Does Astrology Really Help?

zodiac dressI wonder how many people actually solve their problems. I don’t think the percentage is that high, even if you look at something like this, over time. Part of the reason is that there is a lot of money to be made when a person’s problems remain unsolved!

As an example, think of the sugar-free cookies they sold us. What were they called? “Snackwell”? You could buy these cookies, eat them and be thin. Instead, people got diarrhea for their trouble. Oh well! Time to try something else, ineffective! And oh by the way! Get your wallet out because this is going to cost.

With the current harsh climate, most of my clients are up against a wall of some kind. They’re coming to the end of something; in some cases, it’s the end of their hope unless they really want to get beyond some kind of block. A person can be scared but at some point, it more scary to remain stuck then it is to push beyond your comfort zone and graduate!

I really hate the idea of being a loser. With Mars conjunct Mercury, I want to be effective. With that conjunction placed in the 9th house, I want to fight my way to higher ground. I want (Mars) more and I want better (Jupiter), even if the things I value are ethereal or or spiritual, which they are!

Mars is squaring Saturn at this time. Both planets are in their home signs.  This combination is harsh but it can be highly productive if you respond to the pressure and challenges you face with courage and determination.

I haven’t mentioned this for awhile, but I did a workshop on Solving Problems Using Astrology. I wanted to try myself at that time. I know I can solve a problem and help others solve theirs. I wanted to prove this.

I did this by taking twenty charts with twenty problems; to untangle them and offer solutions.  This workshop is a piece of work, to be sure. There is nothing like it anywhere. Like me, it’s an oddity.

Use Astrology To Solve Problems & Get What You Want!

There are a lot of people out there who want their problems solved by only if this can be done, their way, on their time schedule.  If their solution is whack, guess what? It’s not going to work. They’ll not escape their little misery pool.  How can they escape it when their solution is insufficient and unproductive?

If you want to see how this is done, get the workshop. You’re bound to learn A LOT. But if you’re still stuck after reading it, then give me a call and I will plot your way out of your problems.  I don’t care who you are – I can and I will do this.

This is why my business is strong. I exist for people who are tired of bullshit and wasting their time.

To answer the title question, astrology DOES work.  You don’t need it to prevail but if you have and you use it, the benefits are literally, out of this world.

14 thoughts on “Does Astrology Really Help?”

  1. Yes, benefits out of this world, I think that’s true.
    I wish I could send a friend to you, but she believes in nothing, so will not believe in the wisdoms of astrology.
    As you say: “There are a lot of people out there who want their problems solved but only if this can be done, their way, on their time schedule.”
    I guess astrology only helps those who help themselves, but also those who are able to see OUTSIDE themselves.

  2. Another friend’s comment: “So what’s the use of astrology? If you are the way you are (planets in signs & houses etc.) then so what?”.
    Ya, well if you don’t want to know, you don’t want to know.
    Figure it out by yourself, WITHOUT astrology. I’ll take time, or even forever…!

    Looks like my few friends are non-believers… Well, not my circus… I’m not running a zoo.
    I don’t insist. Not trying to tame animsls, have enough with my own junk.

    1. I am not sure what you’re asking. I did use the charts of the people who attended the workshop. This is a transcript of that workshop. I offer it do people who could not or did not attend the workshop, can access the material. 🙂

  3. It’s interesting to note that the Moon will be transiting Cancer tomorrow. This lunar transit seems appropriate for the WomensWave March being held nationwide tomorrow.

  4. I probably would not be alive today – literally — without astrology. The Elsa kind especially.

    It does work… if you work it.

    (It won’t if you don’t – guaranteed.)

    I have followed Elsa (and acted on what she taught) for many, many years (since at least 2002).

    I have bought, studied and implemented the wisdom of quite a few of the reports she offers – some of them multiple times over the years.

    I have taken a good number of her workshops and benefited from each and every one. (You can buy the transcripts after the fact, for those you missed.)

    Astrology will not solve ALL of your problems in one fell swoop, overnight (life is not like that). But you can and will solve them all, one by one, each in due course. (Elsa, amazingly, is always there when you need her and you are ready to tackle the next thing.)

    I can safely say I am down to only one Big Problem at this point in my life (I am now past my 2nd Saturn Return). And astrology is definitely one of the key tools in my arsenal to finally vanquish this last biggie.

    (Life being life though, I am sure more challenges will come up, but that is okay. Astrology will always be there to help me through, and hopefully Elsa will be around to help us all for many, many years to come.)

  5. Does Astrology really help?

    I had an important, for myself, interview that was made for myself by the organisation that was going to perform the interview. I looked at the chart of transits and compared against my birth chart; there was a problem as far as I was concerned, that is transiting Saturn was opposing and applying to the Jupiter/Venus conjunction. What to do, I had the appointment moved three weeks into the future; now Saturn was separating – good yes! Well I passed the interview.

    However, upon thinking about it, I realised that I could not go back into the past and redo the whole thing to attend the interview on the original day – just to find out whether that particular aspect was so bad, whether I would have passed the interview. This is the problem with astrology, its a self-fulfilling prophesy; just because the interview went well because the interview day was moved to thwart the particular aspect, does not mean that the interview went well because I had moved the interview to avoid that aspect – and it cannot be tested as I cannot go back into the past.

    Having said that, look at Theresa May and the trouble she is having; she has Saturn in her birth chart at the end of Scorpio, transiting planets Chiron and Uranus are both aspecting her Saturn – coincidence? Dont know.

  6. I took the advice in your workshop to keep things simple. I limited the aspects in my chart so much that it looked bare. I thought I’d lose valuable information, but actually, I think I found the root of my main problem AND the potential solution without getting past the workshop intro!

    Thumbs up. 🙂

  7. I participated in that workshop and I can say first-hand, it was very good. I learnt from it even though my own chart was not used.

  8. Well, I took the workshop back in the day, though my notes to it are now gone because Yahoo’s notesaving function has gone buh-bye. But no, I didn’t solve my problems. I think that is probably on me, though, for being an idiot blockhead about everything. I haven’t gotten to the point where it’s better to blossom (STILL) and I feel like any solution needs to fit “in the box” because otherwise I think I’ll just end up stalked, permanently unemployable, homeless and dead.

    My unsolvable problem is that I somehow can’t get myself to think “Hey, I don’t care if I end up doxxed, stalked, unemployable, homeless and dead, let’s do something where people SEE ME and get mad and go after me and ruin my life because now they know I exist!” So far nobody knows the solution to being a woman who does something notable that gets popular on the Internet (I don’t think anonymity would work, everything is tracked now and also I’m distinctive) and then gets horrendously, life-ruiningly harassed if she does it. How the hell am I supposed to do anything if I know that WILL happen to me because that is what happens to women who are noticed now?

    1. ” So far nobody knows the solution to being a woman who does something notable that gets popular on the Internet (I don’t think anonymity would work, everything is tracked now and also I’m distinctive) and then gets horrendously, life-ruiningly harassed if she does it.”

      This is true. However, there is life after this happens, even if it happens and happens and happens and happens.

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