Astrology and Children: My Son and Death: Sun Conjunct Saturn in the 8th House

My son has Sun, Saturn in the 8th house and is already well-acquainted with the reality of death, already.  I can’t tell you what all that means because what all it means is unfathomable, this is the nature of the 8th house.

My son in the bath (washing away his pain, he said). I was lying around with my daughter who told me I had a saved message on the cell phone she takes with her on weekends. Well I did have a message but my son had two. From his girlfriend; an 8 years old girl in his class.

“Vidroid (his screen name), I’m not feeling very well. I really need to talk to you because my Grandma just died.”

And then another message:

“Vidroid? I need to talk to you, my grandma is dead. Please call me.”

Pretty heavy, huh? But I’ll tell you something.

When my son was five the neighbor’s dog died. There were three kids home alone at the time, the oldest (a Capricorn) was an 11 year old boy. The little dog was lying dead under the house and this kid was in agony. I watched my kid spring into action, he was five years old.

“Joel? Joel? You okay, Joel? I’m sorry about your dog, Joel. Hey, Joel.”

No response.

“Joel? I’m coming over, Joel. I’m coming over right now.”

He then climbed the gate, and hopped the fence. The Capricorn sat down in the dirt, his back against the fence, staring at the dog under the house and my son sat down next to him… but not too close. And he stayed with him like that for about 45 minutes until the Capricorn moved to break the vigil.

“Thanks, Vidroid.”

“Sure, Joel. I’m sorry about your dog. If you need anything I’m home.”

He scrambled back over the fence and I was as proud as I have ever been in my life and I had nothing to do with it. This came from inside of him. I had never instructed him what to do in circumstances like these. This was his pure instinct and I was floored and humbled over this person I had brought into this world.

And you can imagine how I feel about him getting beaten up in any way, shape or form. I hate it but I see it every day of his (my) life.

His mother

7 thoughts on “Astrology and Children: My Son and Death: Sun Conjunct Saturn in the 8th House”

  1. You have absolutely the coolest kids on the planet…(next to my own of course ;-))Seriously, I’ve seen adults that can’t handle death like that and I think it does have to be organic.

  2. Call me crazy, but it sounds like he’s got a very healthy view of death and dying, much more so than most kids and a lot of adults. He seems to know it’s sad and upsetting, but that it isn’t the end of the world. That’s pretty cool.

  3. yes beautiful.
    I know a Leo with Sun Saturn conjunction in the 8 House, his Sun being trine to Neptune Sagittarius: He is a college teacher for students in health law and hospitals organization (I was among them). When Saturn Return (a year ago)he had a new good job as director in the college (and a baby as well I think). He use to meet a lot of doctors in his career and to fight a lot with them… (Uranus Scorpio square his Sun/Saturn Leo).

  4. You’ve a remarkable young man. I read things like this and I start to feel a space because I never had children. Maybe for next lifetime.

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