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workgroupI came across this concept, specific to hiring people:

Natal chart > analytical psychology > interviews

It’s probably true, provided someone can read a chart, which I don’t think is all that common, to be frank.ย But astrology is used.

When I worked for Frito Lay in the late 80’s, there were nineteen people working out of particular warehouse. Seventeen of them were Virgos.

I realized this when birthday season rolled around. What a hoot!

I don’t think this was random. I think my Virgo boss did it!

Have you ever used astrology to hire / not hire people or ran into someone who did?

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    1. How wonderful that you worked here. I use to visit this store on my lunch breaks in the 90โ€™s. So many of my books have been purchased from this store. It was/is a mystics paradise.

  1. It does sound like it was initiated by the Virgo boss. Quite funny that they loved their own sign so much ๐Ÿ˜„. I think itโ€™s logical to take into account natal charts before hiring. Hiring people with appropriate dispositions for the role required is ideal.

    1. The Melbourne shop Hades Moon? I was there when the big boss was a Picses…then a Virgo. Yes. But the Theosophical Society (management) checked the astrology of employees when l was there in the 80s…an extra ordinary place to work.

      It truly was one of the world’s great bookshops.

      1. Yes, the Melbourne shop! ๐Ÿ™‚. Absolutely agree with it being the greatest. I have learned so much from that place. It had such a broad array of topics, I could be amused there for hours.

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            Bob (in Australia)

            A small world indeed! That bookstore is where my Astrology journey began more than 40 years ago! I was drawn to it and didn’t even know why. I’ve lived in Cairns, Qld for nearly all that time. Perhaps Elsa could provide a means for us to communicate with one another (with permission, of course) outside of her blog? We could even start an Australian chapter of the Elsa fan club!
            We shouldn’t be surprised at all with the use of our craft in the workplace. That’s what Astrology is all about after all. Practical application of Divine insight in the real world!

  2. This is interesting because I have been using my very little knowledge to know what positions people will usually function best in. Virgos to do the details, Scorpios up front where they can handle people, Libras to multitask between logic and people. Aries work the hard nights, Sag’s do a lot of the pretty things, but can’t stay on the time limit.

  3. In the 80’s, I applied for a sales position selling portraits. Back then I only knew Sun Sign astrology. The interviewer studied astrology and hired me on the spot based on my Scorpio Sun, Taurus Moon and Aries Rising. I was Blown Away by this and it WAS the reason I took astrology seriously and became certified ๐Ÿ™‚ I ended up being one (if not THE top) sales reps in the country.

    A Virgo hiring all Virgos? Precious! Love it!

  4. Haha yes, I had an Aries boss hire me (and all his staff) after inspecting our birth charts. Nothing to do with my zesty dazzling interview skills after all ๐Ÿคฆ We only found out when he hosted a “staff birthday party” and he announced his hiring techniques.

    I did wonder why there were so many Pisces, Scorpio, and Taurus colleagues! The Pisces were a nightmare to work with, they all took turns zoning out into floaty Unicorn Land ๐Ÿ˜‚ like, hellooo anyone home? (waves hands)

  5. I’m not hiring people nor am I in employment with colleagues, but I draw people to train with me by the way I present myself and by ‘reputation’ – what others say or comment about me. With each new course I look at the charts of the people attending because I will work with some of them long term – about 12 months. I also like to know about the chances of people bonding or clashing within the group. Yesterday I looked at the birthdays of all trainees since 2019 and surprise…Sag and Aries dominate the field followed by Leo and Virgo and Cap a very few. Looking at those who actually saw it through an certified, was just as interesting. Pisces are the mega dropouts, followed by Cancer. I’m getting better at tuning into their zone and giving them more time and patience. The way I work with people has improved considerably since I use astrology, particularly my confidence around those I used to call ‘difficult clients’. Although I am not at home on their planet, I now have a map of the landscape and the climate :-). I am a Sag with Scorpio Moon/Mars and a Libra AC.

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      Hildegard's Noviciate

      “Pisces are the mega dropouts, followed by Cancer. Iโ€™m getting better at tuning into their zone and giving them more time and patience…”
      I’m so glad you took the extra step to recognize signs’ strengths and areas that should be accomodated. that’s just good management
      of your people resources.

      The big trap with “whitewash” astrology is people make large assumptions that can lead to discrimination and biases…and here I am thinking we’ve been trying to get rid of presumptive thinking with the Diversity,Equity and Inclusion Movement.

      I always say that people making decisions based on Sun signs only is like someone taking a First Aid class and thinking they are now a doctor

      1. i agree, i despite discrimination. But i do agree with having anything virgo, or earthly signs does help. I was considered very very good with work and got efficient work done and my bosses always loved me for some reason. (i can attribute this to virgo stellium) fast and efficient. but at first glance people think i cannot do the job then are surprised with the speed surpassing others. many times i had to “tone” it down, and work less. but, i’m not cutthroat. maybe that’s my problem lol ;_; I didnt like competition, as i like getting along better. (i feel libra-y sometimes and love partnership) ^^ and i love to stay away from spotlight. (it might be neptune influence because i like to hide away from the world) lol

      2. Sun sign astrology, well I tried because that’s what people are served but its like McDonalds, can’t live on fast-food astrology. But it may serve a purpose after all – when someone who knows their stuff tells you ‘wait, you are not a text book pisces, I bet you have planets in Aries, and not just one…’ – you might just make the effort to find out what this is about ๐Ÿ™‚ And assumptions are the mother of all f*kups everywhere, not just in astrology. Everyone finds out, probably begins to dawn on them after their first Saturn return…

  6. My former boss who I worked with for 12 years( she would call herself my coworker) hired fire signs or earth signs. Definitely not consciously, she was not into astrology, but as I fire sign I loved her โ€œteamsโ€ and her hires. I now work less at my old job ( new boss, very different environment) she is an Aquarius ( so is my bff, so no shade) , but she is not as good with hires, Iโ€™ve been the only fire sign there lately.. we finally got a sag. It helped. I donโ€™t want to be rude , but I really missed some enthusiasm and joy๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜‚๐ŸŒป

  7. I have found it to be rather curious how my work places have a certain astro profiley vibe, of the various places I’ve worked.

    When I am hired and working, I notice when people’s birthdays are falling, and sometimes I also look up their charts, when I know their age, just to see the planets’ positions. Especially if they trigger in a good or bad way.

    Sometimes it’s possible to look up the birthday of the person I am interviewing with (a feature in Linkedin), and I will quickly asses whether he/she and I will vibe or not.

    Especially for the jobs I do want, it can be beneficial to know which assets I could gain from underscoring in the interview, to make myself noticed.

    If it’s a Virgo profile, I can benefit from talking into the importance of meticulous attention to details, and if it’s a fire sign boss, I know my enthusiasm will light their own fire…, and that they would like to have a person that will also take responsibility for the small things, as they themselves might be better at visioning and stuff. That kind of thing.

    And if it’s the latter, I know I am not the best candidate, as I am definitely not the best at managing tiny details and dealing with project management scheduling and stuff.

    Of course, it always depends on the job and the assignments/scope of the position. But a little help from astrology has never hurt anybody methinks ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Oh, I also heard an astrologer on a podcast show talking about VOC moons when her boss planned for project meetings.
      He always grumbled when she told him, and afterwards he grumbled again, when nothing came of anything in the meetings and she said “I told you it was VOC Moon at the time of the meeting, boss. Now, do you believe me?”

      I always found that to be a really fun story about work related astrology.

  8. I was part of an artist cooperative for 20 years. At meetings, my Virgo Sun-Mercury coworker and I (with my Mercury Virgo) would look around the room, and in our notebooks, quietly list the Sun signs of our fellow members, most of whom had been there for 30 to 40 years.
    A room full of doers and thinkers, we always had mostly earth and air Suns. You might ask, in a room full of artists, Where was the fire? We did have two fire Sun members, with enthusiasm and drive to spare. And, most everyone had Pluto in Leo.

    Tho no one was ever hired or fired based on astrology, it shook out that Water suns were scarce!
    For a while: one gorgeous and conscientious Cancer man to manage what was mostly a gaggle of us women. Briefly, a Pisces web designer fed up with relentless Virgo input. And finally, a young Scorpio dynamo who never quit, took no BS, and who could manage so much earth!

  9. I work in tech and in a role that has a lot of visibility in the greater org. There are a lot of Libras on the team (5 of a 25 person team) which makes sense since two of the management folks responsible for hiring are Taurus and a large part of our jobs is relationship building with partners. The other manager is a Sag who gets steam rolled often by the Taurus. The Lead team that I am part of consists of 3 Libras, 1 Leo and 1 Capricorn. Iโ€™m a Libra with Cap rising. None of the Libras get along very well which has always surprised me. We are like magnets repelling one another lol

  10. These posts are making me giggle because other than here, I don’t think I would admit to this. I most definitely have a bias when I’m working or hiring and look very favorably upon Virgo, Leo, Libra and Scorpio.If I’m looking for fun Aries, Aquarius, Gemini and Sagg!

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      Denise - Phoenix55

      I am with you there, and actually yesterday is the first time I have ever admitted this to anyone. Of course, I am no longer working LOL

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    Denise - Phoenix55

    I worked in HR for a majority of my life. I have used astrology for a lot of hiring and team placements. Back in the day we had DOB on applications. And all other skills being equal, I would then look at the placements.
    I recall one manager that was never happy with any of her employees. I ran as much of her chart as I could and started consciously offering her applicants or internal transfers that were element compatible with her Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. It solved the problem.
    In many offices I worked in I began the habit of creating a spreadsheet of the teams primary placements. It certainly helped me develop and find the strengths in our teams.
    Without a doubt there were patterns in the groups that were successful.

    I serve on a Board for a non-profit and I actually talked with the Director about this yesterday. She has narrowed an open position down to a couple of people. I found out her birth information and told her what she needed in a new hire to have a successful working relationship.

    I have always focused on elemental relationships between folks. I truly believe the birth chart is the itinerary for this incarnation. But of course we always have free will to change course, coast or develop our innate talents.

  12. I have been an astrologer since mid-70’s. When I began my astrological “career” in N.Y. State, you not only couldn’t make money at it, it was illegal to even ask or advertise these kinds of services for money. All you could do was advertise for “entertainment only” & by “donation”. Being Virgo sun & mercury & Libra rising among other things, I soon pivoted into more realistic & lucrative areas like law & finance, where I did well: for most of my career holding corner office positions both public & private. Before it became illegal to ask for a birth date before hiring where I lived, I always looked at the sun & planetary information available without the other info used to calculate a chart, the time & place. I would say my results were mixed at best. As pointed out, this info shows just about zero about anything but the basic planetary & aspect positions…not much on the evolutionary level or how the person is using their chart. Better than a boilerplate psychological “how do you fit in the box” multiple choice test though….:)

  13. I’m retired now, but I’ve been a student of astrology since 1967. In the various places I worked, I noticed Sun signs. It wasn’t by design, but looking back, I almost exclusively worked for Scorpios or Geminis! I worked for a Taurus once and we just didn’t click. When I worked for a medical clinic, I had access to birthdates of our 46 doctors. Out of curiosity, I discovered that 12 were Virgos while 0 were Aries. At my last job, we had a plethora of Scorpios in top management. The CEO, the HR director and his assistant, VP of Finance, and Program Director I. The other Program Director was a Leo! It was a mess of Power Struggles!!

  14. Yes! My best boss ***ever*** hired me, based on astrological advice– but serious astrology, not sun sign: she had a friend who was a professional astrologer, also a graphologist (an art that needs years of mentoring to achieve expertise). He used handwriting analysis to see how developed the person was, given the natal chart’s energies.

    We were a very successful & profitable team, always surpassing the annual $$$ goals.

    My boss was a highly competent Libra who delegated a lot to me; I thrived on the autonomy, she enjoyed the credits and time for swimming and poetry in between her deal-making. Which gave her the mental/imaginative “juice” for more brilliant ideas. (by the way, for those who think Pisces are dreamy & not to be counted on– I’m a highly effective Pisces with no earth planets, who raised 2 good-hearted children as a single working mother. you have to look at the whole chart!)

    the ‘fly in the ointment’ was a sour old Virgo, who wanted my boss to work 8-8 the way she did, even though my boss consistently out-produced other departments. And we, the Libra-Pisces team, understimated the Virgo’s nastiness & working behind the scenes to undermine my boss. Though once we saw the writing in the wall, I left for another job without problem, and my boss (who was an amazing negotiator) got a sweet buyout that allowed her to live well on her buyout, taking on only the consulting jobs that interested her….

    so yes, if you are lucky enough to be able to use the services of a knowledgeable astrologer unnhiring, you are lucky indeed!
    (be aware, though, that because of US regulatory environment, you shd keep it to yourself– Europe has a much more enlightened attitude around use of astro/graphological advice)

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