Are Trust & Depth Intertwined?


It seems that depth and trust are related.  For example, a lot of people trust me – why?

I think it’s because I’ve been here for nearly 25 years. There’s a consistency to what I say and do and how I feel about things.  My beliefs are deeply rooted; tied to personal, firsthand experience that’s often exhaustive.  Fads are ignored for the superficiality.

But can you trust a superficial person?

You can trust them to be perfunctory, but beyond that, I’d say, no.

We hear that trust is earned over time and it seems true.  I would never put my trust in a flaky person, that’s for sure.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Are Trust & Depth Intertwined?”

  1. Are depth and trust related? I think so. those who tend towards the profound believe and feel that things can also be different from how they appear or show themselves, also questions their way of looking at them. people more
    superficial (which I would distinguish from people who show lightness of spirit. sometimes it takes a lifetime for some to accept or gently tell some things). trust is a difficult topic, you can be born and grow up confident, but it may not be like that and in the course of life you will encounter many experiences that burn you. but those who have it inside do not lose the light of trust even when it seems like not, maybe yes withdraws or moves cautiously, can become disoriented for a while… or in a thousand other ways, these are correct and understandable defenses.

  2. Yanno… The Plutonian in me wants to say, yes, trust and depth are related. But you can trust a flake to be a flake! 😀

    You can trust me to keep your deepest, nastiest secrets without flinching or telling a soul but not even I would trust me to show up to a party on time, if at all. Dig?

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