New Moon in Pisces: March 10, 2024 – State Of Grace

new moon in Pisces 2024The new moon in Pisces will take place in the early morning on March 10th.  I know times are hard for a lot of people, but when I look at this, I see “state of grace”.

Better put, you may want to set this as a (Saturn) goal. I’m saying, this looks like a wanna-be State of Grace.  The whole sky is calm, outside of the Mars Uranus square, so hey!  Let’s just say, something goes off.  How about you commit to remaining in a state of grace?

New moons are new beginnings. What if this is the new moon where you learn (Saturn) to transcend (Neptune).

I don’t know. I’m liking it.  Also Pluto is sextiling, Mercury in Aries.  Intuition and powerful ideas?

Count me in!

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    Libra Stellium

    The new moon is conjunct my 7th house natal Pisces moon. I’ve worried as Saturn has gotten closer, but I like your position…learn to transcend.

  2. With Mercury entering Aries its the beginning of the return of Fire to the mixture.
    Grace is okay, action is better.

  3. Lots of emotional releasing occurring from the body, wading through it, quite heavy going some days. I’m giving myself a pass until after the new moon. It marks my lunar return too. Current lunar return has all planets beneath the horizon and it’s been the case energetically. After 9th March, all planets above the horizon for the next cycle.

    I think Neptune will win through in dominance with the new moon. Saturn’s making a run for it’s money while the moon passes through Cap and Aqua. I like Mercury and Neptune conjunct in Pisces for a spell. But agree with Don, the return of the fire is much needed.

  4. Oh yes brand spanking new moment.This old preacher used to say sounds like a pocketful of “He’ll Yeah!!”

  5. I think this will be the precursor to the upcoming Saturn -Neptune conjunction in the next year, sort of like a sneak preview. The 2:15 minute teaser trailer!

    With the Saturn influence, there may be a melancholic or depressive feel to it. The Moon will make the aspect to Saturn first, whilst still in its dark balsamic phase before it conjuncts the Sun. The darkest night of the soul could feature here in the run up to the New Moon.

    Then, after the New Moon occurs, the Moon will encounter Neptune. Which can trigger the desire to seek an immediate escape from that maudlin melancholy, so a tendency to numb those heavy feelings using your go-to vice (cigarettes, alcohol, food, Netflix, etc). Or an escape being daydreaming, meditation, a spiritual checking out, attempting to find a blissful moment away from planet earth.

    This could be a time of heightened psychic activity, as the barriers (Saturn) between unseen realms (Neptune) gets bridged (New Moon in between). It’s like the New Moon opening a portal between the two, allowing you to access the unseen.

    1. At the end of a pregnancy there is a birth, and not always an immediate process, often many stages involved. It’s a transition from one state to another, which creates mixed feelings. Reading your summary that’s what I thought of. And I’m dreaming a lot about water, being underwater a long time and trying to move towards the surface to breathe, and then being out of the water suddenly. Neptune in Pisces is nearing it’s final stages now, but it will take some time for us to emmerge.

      1. I like the analogy! And definitely fitting as it’s the last New Moon before the Solar Eclipse in Aries. So, from the deep dark waters, and then emerging into the bright light of rebirth and renewal.

        1. I’m thinking the birthing will continue until Neptune enters Aries. The 12th house (Pisces) on one level representing pre-birth space (in terms of being born into a body). Neptune representing the spiritual or soul self, and Saturn is more to do with its housing, the body, form, psychic structuring. So a new opportunity to rebirth the soul self, this time with a more amenable housing.

  6. I feel the transits through pisces in my chart have a neutral impact unless it squares my venus in Gemini.. too sleepy energy.. but then again my Scorpio moon at 21 degrees seeks the deeper meanings and loves spiritual expansion

  7. What exquisite tapestry the cycles, quick and long. Moon changes signs quickly. Planets pave their way over time.

    This New Moon is in my 2nd house of “what do I value , now?” With the deep cleaning going on in my lungs and life the change in the conditions I spit out are quite Saturn (real) yet changing like the moon.

    Excited to prepare this month’s Penny Bun for release into an outgoing tide (Raerae 😘)

    1. Moki, best of journeys for your bun. I hope elderberry and manuka honey are astrologically good for your lungs. We hope to see your special shoreline on the next visit. a hui ho

  8. Honestly, Elsa; I think you might be the most objective and honest person on the internet. Thank you for this. The new site is terrific. I am so glad you are here.

    1. Thank you re: the site and thank you for noticing… you’re right! I don’t like to lie and will do just about anything to avoid it. 🙂

      I truly think, honesty is a calling, in my case.

      1. Same here. I *hate* being dishonest in my own life, I kick myself over it even if it’s accidental. It isn’t even moral high ground or anything, energetically and mentally it just feels terrible to me when I’ve engaged in that behavior. It’s actually been a good guidepost in my life: if I can’t be fully honest in a situation, that situation probably isn’t for me, and that’s worked well. 😊

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