Are You The Saint, The Sinner, The Designated Victim?

burning candleNow my sister, the designated victim as outlined on the controlled experiment video (Compassion And Sympathy: Who Garners Yours, Who Does Not And Why) also has Neptune on her midheaven. We are both Capricorn rising with Neptune in Scorpio on the MC and in the movie mentioned in video she was cast as the saint, and I was cast out, the sinner. But it was not always this way.

At various times in our lives, I would be elevated while she was scapegoated and we would change places like that. But here is the fact of that. Or one of the facts that is, because there is always an endless number of “facts”.

In both cases, whether we were the one elevated or dumped on, we were both being used. Because all these people focusing their compassion and sympathy on my sister were getting a pay off. As long as they stayed focused on how poor and pitiful she was (or how heinous and terrifying I was) they were able to very neatly avoid looking at themselves. And this goes on to this day. Matter of fact, it goes on every day.

I think it would be fair to say if you have Neptune on your midheaven it is your JOB (MC) to serve (Neptune) in this way. People say that you can manipulate energy like this but I think that’s ridiculous. The videos are 10th house (public) Neptune (film) thing and I have nothing to say about what you see when you watch one.

For example, it I put some books behind me, will you think I am smart and studied? If I light a candle will you think I’m spiritual? If I swirl things on a background behind me, will that be hip?


This is why I wear plain clothes by the way. I figure when it comes to me, the last thing anyone needs is something more to interpret.

Do you know someone like this? Is there is a person in your office or at your school who people think all kinds of things about that are not necessarily based in reality? How do you feel about that person?

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  1. Hm. This might me sound like a freak, but I’ve noticed how you wear the same neckline quite frequently and because it is open and round, it makes me feel (even more than I already did) that you are an open person.

    I work with a woman that you could call a ‘Type A’ personality (no she isn’t a Virgo). For 5 years I didn’t speak much to her (we were in different departments and she only worked 2 days per week) but I heard PLENTY of what kind of person she was like: anally retentive, desperate for attention from men, stuck up, spoiled, fed her kids anti-depressants, etc.

    I really hate it when people talk like that about other people by the way. Someone I work with told me everyone hated her from the get-go.

    So now I work with her one day a week, about 10 inches away from her, actually and I LIKE working with her. I LIKE someone who pays attention to detail on the job, and contrary to what people say about her, if this woman can SEE you are doing your job she leaves you the hell alone…

    So it makes me wonder why people haven’t figured it out yet! She is kind to everyone, offers them fruit for example, she always says hello and has a smile on her face, and people think because she is beautiful and came from money and gets to go to Hawaii a lot she is a bitch who must be put down.

    Can’t freaking stand it.

  2. kashmiri – I bought those shirts, all the colors, very cheap, on the same day I decided to make these videos… on purpose. I thought it would not be easy for me to make the videos and I wanted one less thing to think about so I got what was essentially a “uniform”.

    I figured people would get used to it and it would save me a lot of grief – “Oh God, not that necklace again…”

    I just can’t deal with that kind of stuff or at least I don’t want to.

    On the gal you work with, yeah. I feel sorry for her. I have some stories about that kind of thing, unfortunately I will probably never get them told because I am constantly behind so I am glad you posted that here. I say it over and over… ‘We need somebody to burn…” and it’s just hideous.

  3. i was the designated peer scapegoat as a kid (11th house saturn.)
    nearly all of my good friends nowadays have different saturn placements. it’s one of the fun things about growing up- more choice about who to socialize with.
    but first i had to get out of thinking (and acting) like that was my role in any group of friends. funny how twisted in upon themselves these roles can get.

    my mc is all jupiter. which is probably why i enjoy teaching. i guess. i don’t really understand my jupiter. you would think i should.

  4. Saturn in 10th conjunct MC conjunct Chiron, in Pisces! Interesting discussion, I never really thought about it that much…

    But, yeah. I’ve been scapegoated a couple of times. Once back in the 80’s. Eventually things came to a head and I flat out quit the job–walked out, actually, flinging a verbal resignation to their faces. Jupiter was conjuncting & Uranus was squaring at the time. Hadn’t realized it was scapegoating, tho’, until thinking about it just now. But that is *exactly* what it was, and long after the fact someone involved actually told me that very thing only without using that particular word…

    And then again more recently–a couple of years ago I took on a new position in the office I’ve worked at (with good repute and no prior problems) since 1989…and promptly became a scapegoat for one particular co-worker. This time, I definitely recognized it, almost from the get-go. And for awhile, I thought I could change it if I just worked hard enough (Pisces mist, anyone? heh). But this time, I’ve got PLUTO squaring that natal conjunction. So again, I ended up quitting the job. Only I did it with a little more thought (I really didn’t want to throw away 18 years of service, I’d rather hang on and retire!). Instead of resigning, I waited quite some time for a different position to open–and then promptly transferred. I notice things are quite a mess since I left, as I did a damn good job under near impossible conditions, despite having to constantly step around my tormentor! But ya know? Just today I overheard that same bitch, still trying to scapegoat me for something that occurred last spring, and I didn’t catch enough details to double check what story she was spinning but I’ve no doubt if I DID check on it I would find that it was something SHE did, not me! Except now it is, DUH, HELLO? WHO CARES? I’M GONE, GONE, GONE? It can’t hurt me anymore, >smirk<

    So I dunno about it being my JOB to serve people by being a scapegoat, even tho’ I have MC in Pisces and Saturn right there in the mix. Serve people, I do. I often sacrifice for the good of the job (Pisces MC). And I take my job seriously (Saturn!). But to be the wounded in the process? Nah, not my usual role. Maybe Chiron helps me heal that skewed potential? ‘Cause I will NOT be anyone’s scapegoat!

  5. I think it’s GENIUS that you bought those shirts to serve as a uniform. You really have given this projection thing a lot of thought, a lot of past experiences no doubt…
    But I love those shirts! 🙂

  6. Dear Elsa,

    Could it be the Saturn in Virgo that made me to realize that I am a sinner? My father didn’t deserve to be rejected but it is too late to hug him and let him know my feelings.
    I decided to write about my experience for I believe there are many people who are too proud to forgive their parent’s mistakes. But, were they really mistaken? Do we speak with our parents from the bottom of our hearts? And if we do, do we understand their hearts?

    The hunt after career and to provide good living to my children became such priority of my life that I forgot my father, my brothers and my childhood. This year has brought to me, I must say, weird experiences which brought back memories from my childhood. That led me to do research on my family background. I found out that my father was Jewish. He never told me, he never told anybody. Why? I will never know. There was WWII….. I never met his family, he never spoke about his family and I never asked. It is too late now. He died last summer and my mother died when I was 10. Until a few weeks ago I didn’t realize what a selfish ignorant I am.



  7. I have been scapegoat at work quite a bit. If someone decides they don’t want to do the job anymore (prepping dogs for grooming, kennel work – physically demanding, dirty jobs) instead of admitting they would rather go answer phones in a quiet clean office, they often project onto the mean groomer who makes them do the job right.

    10th house Virgo Mars opposed 4th house Pisces Saturn.

    I’m feeling more shored up lately which I think is a function of time. I’ve been on the job, have proven myself over the last two years so my boss is more likely to see the pattern than to assume I’ve been mean to some poor bather. We have the best staff we’ve ever had and there is far less drama. I love our hardworking Capricorn bather/head bitch. Libra boss can vacillate all she wants now but the work still gets done. 🙂

  8. why is it that when the scapegoat stands up for herself, it doesn’t get better? At least that’s been my experience

  9. I have Neptune on the Dsc, a story that comes to mind is when I was an intern at a newspaper, all of these women gathered behind my back and accused a mentor at the job of having an affair and threatened to beat him up and tell his wife (with a three month old baby). It was all fiction!
    I didn’t know any of this was happening, but noticed my mentor was all of a sudden not talking to me or taking me on assignments with him, and when I asked him if he was mad at me for something, he confessed. This makes me wonder how many other ‘stories’ there are about me that I never found out about. astrology is funny.

  10. many people often dislike me when they first meet me…… so many of my friends tell me they hated me, because they were intimidated by me. and I am nice!
    I am confident and put together, I have many obvious skills AND I like men… and it makes a lot of people uncomfortable…. A LOT.

    Kind of sad how insecure people can be, how they are only to happy to imagine you have no morals or look down on others….

    oh well. I have very good friends too and usually they have plenty of self confidence themselves.

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