What Do Venus and Mars Mean In A Natal Chart?

venus and mars Lorenzo LippiSome planets form natural pairs that balance each other. The Sun and the Moon. Venus and Mars. Jupiter and Saturn (expansion and restriction). I wanted to look at Venus and Mars. These planets show what you like (Venus) and how you go about getting it (Mars).

If a man has Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Cancer, he might go for someone who is quirky or unusual in some way and his MO might be to invite you to his house for a home cooked meal. This may sound hokey but it’s accurate.

A man who has Venus in Taurus and Mars in Scorpio is going to go for a solid woman… or perhaps a beauty ideal. He’ll procure her my manipulation; namely he is going to get her (manipulate her) into his bed, where he will then manipulate her some more.

A man with Venus in Leo is going to go for the woman with panache. If he has Mars in Pisces he is going to seduce her, very often he’ll offer her a drink…

Aspects / houses do impact this stuff but you get the idea.

Where is your Venus and Mars? What do you like and how do you get it?

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99 thoughts on “What Do Venus and Mars Mean In A Natal Chart?”

  1. This is so interesting- thank you Elsa, for addressing this for us newbies! OK… Venus in Aries (5th house) – I want FUN! No drama relationships for me! Mars in Pisces (4th house) – So, don’t come on too strong (I don’t need a Daddy)! I’ve always been attracted to manly-men, but in my past, they ended up also be controlling (ick)- I’m happiest now, with my Tauras hubby- he allows me to be me and if I’m silly or quirky, he loves it and makes me laugh at myself!

  2. Mars in Cancer in 9th house.
    I cook a feast for people to get what I want. It’s Jupiter flavoured so I always over do it.
    Venus in Gemini in 7th house conjuncting Moon opposite Uranus.
    I talk and flirt without realising it. I talk about food and home a lot.
    The guys I’m interested in has to be polite, well-dressed and sweet.

  3. I have Moon/Mercury conjunct Venus in Cancer opposition Mars in Capricorn in the 12th. I feel like I want the Gemini stuff from a man, fun and interesting conversation rather than traditionalism, his not being a lemming (like some people with Sun in Cancer are). I don’t know why it doesn’t show in my chart. I also try to joke around and flirt when I want someone and am at my ease. What does my Venus/Mars have to do with it?

    I attract men that have a water or earth sun, but I don’t want that. I don’t want someone calm, quiet, or submissive either. Quiet is the worst.

  4. Venus in Scorpio in the 1st house. Geesh. Mars conj. Mercury in 2nd in Sag. Once I set my sights on one of those intense types (in the old days), I guess I just talked the pants off them.

  5. Venus/Mars conjunct in Aries/4th.

    I want the man I have. He’s very passionate, affectionate very loving, not a coward, and emotional. (He has Venus in Leo; Cancer in Mars). A gentleman. All the other stuff (ie. conversation, personality) is kind of a given to me so I didn’t add it. But PASSION is key. Joie de vie.

    How do I get it…I demand it. Mostly to myself though. I can see pretty quick if I’ll get it (conjunction is trine Neptune) and if it’s not going to happen I float off. I don’t give men a lot of chances, they need to be quick on the draw, I hope that doesn’t sound arrogant I’m just trying to paint a truthful picture.

    The last 2 men I’ve loved have had significant Scorpio, which I think is a nice match for Aries placements.

  6. Heh, if i like a guy, i tend to disappear (venus in the 12th) — he can’t SEE ME. You can see how this doesn’t do wonders for my love life…

    My ex is cancer sun/aries moon and mars. He saw me across a crowded room, literally, and decided i would be his (LOL) and it did happen, but a couple years later. I don’t know how he saw me or what he saw —

    I have mars in cancer – i like a nurturing mothery guy, I like to be/feel protected —

  7. Hmmm. Venus Aquarius sq MC/IC. I love going against the status quo, learning about other beliefs and lifestyles. Teach me, and I will love you. Hubby is from a completely opposing background from mine.

    Mars is complicated. 12H cap conjunct moon and apexing several tsq. How do I get what I want? I manipulate you into letting me organize you into submission. 🙂

  8. Aries Mars and Taurus Venus, but now I’m confused because my MO is more Venusian and Mars is whom attracts me! Is that a Libra rising thing?

    If I’m really, really attracted I am nothing but direct with the person. I’ll stay firm on my patch, which has the most beautiful grass and flowers, batting my lashes while placidly grazing. They have to make the first move and quickly at that!

  9. Venus in 2H Cancer likes men who are in touch with their emotions and who provide a certain level of physical safety (never boring, though – Uranus in Libra here at the focus of a T square!)

    Mars conjunct will cook for the man in my sights and otherwise make him feel at home and cared for

  10. Venus in aquarius so I like intelligent offbeat (perhaps even somewhat dorky) kind of men
    for example the hubby : a engineer by trade, loves to wrench on classic cars yet sews and makes quilts.

    Leo in mars – turn up the charm and my naturally bubbly (if somewhat moody) personality comes out.

  11. Venus in late Sag conjunct Mars in Cap (conjunct Sun & Mercury in Cap – 8th house stellium)

    Attracted to men who have travelled or are foreign, are educated, have a positive outlook and a good sense of humor, are adventurous, like sports and the outdoors, and are spiritually or philosophically oriented.

    The way I go about getting them is by interviewing them and weeding out candidates, analyzing (Moon in Virgo in trine to the stellium)to see if they “fit” in my life and, if they do, then by tantric, soul-blending (8th house) sex. A tried and true method (Capricorn).

  12. I have venus in taurus and mars in cancer.
    I am very attracted to men with pretty, feminine faces. Those with long lashes and luscious hair and sparkly eyes and smoothly chiselled jawlines. Ben Barnes and Kevin Zegers are perfect examples.

    Some girls require guys to be their friends first. Not to me.. in fact it’s quite the opposite. I have to be able to think of them first in a sexual way before I know I’m attracted to them. If I can’t imagine myself being in bed with them or even just caressing them, then it’s never gonna happen. It’s really primal. I guess it’s my venus in the 8th house. The moment I think of a guy as a friend, then he will stay there in that category forever and I will never be attracted to them romantically.
    Friends and lovers are always separate for me and don’t ever collide.

    With my mars in cancer.. I am not sure how I go about chasing guys.. I guess I don’t chase them at all. I just wait and wait for them to make a move. So passive it really sucks. I am not the domestic, maternal type though like those descriptions i’ve been hearing about this mars placement. I am far from exhibiting all those characteristics.
    I am perceived by my guy friends as a cold-hearted bitch. Though they also think I’m one of the guys… then again they’re not the ones I get involved with so of course they never see my emotional side.
    My Mars square my mercury so I can be sharp-tongued when threatened. My mercury is stronger than my mars and it’s my ruling planet so I appear more “mercury in aries” than “mars in cancer”.

  13. Mars in Scorpio 26’32 5th house

    OOB Venus Capricorn 2’01 7th house conjunct Descendant Sagittarius

    Mars Decile Venus

    I wonder with Venus being at 2′ if I could tend to be more like Venus in Sagittarius then Venus in Capricorn? The descriptions seem to fit me to quite an extent.

    Usually the guys I’ve dated tend to be very creative,intelligent,playful and sensitive people in one way or another and many that I’ve dated have had a temper along with being sort of moody,dark, and wounded emotionally in some way…generally strong Uranus,Pluto and Neptune influences

    I tend to be shy,but quietly flirtatious at the same time… at first. Usually I wait for them to approach me. Though,mostly, “I” don’t even know what I’m going to do. I’m unpredictable to myself when it comes to interactions with the opposite gender or at any time for that matter.:-)

    I’m married now. He has Venus Rx in Aries 9th Mars in Sagittarius 4th with Mars Sesquiquadrate Venus and he is very intelligent,creative,emotional and playful

  14. Great site 🙂 I have venus in Aqua (conjunct sun), mars in Cancer and moon in Scorpio. Strange combination. I’m usually attracted to cancer and taurus guys and i attract leos for some reason. My crush is cancer sun, pieces moon, mars & venus in taurus. He doesn’t know i exist though 🙂 He is very artistic and a little stubborn (he’s also in a long term relationship, i think). I think it’s a little hard to find the right person when my birth chart is all over the place 🙂

  15. Venus in Libra, Mars in Gemini.
    I have no idea what I want:
    Maybe a fair, affable, well mannered man who can compromise (this person sounds a little boring…) and I get to him through persuasion (talking)?

    I read somewhere that venus in Libra are “attractive to the opposite sex, no matter how they look. ” This clashes with my lived experience completely and contradicts other things I have read about Libra females e.g. being jolie laide.

    Since my Moon is in Libra would I want someone who has their Mars in Libra???

  16. Venus in Virgo shows that I like humble, intelligent men, especially if they’re in touch with their Spiritual and Artistic side (Neptune trine), and are unafraid to explore the depths (Pluto sextile).
    Mars in Aries is a go-getter but the poor guy is afflicted (squared by Chiron, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn) so I kinda chase the man and then back off out of fear (Saturn) and THEN completely freak out.

  17. Venus in Virgo likes quiet men with an understated sense of humor and style. Mars in Scorpio goes about getting them by attracting. Sometimes withholding. Giving them just enough of my sexuality to keep them interested. Trapping them in my sexual web basically.

  18. Venus in Capricorn 5H: no matter what they do or how uncorporate they appear, I like a tidy appearance (I kinda like big guys), good at what they do (no matter what), and can talk about anything (sucker for music-lovers).

    Mars in Virgo 1H: I can be a bit assertive but on the reserved side. I kind of like the chase and dance.

  19. I have Venus in Aries (9th) & Mars in Aquarius (7th).
    If I’m understanding this right I want someone who is active and I’ll try to get them through using intelligence?
    [Not sure where to find keywords to help me figure this stuff out.]

  20. I have my sun in Scorpio and mars in Scorpio, my partner has his sun in cancer and mars in Scorpio too. His Venus is in cancer and mine in Virgo….please tell us could this be a perfect match!

  21. Avatar
    Bettie Ann Hough

    My venus and mars are conjunct in Libra, 4th house. Homebody yes. My Aquarius husband with Aries rising is ever challenging and my best friend. We have gone places and shared experiences that i never dreamed of and made a good but boring life together. Ready for the next phase. Thank you Elsa for all you bring to the table.

  22. Venus in scorpio mars in cancer in a lovely trine.
    I love intense, plutonean, spiritual deep types…did I mention intense?
    When in love I am soft sweet and nurturing. Different in the bedroom (this Virgo likes to be in charge hehe)
    Current interest is cancer with venus in cancer, mars in aries. He chased me all over the place. Loves my curves. Deeply nurturing and spiritual. Both of us have virgo Plutos in the 12th.
    Needless to say our kinky demons should play very well together ?

    1. Does he have a water moon? There might not be anything behind the care if he doesnt :/
      My favorite is mars in cancer 😀 i have venus in cancer

  23. Venus in Sag in the 7th House, Mars exalted in Capricorn in the 8th House…A roving eye, but seeking deep spiritual connection…

  24. Venus in Cancer in 9th = ? Maybe I like homebodies who live far away??? (I actually do prefer live-apart relationships)
    Mars in Libra in 12th = I do nothing to go after them. If they’re not interested in me, then so be it. But this passive approach has not often has good results b/c I can only “choose” from whatever comes along. Since I’m not exactly a beauty queen, that reduces to something like 0,5% of male population including freaks & other disturbing types. I’d rather take this humorously…

  25. ok .. this is one of the things I just can’t wrap my head around! I got Mars and unaspected Venus in taurus, which should mean that I like sturdy, good looking, hands-on men and while I do like such traits and find them relevant to me they are NOT what gets me going . . what gets me going is fiery men (specially with some aries energy going on). Now I have absolutely nada in aries and rather diluted characteristics of the other fire signs (leo saturn in 8th, neptune sag in 1st house). Most of the times I find I go after thru my neptuny sag asc (friendly, empathetic, compassionate, philosophical) . . what am I missing here??

    1. What are your mars aspects? Prob an astrologer can tell you or if you ask the forum

      I have venus in cancer and i dont cook for men or wear dresses so stereotypes yo…

      1. hi Kri, thanks for the comment, you ‘ve hit something there . . my mars has a tough aspect to Saturn and . . pretty much nothing else, so maybe this is how it all unravels. Would you mind sharing how is your venus expressed in this context? Do you find its aspects color it more powerfully than its zodiac place?

        1. It’s hard for me to say. I have venus tightly opposed mars and trine jupiter and quincunx uranus and will not take someone on a first date to my house or whatever. It’s not that stereotypical.
          But, i do enjoy frank confessional music like this dude i was talking to with moon in cancer (i like lou barlow, angel olsen, mountain goats.. anything searing and personal.) Im super bad at flirting (my air sun acts up and i tend to become an insult comic and tease the guy). I often wear clothing that hides my boobs and is sort of businessy and protects me in some way (blazers, black, doc martens.) Can be self protective and childish also not very sultry.. Just have problem attracting guys i guess and when i date them i try to be personal. I think my venus tends to come out when a dating thing or relationship is established.. i become oddly very physical like maggie the cat, sometimes sulky, i do like to go to restaurants and buy food. Think i dont lure people with my venus. It shows up later in a relationship, due to the mars opposition it is weirdly impetuous and self sabotaging and private

          1. Also, usually only people with air or fire venuses have liked me.. i routinely strike out with venus in taurus (i dont smell that good and i talk really fast) and venus in cancer. Venus in scorpio has been working for me cause since my pluto transit i open up quickly

          2. On the one hand I would want to say thanks for supporting my opinion that things aren’t that stereotypical, on the other hand Elsa said that it is your Mars, who decides what you do. So you inviting people to your house isn’t expected from the stereotypical point of view. With your Mars in opposition would you rather be expected to do something typical for Capricorn with those people, who your Venus likes because they invite you into their houses. I’m very weak in the earth element, so I don’t have a well-defined idea what Capricorn would do on a date. Perhaps go mountain climbing?
            While most people think that a Taurus Venus should definitely like a Capricorn Mars and vice versa, I’d rather look for the Sun’s position. Thus an air Venus liking an air Sun isn’t surprising.

    2. I’d also like to understand this. Is either your Mars or your Venus within the very first degrees of Taurus? Is your Sun or Moon or Vertex or DC in a fire sign? Does nada in Aries include love asteroids (in particular Psyche and Eros) and the Sun/Moon-midpoint?

  26. My Venus in Aquarius my mars in Taurus my Lilith in taurus my ascent in Aquarius , please look in my sky
    Who might I be looking for
    I’ve been chatting with designer Latino born in Germany
    In architecture worked in Asia and southern U. S. Very religious
    Is there a snowball chance in hell
    For French Indian who requires the outdoors abhors shoes?

    1. Me too! Venus Aries/Mars Scorpio. I’m attracted to very few men. When one does finally catch my eye, he usually has a strong/charismatic/fun personality… I’ll secretly pine for him from afar, waiting patiently for just the right moment to make my move. Then when I finally do – I’m usually sadly disappointed when I find his lack of emotional depth. Total turnoff…. Frustrating!

  27. Does any of the mentioned methods really work? Offer her a drink, such a stereotype and already the stereotype for failing! Offer her a home cooked meal, but who would just accept this nowadays? Manipulate her into his bed, but how??? This not only puts the last step first, but seems to be a really bad idea. Risky and comes to me as disgusting. Although my Mars is in Scorpio, too. But my Venus in Libra prohibits this. (I wouldn’t even know how to manipulate anybody into my bed.) All air sign Venuses find love interests only in their friend zones. So what I have to do is obviously to make friends, although I suck in this. Probably not to expect, when Venus, Libra, and Seven are all strong, but perhaps shown by Libra (and consequently Aries, too) being locked-in. Have the suggested things like offering a drink ever worked with any of you?

  28. Venus in Virgo Ascendant. I like to treat my body with respect. I like to obtain material objects for sensual gratification.

    Mars in Aries 8th H. I have the energy to spook people. I am lazy but when I am at it nothing can stop me.

  29. Cancer Venus. Gotta be comfortable and safe. Trines Pisces mars that loves romance. Both are satisfied in the arms of Mother Nature. As far as the intriguing other worldly relationships, recent back and forth on this site has me decided that I can enjoy those all encompassing magical experiences. However, I cannot bring them down to the emotional level. There is no place there for them. I can’t own them. Saturn in Scorpio trines mars and venus. A shared relationship and experiences, not owning the person. To the next magical mystery tour! Cheers!

  30. My Mars is in Libra, My Venus is in Sag. I am attracted to a sense of humor and I use my wit , to attract men that have one. IF they cant make me laugh and I cant make them laugh. Its a no go. Even though I have so much scorpio I think the mars in libra gives me a bit of a soft edge.
    My late husband had a Virgo moon and mars, Aqau venus. We actually did very well together. I have gone over the charts of men that I was totally enamored with and they turned out to have virgo moons. So strange.

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