Handling A Saturn Transit To Natal Uranus

Live_Fast_Die_Young_Rebel_Without_A_Cause.0Hi Elsa,

I’m 31 years old. I’ve noticed that for people around my age, Saturn is coming up on our natal Uranus. For me, it’s in my 10th house — for my boyfriend, it’s in his 7th. What can you say about this transit?

When I think about it, I think of a kettle that’s been on the stove and when it boils, it screams! (AKA when Saturn conjuncts!) I am afraid of a lot of things. I’m afraid my boyfriend will suddenly leave me. I’m afraid I’ll suddenly JUST HAVE ENOUGH (!!!) at work, or that I’ll be fired. I know we have free will but doesn’t Saturn represent outside things and things that we can’t control? How to cope with this?

Uranus Freak

Hi, Freak. I’m glad you asked, because you don’t have to be afraid of this transit. In fact, you’re seeing it backwards.

Uranus want to rebel. It wants freedom at whatever costs in many cases. Rebel without a cause?

Enter Saturn.

The Saturn transit to Uranus will pressure a person to grow up their freedom urges. To control them. To become a rebel with  a cause.

When Saturn transited my natal Uranus, I started my internet astrology (Uranus) business (Saturn).  See how straightforward this is.  I made something of my eccentricity / counter-culture interest!

This does not mean there is no fear involved.  To go public as an astrologer is to risk rejection…and I was rejected.  But hopefully you can see how your concerns are around your security being disrupted. The transit will likely have the exact opposite effect. You’ll lockdown impulses to enhance your security.

For example, let’s say you’re someone who leaves your lover at the 6th month mark, no matter what. It’s this transit that will keep you in a relationship beyond that point. Or at the very least, you’ll come to understand it’s your commitment-phobia.

Good luck!

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  1. Your advice to Uranus Freak adds to my study of the effects of Uranus in relationship to Saturn: rebel with a cause. I’m old enough to remember James Dean on the screen, and Uranus in Aries will trine my Natal Saturn (and Mars) later this year (April, 2016) for the next couple of years. There’s a chance I learn to appreciate the limitations (Saturn) of my eccentric choices and experiences with rejection of different sorts, and step out (Mars) to help like this: “If you feel that you have never had the opportunity to show everyone who you are and that you have been limited(Saturn) by other people or by circumstances beyond your control, this influence gives you the opportunity to take control of your own life and make it what you want(Uranus).”(Robert Hand)

  2. I’m going through this conjunction right now! I was the same as you, I saw it coming up and I was fearful. I was fearful because I didn’t know what would happen. That allows for a lot of room to worry. (I’ve got three personal planets in Virgo, I know how to worry!) I’ve made MAJOR “fundamental changes”. These were changes that post this transit I would fear happening. …but guess what? Everything is working itself out and I am one thousand times lighter and freer – but it’s a grounded and stable freedom.
    I’ve been with my husband for seven years and before this transit became exact we decided to get divorced. I feared this happening, even though deep down, I knew it was the way. I was scared. What would I do? Where would I go? How could it be good for our daughter? For years, I had terrible migraines and he wasn’t doing so hot either. My parents divorced, so I was determined to make it work. His parents have been together for more than 50 years and he thought he had no choice. We are from different cultures, we have a large age gap, our native languages are different and our own nuclear families were even more different. We had the greatest love story, we met in an a tiny discoteca in Arequipa, Peru called Deja Vu. I moved across the world to build a life in a country I barely knew with a language I couldn’t speak. I got married and had my daughter within the first year. It was wild and I didn’t give myself credit at the time for the mountainous undertaking. I was determined to make it work, to not give up – but I was suffering! I was afraid to lose him and tear my family apart. It had never even occurred to me that I could divorce and still have it all (a united family). …because when does that happen? Divorce is bad. Everyone suffers. In my humble opinion (though I do have Jupiter in Aquarius in the 7th) Saturn and Uranus together… are magic. So, we decided to divorce and when this happened it gave room for the REAL love to surface. I do, I love him and I clearly see now how much he loves and cares for me, now. Here’s the thing about our love, though: We aren’t meant for marriage but we were made for friendship and our daughter is our source of inspiration. Now, my daughter can see her two fundamental poles love and respect each other and treat each other with kindness. I think this tops seeing two parents who make each other sick and don’t communicate but are married. Sure, there was a gray area where I didn’t know which way to go or how I would moved forward. …but I prayed every day and after a long long time restored my faith in life. I pray, I do what I can, I try to make it clear what I want and then give it up to something more than me. I also started teaching English to groups of children with my expat teacher friends and it’s so freakin’ fun! We make good money too! How’s that for fifth house, hey!? Love and children. How are my husband and I moving forward with our daughter? We’re a family! A non traditional one and we may do things a bit unorthodox but there is love, communication and respect. It is more than I could have ever imagined on my own. Fear has such a limited imagination!!!

    Thanks for this question and for the space to share my story! Good luck and have faith! ((((hugs))))

    1. Just came across your story in my search for Transit Saturn square Transit Uranus and I must say I’m blown away by it. Well done you! Not for an arrangement for everyone (some new partners might not like the continued presence of the ex) but you made it work. ??

      While Tr Saturn and Tr Uranus have passed an exact square ? Tr Saturn is soon to conjunct my Juno on IC (orb of 2 degrees, almost 4 degrees Aqua) and Tr Uranus is soon to conjunct my Chiron on DC (0 orb, almost 8 degrees Taurus). I have Uranus on the AC so soon after all this, I will have the Uranus opposition, which will square my natal Moon, ruler of 9th. ??

      I have no migraines – as yet anyway – but I have Venus Saturn conjunct so for me all relationships are work. Work I embrace, work I can’t see myself as not doing, even when I feel like Sisyphus.

      I do however appreciate your insight. ?

  3. This is how it went, for me: I was pregnant through a long Saturn retrograde, which also brough it conjunct my Uranus/Venus the second time. The first time Saturn was on my Uranus/Venus at Scorpio 5 to 6′, I decided it was time to start trying to have a child seriously. When my Daughter was born, Saturn was at 9′ Scorpio. So, our synastry will, for ever, have this aspect.

    And in fact, I can say my Daughter became a cause to rebel for me. I’ve always valued work, seen myself as a worker, but the situation I left and returned to after my maternity leave was unbearable. I would never have spoken out, if it hadn’t been for the good of my daughter. I, as Elsa, when she founded this site, took a risk to be rejected. I can’t say I know whether or not this has paid out completely yet, but I’m definitely on the right road.

  4. I have Uranus in the 10th house in Cancer. The first time t. Saturn made a conjunction to my Uranus, the divorce from my first husband was finalized and I moved in with my boyfriend (who is now my husband). That was in 1975.

    I had the transit again in 2004 and this time my computer budget of about $200k to redo all of the computer infrastructure in my company was approved. I had to work day and night to get it all done (Saturn), but the project was a success.

    Both times the transit was positive for me.

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    Dr. Prabhat Mishra

    Keys to Handling Saturn Transits:

    Saturn teaches us about the value of moderation and caution. Perhaps the best way to “handle” hard Saturn transits to personal planets and points is to avoid fighting these lessons. Accept that, at this time in your life, things may move at a slower speed (even a snail’s pace). Saturn wants us to work hard, put our energies into practical, useful, and meaningful projects, and to live in the here and now. This period in your life is a time for building a solid foundation. Understand that moderation at this point in your life is necessary for your spiritual growth and your physical body as well. Avoid blaming others for where you are at now–doing this will only lead to feelings of melancholy and anger. Know that this period in your life, while temporary, is a time for learning about your personal limits as well as your inner strength. Carry these lessons as you move beyond this phase, because how you handle your life now will make all the difference the next time (7 years later) Saturn makes a hard aspect to the same planet or point in your chart.

  6. Right now having the transiting Saturn opposite Uranus, in my first house. I am really feeling the push pull of rebelling and toeing the line. I don’t even know what Im rebelling about. I want to quit my boring job and do what? the angst!

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