How Do You Find Your Vocation Or Calling In Life

sun gorgeous beautifulI was talking to a man who told me that he grew up being told that he had a calling in life.  He was taught that he had a vocation and he believed this.

Because he believed this, he sought to discover what his calling might be.
This is different than growing up being told you should be what you want to be.

Given a choice, I’d opt to be raised with the belief my life had a meaningful purpose. I’d want to be encouraged to find out what that purpose was.  9th house. Seeker. There’s nothing more satisfying than finding your true calling in life.I think it’s worth making an effort to ascertain what you’re designed to do.

Astrologically, Liz Greene gives sees the Sun as the indicator or a person’s vocation. I agree, but I think Jupiter is involved as well. Each of us is part of larger picture!

Years ago, I used to write (true) stories. I loved to write them and people loved to read them but as it turned out, it was not my vocation. I’m meant to be an astrologer, and specifically to counsel people. I hold a chart in my hand and I can feel things click into place. It’s a gift that can’t be denied.

I love astrology and consulting even if the price I pay to be one is quite high.  It doesn’t matter if it would be my first choice of profession. I am designed for it, mentally, emotionally and physically.  It’s my true vocation, which I feel goes beyond my ego (sun).

Have you found your calling in life? Is there something you’re really good at? 

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  1. No I’m still trying to put it all together. I was a young overwhelmed Mom first.I would love to know why I’m always thrown into the role of leader, reluctantly so. This pattern follows me in whatever situations or opportunites I experience.I guess I am still waiting to strike gold in this way. Any tips? I am Leo Sun with Jupiter close to MC in Taurus.

  2. Yes! Jupiter gives an interesting flavor to this, and I agree with that. I think people flounder when they don’t trust their instincts in combination with learning about the world around them. If you don’t leave yourself room to learn, make mistakes, you will lose the buoyancy / resilience that makes or breaks a vocational pursuit.

  3. What a serendipitous post:-) I’ve just returned home from the employment office after not having been able to work for the last 5 years, so I’m asking myself this very question. However, after 10 years of college, 2 degrees, and over 20 jobs, most of which were not in my area of study, I’m still at a loss.
    My Gemini Sun is conjunct Jupiter, oppose Neptune, square Moon, sextile Saturn and trine Pluto…..maybe all those aspects are what’s making it so difficult to find the one thing? I believe Gemini is jack-of-all-trades kind of energy, so that makes sense, and i have a Capricorn MC, so I’m very willing to put in the blood, sweat and tears, I guess I just need some direction?

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    I just got accepted onto a new job, hopefully all goes well with the pre-employment checks, in Domicilary Care (caring for people in their homes). I think after all of this time I think I’ve found my calling. Nursing next, after a year maybe 2.

    I was on the receiving end of ‘you must do’ which in truth fucks you up cause that isn’t your dream but anothers. And with that note I was gonna disagree with the Jupiter thing but then now it makes sense.

  5. Interesting idea about Jupiter’s influence on one’s calling. I’ve never figured out what my calling is….despite that my watery Cancer Sun yearns for one. I could just never pick one thing and follow it. My Jupiter is in Gemini — which functions as a bit (or a lot) as a dabbler/dilettante…which would support your idea about Jupiter’s influence. Also, my sun and moon are square which adds another layer of complexity and conflict.

    I’d be interested in knowing if anyone on this board with a Sun/Moon square in their natal chart feels they’ve found their calling. Anyone?

    1. I have the same aspects as you: sun moon square and Jupiter in Gemini. I am 65, still searching for my true vocation in life…all a bit of a mystery now what my true vocation could have been. One thing I seem to respond well to – it’s humor! That would be Jupiter in Gemini!!

  6. I love this topic.
    “Desire is creation, is the magical element in that process. If there were an instrument by which to measure desire, one could foretell achievement.” Willa Cather

    I’ve met a few people in my life that knew exactly what they wanted to do with their lives and went for it. One old boyfriend actually had an outrageous list of all the things he was going to do – and he did it. As for me, I’ve been all over the place and have done many different things – with no lists or maps!
    My Gemini sun is in a wide trine to my Jupiter in Libra. I love being creative and working with my hands. I applied and was accepted into a short professional training program that starts this summer and I even got some tuition assistance to go along with it.This is encouraging and has given me hope that the deciding committee saw a glimmer of talent and drive. I’ve got a lot of prep work to do and now I really need to focus and make lists. I don’t know if this is my calling but sure hope it is.

  7. Elsa you are too good on these blogs! Talk about good content for having us to read. Who asks these questions? Cause no one dare ask in every day life, at least not in my circle.
    To answer your question I was told I am here to write and communicate something that will help others. Like be a mentor. And I can see that. We’ll only time will. Its all about Gemini.

  8. No, I’m totally frickin’ lost in that regard. I see people like my brother, who was born an engineer. He just had to earn the diploma to prove it. I see people like Elsa who are so in the right place and blazing a trail that it awes me. I stand amazed at people like this because they are most decidedly honoring their purpose. I don’t want to get to the end of my life having never discovered my calling but that seems to be where I’m headed and it bugs me to no end.

  9. I just realized this is an old post. Anyway, everybody, I know including myself, are struggling badly or can’t even get a job, so forget a calling and all that other bullshit. Lol.

    1. Well, actually, this is not bullshit. I would like to write stories! But I am paid to be an astrologer.

      I recognized it as my calling, after being forced into it. This is what people will pay me do!

      I also know all about struggling, having been homeless at 15 years old… I just got off the phone with someone who was sobbing because they need $1.50 for the bus and don’t have it!

      These things don’t discount the idea a person is designed for some purpose.

      1. I agree with you. Yes, you have a calling. My dad had his calling. I was referring to the current times where I know of a lot of people who are lost or struggling.

        1. I understand. This may be related to the belief that the ego or what a person wants should determine their calling. But this doesn’t make sense if you think about it even slightly.

          Also, you may be struggling today. That does not mean you’re not on the most direct path to your calling. In fact, this may be the only route by which you might get there.

          1. I’m glad we understand each other now. I should have worded it differently so it didn’t seem like I was canceling out all you went through to get to this point. Thanks for the positive angle. You mentioned in another article about being marked at the conjunction in January — I don’t know how but from my chart, it appears I will probably be one of those people. Thank you for the heads up on that, btw. And thank you for all your hard work.

  10. I’m 62, and spent 30 years, searching and spending lots of money on spiritual teachers, books, lectures, seminars, etc., for a creative calling, although legal assistant paid the bills. I was told its writing, however, it doesn’t reasonate! The calling still hasn’t curled up on my lap, and purred like a kitten.?

    1. Hi VJ! So many different kinds of writing. Perhaps your calling is a specialized version like technical, grant or proposal writing, development, and management: still very creative, challenging and satisfying. But a different kind of storytelling, than creating poetry, fiction, or nonfiction. And also pays the bills 🙂 Just a thought!

      1. Thank you Taurean: Fantasy, writing for middle grade children, poetry, etc., has been suggested but not Technical! Thank you! I did take a children’s writing course, however, it didn’t click! My moon, NN, Vertex, all in Scorpio in the 5th! But, Saturn straddles my 5th and 6th houses. No FUN for me!

  11. Just because you’re called to do something doesn’t mean you want to do it! Years ago I read a book of stories by people who found their calling and it was like to discover it, how it changed their lives. One young man was called to become a Buddhist monk–and he hated the idea!
    I wish this side of being called was addressed more in general. Maybe more people (myself included) would get unstuck.

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      When I was young I used to imagine endlessly how painful it would be to be attached to a creative art and have no one around you really have faith in you, so to have no money etc. But to still not be able to disattach from your creative art.

      While that is not completely the life I live now, I can use my intellect for non music purposes… It is largely true.

  12. Joseph Campbell – love his work, has written about the heroes journey, and the refusal of the hero to accept the call! WOW! I think I’ll read the Hero With A Thousand Faces, again!

  13. Vocation? Being alive is a vocation. If you don’t want it, you can end it.

    Try and realise that just being here is enough. Once you get that, you won’t worry about “vocations”.

    1. Choufleur, this may be the greatest single answer I’ve ever heard. Indeed, to be alive in spite of the odds or to be as a result of the odds and persevere is a life on record. Thanks!

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      Well written.
      And a bit of a revolutionary thought to me.
      Still processing

      Thank you Choufleur!

  14. I agree now with that Choufleur. Being IS enough, esp. when you wake up everyday to bad news and chaos going on in the World – I feel lucky to be where I am everyday. I used to think I was useless – (Venus in Capricorn needing to be the authority) – that unless I had a vocation or got certified in something or a degree that I was just a loser. Well some may see me that way too, but now I don’t care. My vocation is being ready for life and to be willing to stay open to helping and serving where ever or whenever someone needs my particular brand of that. I did have ambitions when in my late teens/early 20’s to be a singer, but I let it go after living that scene for awile. I enjoy singing in my car. I don’t need an audience or need to get paid but if someone decided to be in a group now, I might do for fun, but I don’t really like the staying up late and all the partying that goes on.

  15. When finding someone’s true vocation I look at planets conjunct the MC and Ascendant, plus the position of the Sun. I have Uranus in the 10th house conjunct the MC and I am an astrologer. Plus I have Jupiter in the first house conjunct my Ascendant (trine Mercury) and I also write horoscope columns that are syndicated around the world. My Sun is in Aries (self-employed) in the 6th house (writing daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes is hard work) trine Uranus conjunct the MC.

  16. Not sure what my vocation is. I think your North node might give hints too.
    As a Virgo I like organizing things..putting them to good use. My Jupiter in Pisces in 6th is about serving by healing spiritually.
    But my north node Leo wants to make a show about it. Go figure.

  17. I have been on a very long and slow path toward homesteading. Years ago I was a teacher. I still am but it will be in this other domain. I plan to teach everything I have learned late in my life. I am also a mother, teaching her children how to be self sufficient and make nourishing food, keep a home, and use discernment in this messed up world, somewhat outside of the mainstream. And it all starts with food and home. It’s a slow burning passion and obsession. (My 6th house Mars and Pluto help.)

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    Hildegarde's Apprentice

    As I near the end of my 50s a few things have sort of revealed themselves. Ive learned that your calling involves the natural talents and skills you were born with…what you do naturally …but it doesnt mean its a specific vocation. You might be a gifted writer, teacher, healer…but those are adjectives that describe a great number of vocations. To me, your calling is your South Node talents and gifts to use in combination with your North node you are drawn to which will cause you to learn more spiritual gifts for the next life. A note of encouragement to us late comers…We think its too late because our youth oriented culture tells us its too late. But some are born late bloomers.

  19. My Jupiter is in third house and I am a publisher – my company (Jupiter in capricorn) publishes kids magazines, puzzles etc.
    My daughter has Jupiter in fourth in virgo, I read that Jupiter in virgo is good for writting but I do not see that for her at all so far (she is 17). She likes chemistry and has a sun in sixth house, what Would be good for her to study?

  20. My chart has a very strong Virgo flavor. I’ve been an animal lover my whole life, and I started working in the veterinary field a year ago after taking 18 years off to raise my family.

    This is the first time I’m actually happy to go to work. I was miserable in my former “career” (secretary) – I went into that field out of desperation because of a recession. With Uranus and Pluto in the 6th, I was a piece of work, lol. Now I’m on the right path. I’ll be 50 next month.

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