Relating Intellectually vs Emotionally vs Spiritually vs Instinctively

Renoir-Conversation-1879Curious Gemini in the United States writes…

“…We were talking yesterday & she just stopped mid convo & said “I lost track of what I was saying because I looked into your eyes & a lot came through”. I feel the same though her energy is overwhelming. So I’m assuming she’s very sensitive to people’s energy like me.

Do you ever have that with people you meet or are you not as into peoples’ energy? You may be more into the cold hard facts of astrology?”

I thought this was a great question. I definitely feel people. What I feel when I relate to someone is at least as important as what they say.

I am not sure that I would classify my feelings as (moon-ruled) emotion. It’s more animal-like. I’m instinctive.  For example, when I meet someone (in real life), that I can trust, I often know it, immediately. I don’t think this was always the case. I’ve learned!

There are some people I feel in a spiritual way.  Jupiter – Neptune. These people usually exude some kind of light, especially at a distance. It’s like they have some kind of aura.

There are other people where the interaction really is primarily mental.  These people are usually engineers!  They want to have a conversation that’s impersonal. I respect this and enjoy it myself.  Air signs!

There are people who engage me emotionally. Children, without fail. Pregnant women, without fail. Mothers with infants, without fail.

Also, children who have suffered some trauma. Kids who have lost a parent(s) or a sibling and/or kids who are mistreated, especially when their “good, kind, person” status is obvious.  These situations trigger my mother / protector / nurturing side.

I can’t say that any of these ways of relating are dominant. I think I can say that I’m mutable!

How do you relate to others? What’s the astrology?

5 thoughts on “Relating Intellectually vs Emotionally vs Spiritually vs Instinctively”

  1. Heya, EE and the community. Been years since I wandered into the conversation, but it is good to breathe deep and think similar thoughts.

    Spent a whole day reading fine print only to be transferred two hands worth of times to be told that there was no help for me. (JK, my benefits are limited, but I can’t be mad to have them.)

    (…the dark side of my good humor is that I would have been better served eating ice cream and laying a second coat of drywall patch…But at least I know I did all the work on my end, and was nice to CSRs, and that is not a waste of a day.

    Sprinkles and goodness atcha, AstroMama.

  2. Wow, this person really likes to ask Elsa questions. That’s good, though. It’s provided a lot of material for writing, I bet.

  3. I’ve always connected to people by look, smile and body language way before talking or even thinking about them. Totally instinctive and I still draw people or repel them by a glance. I thought everyone does that. I learned as a child to scan people for clues and am pretty perfect at it now. I often have a great impact on others that they acknowledge but struggle to explain. It’s got to do with being present, living in my body, being in touch with my inner state. So yes, I often have these experiences, I would be lost without them. Jupiter in the 1st house Libra in a wide conjunction with Neptune in the second in Scorpio. Scorpio moon, Sagittarius sun.

  4. What to do when you have a moon air sign (although libra) and 4 planets in Scorpio in the most public place in the horoscope?!

    Intellectualized feeling and emotional love – I love to talk about feelings but feelings can be scary, violent, turbulent for a Scorpio Sun/Venus/Mercury type. So that’s why I am up in my head. Airhead when it comes to the feels but heart over head in any 10th house relationship.

    I do tend to make it hard on myself and not take the easy way…. Mars in Capricorn/12th house confirms this.

    Makes me go ‘Gaaah!’ sometimes

  5. I get a feel for them. I have a natal water trine and a natal cancer moon. But I think I had to learn to trust those feelings. My natal airhead mercury is in libra. Mercury was retro in my progressed chart for several years with a couple years in virgo and now finally has moved to scorpio. I have had to learn to be more discerning. I had to learn to listen to more than the words. I still find myself taking bad advice from others but nothing that obliterates my life. I listen to the know-it-alls sometimes. Why wouldn’t I, they relay that they are experts. NOT!!!! Perhaps that was lazy on my part. So I have become an active listener.

    I find that everybody has their stuff and make a call on what I can let into my life. Also I listen closely to their boundaries, their reality. I don’t want to mess with anyone else’s reality.

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