Saturn Return in a Composite Chart: The 28.5 Year Cycle In Living Color

Transiting Saturn sits on the descendant of the composite chart of the soldier and P where it was when me met 28 years ago. We had a chance to commit at that time and it seems we have another. I can’t see any other way to parse this.

“I tell people not to mess up things when it comes to Saturn,” I said. “Like your Saturn Return. Mess it up, get it wrong and you’re going to wait 28 years to have another crack at it. And now I’m living this.”

“This time if you say no (to marrying him) I’m going to kidnap you.”

“You are?”

“No, I won’t kidnap you,” he said dejectedly. “I’ll just sit there like a hog looking at a wristwatch. And I’ll tell you see, P? You’re doin’ this again. And you’ll say I am not, blah, blah, blah,” he said in his version of my voice. “And then I’ll say, oh lord…”

11 thoughts on “Saturn Return in a Composite Chart: The 28.5 Year Cycle In Living Color”

  1. God I love this man through you. I think that’s what i meant when i said we were watching the obvious love you held for him. Even if you were confused as to where things were going it seemed to me that this was what it was all about for you and him. And it’s the sweetest thing to behold and gives such hope to me.. to be loved in this way.
    If you don’t want him I’ll certainly have him! 😛

  2. I think Liz is right – this full circle was probably necessary (I mean, I don’t know the whole story but things usually happen for a reason, isn’t it?).
    But Saturn returns scare the hell out of me!

  3. Saturn Returns are best looked back on . . . 🙂

    This one brought me a new grand-baby from my stepdaughter who was undergoing her first Saturn Return. Babies are a wonderful personification of the combination of Love & Responsibility (Saturn in Leo). It seems that Saturn REALLY likes us to commemorate him with acts of commitment to living Life to it’s fullest or maybe that’s just for those of us with Saturn in Leo! 🙂

  4. I’m curious what happened to/around you when saturn was in cancer a few years ago versus 30 years ago… or when it was in gemini versus when it was in gemini 33 years ago… and so on.

  5. Wow..what an interesting story to follow. Seems like Saturn has a plan, and if we do screw it up, we usually regret it and have to live with that. Saturn brings lasting consequences, but whatever road we end on ultimately is the by product of our free will. Saturn gives us a blueprint, but we stubborn humans usually dont bother reading it, so Saturn gives us a kick in the ass. Sometimes we ache, looking back thinking “what if?” Then we have to wait till it comes full circle to address or act differently upon that “what if”

  6. Avatar
    saturns child/plutos lover

    i dont know wher saturn was wen we met….but wen we met after 9 yrs it was conjunct our sun, moon n mercury ……pretty textbook huh?
    n then it moved on to our venus.n we had a chance to commit but sadly we didnt.not completely at least. n now it will move on to virgo (my venus, his moon) n libra wher we hav no planets.
    sigh! but we hav scorpio ascendant. n i think saturn in scorpio wud be our last chance….cuz u know were not getting any younger!!

    1. thank you elsa- this is so interesting!! would you consider the composite or the progressed composite to carry the transit effects?… would be really enlightening to read about the outer planets transits effecting composite charts 🙂

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