Can You Eradicate The Human Conscience?

human conscienceMost are born with a conscience.  I’m talking about crossing lines in your life, doing things you know are wrong, and feeling it.

We see many people behaving in ways that are amoral. Why doesn’t it bother them?

Well a small percentage are psychopathic, but I got to wondering if human conscience might be eradicated.  It’s seems this is happening. Anything and everything is justifiable.

I asked my husband what he thought; I was surprised by his answer, which was a hard, “No”.

“What about those kids you’ve told me about? Kids for war-torn, who run around killing people, hardened killers at ten years old?”

“They aren’t acting against their conscience.  They’ve been taught, what they’re doing is right.”

Were you taught not to act against your conscience? Did you teach your kids?

12 thoughts on “Can You Eradicate The Human Conscience?”

  1. we live in bodies on a planet out of balance. Go news is the cure is with us. The bad news is it’s going to hurt a lot. Go with faith of your choice and forever hold on to best vision this better place we should be in.

  2. As a kid on my grandparents farm, they had a tradition of setting traps for gophers in the cornfield and my grandpa taught me to do it and the first time I checked the trap. There was a gopher on it, but it was still alive, and I was supposed to beat him over the head call and kill him. as a highly sensitive Piscean moon needless to say I was traumatized by the experience and took me years to get over it. I still find myself occasionally asking forgiveness from the gopher for what I did. There’s nothing they could’ve done to teach me to override that sensitivity. Maybe in other areas but not that one.
    Of course, they also tried to indoctrinate me with religion, and it worked a certain degree but with Uranus in my first house and North node there it was just a matter of time before I rebelled.

    1. You made my day Brian. l am a Picses rising and grew up on a farm too…l once tried to save a mouse. St Francis would have understood. lm not religious, but l hope you get my point. It would have been harder for you, being a boy, with your sensitivity . Thank goodness those ideas are changing.

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      Deborah L. Strifler

      I know, I am a sensitive human being as well. I felt like I killed the rabbit that fell in my window well. I hate looking at that basement window.

  3. sometimes in some households, the fear is too great, so a child might just follow directions because they need love, guidance and to be fed, there’s no other options and no one is there to save or protect them. The only known entities are those who want to do harm and use children for their destruction. I never did experience this myself,but i remember what my son told me, that he had to help his grandfather set mice traps in the shed and around vicinity and when one was caught my dad told him to kill it because it was still alive. He refused and was traumatized and hated it. He still to this day hates to kill anything even rodents. He asked me one time to get those rodent traps that cage them and then we can release them out in the field. My boy is so sensitive and caring.

    Also in the line of those children who have family who forced them to do evil acts such as bombing other people, these children have no other love, no other way, perhaps even their mothers were subjugated and beat up if they dared say anything. So their mothers are also living in fear, no love at all, and they have no one else and they look up to the fathers and grandfathers and uncles, and they’re supposed to do this horrific act not knowing since birth any love and only fear. Also, where are the mothers supposed to go with their child? And i beleive that child is traumatized but doesn’t realize they are traumatized. (symptons are nightmares, anxiety, sadness and confusion) they are most likely living like zombies with heightened sense of deep sadness.

    In the most developed countries, mothers can run with their child and find social services to help them, or the police? In other countries which maybe less developed OR even where the society believes a certain way; where are they gonna go? They get ostracized and beat up and put down. there’s no where to run, no hope. It’s bleak. it’s absolutely dark and horrific. Your husband is correct. it’s not conscience with them, they’ve been taught. I remember growing up and realizing that a certain way was different than how i was taught.

    still, even in developed countries, there are women who get beat up, abused, and cannot care for their child alone (since there’s so many single mothers) despite there being social welfare and organizations that could help them. but their children can still find hope in schools, other peers who want the best for them and to help guide them in the right direction.

  4. I belive uman consciousness learns and can learn depends on what and how it learns, what is taught to it or presented to it to a greater extent. this is what I learned. a less complex example: you can eat rubbish all your life, notice the consequences and learn to eat better and verify that you feel better or, not ask yourself the problem and continue to ingest things that are harmful and serve them to those around you, as nourishment . What world do you want to live in? yes I try to teach my son prosocial behavior and to respect himself and others. for now the results are good. it is cusp Leo in VIi, moon in Leo VIII. he says to us: “it’s not done” I saw him give his toy to a crying child, leaving him next to him, after putting his little hand on his shoulder and saying: “it’s okay” smiling at him. I asked him why do you do this? he told me: “that’s how he’s happy” I really like you doing this and it makes me happy too. He’s small, but I hope he learns without being led astray by what might scare him.

  5. To the title of the post.

    Absolutely you can eradicate human conscience that was part of the Mk Ultra experiments at McGill University.

    In our world today victim hood is the justification.

    1. Victim hood behavior is tied to the reptilian brain aka basal ganglia, the brain-stem, the reactive part of our brain connected with survival. If awareness does not kick in about a particular situation whatever it may be, let’s say being triggered/claiming victim hood it overrides the prefrontal cortex of thinking things thru.

  6. l am not all bits and pieces and chemical reactions (l am. But l am not) lf l do something l consider wrong l cant live with myself.

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    Deborah L. Strifler

    I think that some parents can brainwash their children as to looking at things the same way that they do. My mother said that every woman needs a man around.

    1. and what did your mother mean by that phrase? what about her experience of the world, which she lived, and had lived, in which she had grown up meant what was implied in that sentence for her? do you think that if a person of subsequent generations declared it it would have the exact same meaning?

  8. I think l might know what you mean Deborah (but if l havent heard you correctly, tell me). You made me think of female genital mutitation (it was called female circumision at one time to make it sound ‘nicer’) all giris had to have it done to be marriage ready. The idea passed from one gen. to the next: if it happened to me it must happen to you. How does change happen? First someone has say No. It doesnt really matter what your mother wanted. What you want(ed) to do is what matters. The past is dead. Not every woman needs or wants a man, a relationsip, marriage, children, the house. Some may and some may not.l did not want to replicate my mother’s life.I didnt and l have no regrets.

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