How to Prepare for a Pluto Transit

Like this, but with fewer soybeans and more crying

Pluto is known as the villain of the zodiac, and in many ways that reputation is deserved. And when we discover an upcoming Pluto transit, it’s incredibly common to feel fear and wonder what might happen to us and how we’ll survive. While it’s not possible to predict exactly what will happen, it IS possible to prepare. Here are a few strategies to make sure you’re ready when Pluto arrives.

  1. Identify the area in your life that will be affected. You can do this by looking at what planet(s) Pluto will be in aspect to. Invariably, there’s something in this part of our life that simply isn’t working, no matter how much we would like it to. Try to get a sense of what that might be. If you’re struggling, look to your intuition. Chances are you already know, but may very much prefer not to. As you read this, the thing that came to your mind and created a little thrill of fear in your stomach before you buried it back down? The thing that has you reassuring yourself, “Surely not THAT?” It is probably that.
  2. Be prepared to go deep. Pluto asks us to look deeply into ourselves, into the darkest recesses where our waking mind fears to tread. It asks us to discover the very root of our thoughts and behaviors, and to ruthlessly cut out anything that no longer serves. And if we resist, Pluto will do the cutting for us. It is far better to work with Pluto and be willing to be taken down into the depths step by step, rather than find the earth giving way beneath you. As a willing participant, you will have far more ability to control or at least acclimate to the process.
  3. Get your butt in therapy. If you haven’t already, find yourself an excellent therapist who you feel truly comfortable with. Pluto’s depth can be dark and perilous, and a qualified guide who knows the terrain and can keep you from falling will be invaluable. A therapist can work with you to ensure that you can navigate the darkness without letting it swallow you, as well as help you face your own shadow and integrate its lessons.
  4. Build support. Shore up the support systems in your life, be that family, friends, a partner, a pet, a community, whatever. Make sure you have someone or something to fall back on. But make sure you prize quality over quantity. With Pluto transits, you’ll see anything superficial fall away, and only those connections with deep roots survive. Even if you only have one person, as long as they really see you and can go bravely into the chasm with you, it will be more than enough.
  5. Find your hideout. When I was in college, I went through a killer Pluto transit. After I was done for the day, having managed the grueling work of smiling, working, and functioning through the pain, I would go home, turn off the lights, watch episode after episode of Snapped, and read Shirley Jackson novels until I felt sane again. Pluto transits are deep and dark and slimy. Sometimes you just need a space to be as repulsive as you feel. A place where no one can see you, where no one can judge you or ask if you’re okay or try to cheer you up. You just need to be gross. Carve out your spot now so you don’t have to fight for it later.
  6. Remember your strength. While Pluto is slow-moving enough that any Pluto transit we encounter will be new to us, the Pluto experience isn’t. You’ve undoubtedly had times in your life in which everything you’ve counted on disappears and you’ve been left to find your way. Think of all the times you’ve died. Honor those lives you’ve led. And then think about how many times you’ve risen like a phoenix, reborn. You’ve had times when you didn’t know how you’d go on. You’ve had times when the sun seemed to be cruel and mocking, almost blasphemous, shining happily upon your pain. You’ve had times when you didn’t know how you’d face another day. And then you did it. You got up the next morning and kept on living. And you’ll do it again.
  7. If all else fails, step away. If, after reading this, you find yourself feeling more dread than inspiration, step away from the astrology. Astrology is a tool that is meant to help us navigate life. Knowing about upcoming transits is useful in that it helps us prepare and position ourselves so that we can get the most out of where we’re going. The moment astrology stops being useful and starts being terrifying, it’s lost its purpose. Don’t be afraid to take a break from looking at your chart and tracking the planets. Just live the beautiful, crazy, difficult, wonderful live you’ve been given.

Pluto transits are difficult by their very nature. No one likes to lose anything or have change forced upon them. But with a little preparation and willingness to work with the energy, you can be sure to get the most out of it so that you can emerge on the other side stringer, wiser, and ready to build something better than you can even dream of.

Have you ever prepared for a transit ahead of time? Share your tips!

21 thoughts on “How to Prepare for a Pluto Transit”

  1. My life has been a series of Pluto transits. I was ‘old enough’ or aware enough to seek help just before Pluto crossed my moon (and sun by the opposition). I found Elsa & this site (which has made all the difference), and at the tail end of the transit, I started counseling. I was prepared to go deep, I set up support, I found my own strength, and I set up a hideout (to step away). Worlds of good advice in each one of those points.

  2. Done with the ascendant and moon crossover. It was by no means easy. It won’t be easier in the future with more pluto transits. But I just keep digging holes inside my own self, that’s the escape and can’t explain it better than that. Natal saturn square pluto makes one constantly live in a state of soul demolition. Also, you know someone is a really good astrologer and has honest intentions at heart if they also suggest nr. 7. What a healtful post!

  3. Look for the treasure … you will usually find it near the end of the transit … this chest of precious jewels your reward for swimming bravely to the bottom of the deepest darkest parts of the ocean of your soul … on your way down you will be required to shed all your clothes, masks and swim naked … being given the gift of breath underwater … and the precious nuggets in the form of lessons navigated by truth, integrity, non attachment and deep unconditional love for self and others, if you choose to accept them … pulling you down further to your destination … the core of your being … and when you finally begin to ascend after your long, sublime, deeply personal and often painful journey … you will find yourself *NEW* … Stronger… Wiser and More Beautiful than you have ever been and the precious jewels become your Crown

      1. Thank You

        Isn’t the heart on Pluto’s surface Gorgeous and so Amazing … says so much!

        Pluto transits always makes me think of the saying “when in deep water become a diver”

        I’m happy and grateful to knowing it’s a shared journey ?

        As a pluto conjunct sun native it’s a long journey … that always feels so much better swimming freely in the healing waters of the Loving Heart of Pluto

    1. This is gorgeous, and very healing to read. Thank you, Anonymous, for sharing your insight in such a clear and beautiful metaphor.

  4. “With Pluto transits, you’ll see anything superficial fall away, and only those connections with deep roots survive. Even if you only have one person, as long as they really see you and can go bravely into the chasm with you, it will be more than enough.”

    For me, throughout my experiences of Pluto transits, it’s been rather people with deep roots (capable of seeing, and saying, what’s really going on) more often than the nature of the relationship between us. For me, navigating though times that were painful for me, someone willing and able to simply be there, doing normal things, has most often been the most helpful. People who liked my company, and were well aware, themselves, that life can sometimes bring difficult times.

    Preparations, hmm. Information gathering, I guess. Building good habits that fit whatever circumstances are current.
    Always, putting keys, wallet, etc. in my bag right after I’ve used them, and keeping my bag always grabable on the way out any door.

    Faaantaaassstic article, Midara! Thank you. 🙂

  5. I’ve got Pluto transits to my Sun, Mars, and Mercury coming up in the next 3 years.. …. I’ve been preparing for a couple of years, but still curious to see what the effects will be…

  6. This post in invaluable! Thanks for writing it. As a person with an 8th Sun/Moon and Venus/Pluto, on some level, I’m always prepared. My husband and I still don’t have a joint bank account after many years of marriage. We don’t have bills in both of our names. We don’t share anything except for a dog and I made sure that I paid for the dog and saved the reciept and that I pay for all of its vet visits. It’s sad for an 8th house person because we really yearn to share everything with our partner.

    1. Recently we have been talking about converging everything and it scares me a little but I am considering it. Transiting Pluto is less than 2 degrees from squaring my N. Venus.

      1. Oh man, I know what that’s like! I’ve got a packed 8th plus Uranus/Venus contacts, so I’ve always structured my relationships the same way.

        Good luck with the transit! Pluto is all about transformation and energy exchange. Sounds like you’ll have to decide to what degree those previous structures still serve.

  7. On the day my marriage ended, the Moon triggered the square between Tr Pluto in the Cap portion of my 11H and my natal 8H Libra Sun. Tr Saturn was also conjunct my natal Sun on that day. Death of dreams (11H) and my marriage (8H). In addition, Tr Mercury in Libra was conjunct my NN; fated news. Rx Uranus had just reentered my 1H – I took immediate action. A heavy Scorpio stellium (Neptune, Jupiter, Sun, Venus) in my progressed chart played a big factor, too. I drained the swamp.

    This time was incredibly transformative and gut wrenching. As a result, I am NOT the same person. And I am grateful for the personal growth.

    Currently, my Prog Sun in my Sag 10H is squaring my natal 7H Virgo Pluto. I am committed to “going deep” with my astrological and metaphysical studies. I feel compelled to do this. I am meeting new, like-minded people along this journey. It feels good and things are beginning to make sense.

  8. “Think of all the times you’ve died.” Now this one actually made me grin. Ive learnt to derive a lot of comfort from that thought in the past year or so. As a natal Sun-pluto opposite from 1st-7th conj my ac/dc axis respectively I have no ide whatsoever what life looks like withOUT pluto transits… It’s now transiting my Mc… life is a never-ending battlefield for me. People want my scalp even when they like me (natally also a quincunx from pluto to venus mercury sextile moon (is this a yod aspect?). Blessed words Midara. People should listen and just do the work. Theyll benefit immensely in the end. To me, the difference between a victor and a defeated isnt in who gets the trophy, but in who evolved and thrived more in battle. Peace!

  9. I’ve been contemplating about Pluto transits, off and on… well, for years. Some times more frequently than usually. The last month or so, thinking about them more often, because it’s been feeling like the time for further understanding is now, for me.

    Sorry, sidetracked. Today, a thought popped to mind: even in the murkiest of dark, painful times, it’s possible – very possible – to laugh with someone who wants our company, no matter what we’re going through. Eavesdropping passersby may find the humor “in bad taste,” oh well! Anyhoo, it occurred to me that this detail, too, is usually absent from the sources about Pluto transits.

    P.S. Jupiter is wobbly (limping) in my natal chart – so, I expect that almost anyone can experience, and share, humor in the midst of difficult times. Might even be a way of gauging who is fit as a new travel companion on this particular segment of life’s journey. Maybe, huh?

  10. SOSO grateful for your awesome Pluto analysis. I have transiting Pluto in my 6th house conjunct my South Node. Recently I had the flu (deathly sick) that lasted one month. I’m fearful of what might be next; however, Natal Pluto lives in my 1st house trining my Sun so I know I will always transform and heal, remaining optimistic as a Sun in Sag would.

  11. I wish I could have prepared for what Pluto op. Moon would do to my life. I don’t know that I could have and I still don’t see any positive from it, tbh. It’s still painful even though the transit is over. From there it hit my Sun/Mercury. All 3 planets are in Cancer, in my 3rd house. Next Pluto will cross into my 10th…I’m all Pluto for a while and I feel very in the dark. All I’ve been able to do is let go and do the best I can with what presents itself, but the losses are difficult.

  12. Hey Midara, thank you for this. I’ve posted here and there on Elsaelsa about going through Pluto Conjunct Venus since 2019, finding Astrology in May 2022, realizing this transit, seeing my ex fiancé, we broke up Christmas Day 2021, her Venus is opposite mine, it was spring 2019 that brought us together, I was attracted to her for three years prior having met in spring 2016.
    Anyway this Transit has been hell, now I’m aware Pluto will transit my Sun, Jupiter and Mercury soon, they are connected to my grand trines in air… they are my Stellium in Aquarius telling me to be an artist-writer, I’m only now discovering this late in life, the idea those planets in conjunction being harassed terrifies me. I am definitely preparing, hoping I complete a very complex novel and reap the rewards so I can go somewhere beautiful and peaceful, hopefully with the love of my life. Thank you for this post.

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