Can You Be In Love With More Than One Person At A Time?

Gemini in the United States asks,  “Can you only be in love with one person at a time?”

Interesting question.

My husband talks about how English is limited as compared to Spanish, when it comes to “love”.  We have one word, “love”, to describe love of all types.  In Spanish the different types of love have their own word. For example, the love you have for your spouse is not the same love you have for your child.

I think you are asking about being in love with two men at the same time, based on your phrasing, “in love”.

I have Venus in aspect to Neptune.  I can easily imagine being in love with any number of people, however I can only be loyal to one.

That’s my answer.  Let’s see what other people have to say.

Can you love more than one person at a time?

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6 thoughts on “Can You Be In Love With More Than One Person At A Time?”

  1. Great post,love it. A stellium in fifth house libra writing here, including pluto, jupiter conjunct uranus. For me love can erupt or blossom in a moment, for whoever and all. It’s easy and natural for me to love in an instant and deeply. But I have an 8 house capricorn sun squaring this stellium and I am loyal to one – happily married for 24 years. Till death do us part.

  2. I agree with Elsa. When it comes to that ‘in love’ realm, people seem to refer to intimate romantic partnerships. One could have several of these, but if so then they are not truly loyal to one. Not a bad thing if that’s what both parties are okay with, BUT that’s often such a grey area. One person out of the two could be okay with it okay with it till one day they’re not and it seems left field, but is it really?

    Also I think when people are in love with several people and/or have relationships with said people the person they’re most loyal to is themselves. Which is not the same as being most loyal to the relationship one is in.

  3. if you say you’re in love with more than one person you can’t be loyal to one person. The true feeling of being in love will win over being loyal.

  4. I have the capacity of falling in love with more than one person, but only platonically. The experience mimics the process when I fall for someone romantically; it’s intense and I want their full attention, and then to be around them all the time so I can soak it up. I make an effort to understand their inner workings because my aim is real intimacy; and I go full Venus in Leo, showering them with gifts and appreciation. But it doesn’t include physical attraction for me: so I don’t fully treat them as I would a lover. But I LOVE them and I am never shy about showing it, and as one could guess, that has put me in a lot of sticky situations… Sometimes, they’re the ones who’ve gotten it wrong, and other times I’ve managed to confuse myself.

    But being in love, romantic love? No, I can only do that one person at a time. Dating more than one is fine though, as long as there are no demands! But I’m a picky woman, and I’m just incapable of dividing my attention once I’ve decided someone is worth investing in.

  5. My Venus in Gemini (opp. Neptune) loves being in love with lots of people. It’s so fun. But, at my age, I luckily have just one I am loyal to, to the end. Now and again I still notice other men, but I steer way clear of it going past noticing. That was for my youth 🙂

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    Hildegarde's Girl

    Are you kidding? Me? Double Virgo with Venus in Scorpio in 2nd, Taurus moon in 8th… I might become interested in another as far as them being new and interesting. But the thought of being that intimate with another is unthinkable. The more intimate I am, the more bonded I am and I blossom. And a better woman I become…I’m a 1 man woman. Hands down

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