Man Complains About Boring Taurus Girlfriend


I am a Cancer with a Taurus girlfriend that is much too quiet for me. When we see each other, her quietness is not a problem at all. In fact I think I like it, but I think its the lack of emotion that may be a problem. I’d like to know that she is enjoying my presence, or the little things that I say or do.

This may come from the insecure crab that I have inside, but what I have a really hard time dealing with is when we talk on the phone, she says but a few words, and I can be talking for hours without her mumbling a single word. This has me going crazy. I’m not sure I can deal with that much longer. Is there a way I can get her to talk more, or be more expressive, or is this how its going to be? I know Taurus can be quiet and boring, but literally?

The Silent Type
United States


Dear Silent,

Yeah, she may be boring, but she also may be bored. I had to fix your run-on sentences and my editor will not doubt clean up your post some more. Your style makes me wonder if perhaps she is slower to speak and with you being a Gemini rising with Venus in Gemini, she may be unable to get a word in edgewise.

Considering she is a Taurus, there is roughly a 30% chance she has Mercury in Taurus which is notoriously slow in communications. So this theory may hold water but to answer your specific question: No. No, I don’t think you can get her to talk be more expressive unless you want to cut off her head and put someone else’s there instead. Get it? This is her nature and here’s my advice:

Forget about changing her because the more you try to change Taurus, the more they dig their heels in. Just imagine going out to a bull in a field and trying to push it in a new direction. Good luck!

Instead, ask yourself if you can alter your expectations and accept and love her the way she is, because it does sound as if you’re pretty attached. Check this:

I like to talk on the phone, same as you. I have a friend, Leon, who does not like to talk on the phone. I know this, he knows this, so when we talk I keep the conversation to 5 minutes or so and satisfy my desire to go on and on with people who also like to go on and on. Using this method, I have been able to keep my friend for 25 years and perhaps you can do the same with your girlfriend. In other words, you can call her boring, but you can just as easy say she doesn’t talk as much as you do… and I have a feeling you talk a lot. 🙂

Now it may also be you really want and need someone more communicative and if this is the case, I am sure it will become more and more apparent but change her? Forget about it. Taurus moves an inch a year, if that.

Good luck.

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5 thoughts on “Man Complains About Boring Taurus Girlfriend”

  1. “No, I don’t think you can get her to talk be more expressive unless you want to cut off her head and put someone else’s there instead. ”

    *snickers.. highly amused*

  2. Hi,
    I’d like to further understand my taurus woman (5/12), I’m a cancer (7/4). We’ve been in a long distant HIGHLY intense (in a good way!) relationship for almost a year. Seemingly OVERNIGHT she completely distanced herself. She cried claiming I was just getting too close. ??? We fantasized a home, marriage in vegas, rings, children (even gave her a name), and just feeling a complete weakness in the knees for eachother. I’ve started school to pursue a career that will allow us time to travel together and work in the same town and will be moving in just 4 months.

    It’s been so passionate. And I’m explaining this because the sudden distance is quite an adjustment! We are both fairly independent however have hit the ground running with eachother. I understand and of course sensitive to her fears and feel I’d go to hell and back to wait for her. But is there any light you’re able to shed on this behavior? It seems she’s occupied herself with other flirty attention and my gut tells me (I’m a cancer, I’m highly in tune with the intuition) that its just to ground herself or get her back into a perspective she’s comfy with. Is this normal taurus behavior? What on earth do I say to support her? I’ve chosen to stay for a while and I want to make the best decisions possible to support that. By the way, I’m a woman too.

    Thank you so much and any advice is greatly appreciated!


  3. Taurus Sun, Asc, Venus, Jupter, and Ceres here….wedding in Vegas? I want to say that’s not prototypical Taurus, not even close. Maybe I’m wrong though. Move Taurus an inch a year really hits home. Ouch. Most of my Taurus is 12 House and I can’t get a website up. Too much exposure, too big a step, and then I realize how much time has passed. Crazy. Boring? Don’t think so. I do think I have a “no loitering” sign around my space.

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