock. The very first thought that comes to me, every morning since my insanely successful surgery – there is no pain. It momentarily stops my breathing. Like I’m disoriented or I have somehow stumbled into the wrong bed or the wrong body. I literally question my own sanity.  How could this be? If I move, will it break the spell?

By now I know that it won’t. But I recall how I’ve lived over the last years, the last two, in particular.

When your back is like that, slid off it’s cracker, lying on nerves, it affects pretty much everything. Your back, of course. Your hips. Both legs and both arms, which I will explain.

Prior to my surgery, there was no way to position my body to escape pain. I like to rest my head in the crook of my arm to sleep. I lost the privelge of sleeping that way, years ago. After that, things degraded.

It’s not obvious but if I were to lift my arm, it would pull on my back.  If you have ever felt nerve pain, I don’t have to tell you, if you can avoid the sensation, you will. That’s what I did,

For the last year or so, I’ve had no choice but to lie face down in my bed, hands reaching back, palms up and don’t move. I’m not kidding you. It’s like being nailed to the bed through my back. Facedown corpse position, and then you try to sleep.

Today I wake up in this incredible luxury. Nothing hurts. Nothing. I lie in awe of this, every morning. I wondered this morning, it these feelings might never fade.

I tend to forget bad things that happen to me, as a matter of course. Why drag that pain into my future? But this doesn’t register as a “bad thing”.  I’m not thinking about how bad it was. I’m thinking about how, God, dealt me this ace, in the form of a surgeon.

Why? What could I have possibly done to receive a gift of this magnitude?

It occurred to me today, Uranus transiting Taurus, trining natal Pluto in Virgo might be a marker here. Unexpected (Uranus) healing (Pluto).

I was hoping for any level of relief. I was prepared to be dead or paralyzed but never in a million years, would I have expected a result like this. I have dealt with back problems for twenty years. Further, I took a lot of beatings when I was a kid. I woke up in pain as a matter of course. Maybe that can help you see how extraordinary this is.  I just haven’t been able to assimilate it, truth be told. I wake up and it’s like, who am I, where am I, what’s happened?

Some mornings I wake up an hour early or something. I doesn’t bother me a bit. I take the time relish what it feels like to be utterly and totally free of pain.

I saw a friend of mine yesterday who is blind. If he were to wake up one day, able to see, it would equal this. It’s just not something you expect.

If you’re a spine geek, you can read more here:

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Has Uranus in Taurus has transited your natal Pluto in Virgo? Can you tie this transit to some happening in your life?

17 thoughts on “Uranus in Taurus Trine Natal Pluto In Virgo – Unexpected Healing”

  1. Dearest Elsa, ( hugs ) You didn’t even think you would
    wake up from the surgery. I remember reading when it
    was cancelled before this rescheduled successful date.
    I remember thinking that somehow the cancellation was
    God’s hand, that the date change was somehow destiny.

    I spent the majority of my adult life homeless after
    I left the military. I always yearned for a home,
    and home was always threatened. Just shy over 5
    years ago, I am a homeowner. I spend all my time
    at home and I work from home. I have no desire to
    get out and go on a trip like I used to. I just
    want to be home, home is my security as I am afraid
    it can be snatched out from under me at any time
    for any reason since I have Virgo Uranus in my 2nd.

    I completely understand your gratitude. Your life
    is changed forever. After such suffering, you
    are given relief and it feels so good to have

  2. My sister tells me right before you wake the devil tries to pull you down
    That’s when you say “back of the line buddy,“ and you hop that body up and say Hallelujah!! And the crowd goes wild!! And the girl does her happy

  3. I think anyone who has ever been in great pain can identify with what you are saying. We never think about it because usually we feel good, but the simple cessation of pain is the most incredible, delicious feeling there is.

    Once I jabbed my eye with a protractor and had to go to an eye hospital. I felt such relief when pain numbing drops were put in. It’s so easy to take this feeling of being pain-free for granted but it is really the most important thing, I think.

  4. I have been following these posts of your surgery with particular interest as I have a similar problem with my back, and it is so heartwarming to read of your results – the feeling must be overwhelming and reminds us there is light in the darkest times! Keep healing x

  5. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    “It occurred to me today, Uranus transiting Taurus, trining natal Pluto in Virgo might be a marker here. Unexpected (Uranus) healing (Pluto).”

    How lovely is that??? Very.

  6. Hi Elsa,
    Such wonderful news!!! I feel the start of a new Book here – you’re due!
    Praise to God for answering all our prayers and Special Blessings upon your Surgeon – you could name your next dog after him? this way you can cuddle and call his name with love and affection every day.
    I believe in miracles and girlfriend – you got one – ! (((E N J O Y )))
    Aries Rising

  7. My work has just been selected for a prestigious national exhibition. For the first time in a very long time I feel I am an artist. I am trying to trust this feeling and let it percolate through my life in the hope money will come of it. Then the transformation will be complete. So glad for you Elsa.

  8. A remarkable recovery – good for you and you’re so strong–mentally, physically and emotionally. A lot of catching-up to do on the site – this was good news to read. Stories like this I always think the surgeon’s hands are blessed and guided too, from above.

  9. I’ve had some ongoing health issues that never seem to have an answer. Had endo/colonoscopy scheduled in March, then Covid and insurance issues postponed it FOUR TIMES. Finally had it done 10/16 without a hitch although I had much anxiety due to problems with same procedures in the past. Waiting for pathology on biopsies and have follow up visit on 10/30. Perhaps all these delays have worked in my favor? Maybe my Uranus transiting Natal Pluto will finally – finally! – shed light on this health conundrum of mine. Best wishes Elsa for continued health and happiness 😉

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