Stuck In A Rut, For No Real Reason

neptune cigarette cardI have a client who is involved with a man with six planets in Cardinal signs. The planets are in Cardinal houses as well. His whole chart is a cardinal t-square, outside of one dreamy, sexy aspect that’s unrelated.

The man has this woman in his grip. She’s controlled by the nebulous promises he’s made about a future that’s going to take place at some point that’s not yet been determined. There is no concrete anything.

It’s a con. The cardinal energy combined with her Jupiter Neptune fog allows him to seem like a stand up character, without a shred of solid evidence.

I don’t think the woman saw herself as controlled, until she talked to me. And I don’t know that I’d have seen it either, in her situation. But the fact is, if he tells her certain things, he is able to hold her in place. It’s scary how easily a person can be strung up and held captive without realizing it.

We’re going to see a lot of this when Saturn squares Neptune in 2015 and 2016. If you get into trouble at some point and want to better understand invisible ties that bind, check out the transcript of my workshop on this topic – Staying Stable As Structures Dissolve.

This is the aspect that will dominate the collective over the next two years. It’s all about being controlled…by nothing.

Have you ever been tricked / tricked yourself in this way?


18 thoughts on “Stuck In A Rut, For No Real Reason”

  1. Yes! Lots of times due to Neptune / Moon synastry. I finally cracked it by taking seriously the rule ‘Dont pay attention to what he says, or what he writes in a card – pay attention to what he does’. This simple advice has stuck, really helping as a good back up if confused about what my instinct was telling me. Works for work colleagues too!

    1. “don’t pay attention to what he says or writes in a card – pay attention to what he does”…

      that is very simple but effective advice for someone like myself and my relationship. very good point.

  2. Wow! I wonder if he has the same birthday as my last relationship? Or is the same person!?! (G) Cardinal T-square with it’s point on my 4th house cusps opposite MY Neptune. He felt like “home”. : ( Saw a FB meme that described him to a “T” (Ha Ha), went to their web site and bought the book. Out of 36 “Is He A Psycopath?” questions I believe that Saturn exact on my Saturn at 0 Cap made me see finally SEE the light.

  3. I havent ,but my mom saw this in my older sister’s 2nd husband. she saw how he talked to her and talked so big, but not a lot of action and my sister was swayed big time. this was a man who walked out on his first wife and left 2 kids behind..literally walked away and never went back. he eventually left my sister the same way ..but he left her a note.

  4. Wow Elsa, this sounds exactly like the relationship that I left last week after 4.5 years together. Our entire relationship had been built on stress and empty promises. Now that I’m *out* of it, I’m seeing things even more clearly than I had ever dreamed of before. I realize now that he was holding me captive by telling me things like: “dont’ stress out, after we do this, everything will get better.” And then there was never any follow through.

  5. Yes I have been deceived in some pretty nebulous ways such as this by one particularly sexy guy who i swore was my soul mate. This was pretty recent and I don’t know if I will ever stop paying for it. Because I want to believe in the best in people and i want to believe someone can complete me. The fall does hurt but mostly because Im kicking myself for being so stupid. I also developed a sickening disgust for this person. At the same time i can’t bear the ugliness so I lie to myself. its a vicious cycle.

    1. yes and yes! Couldn’t have said it any better myself actually. I don’t know about you, but I am emotionally exhausted after having lived with an emotional vampire for so long. I didn’t realize just how much until I didn’t have to deal with it anymore.

      Now, here I sit, with my children in our new cozy little home and I can breathe freely. Bliss!

  6. it reminds me of the movie ‘the devils advocate’ this movie is very fitting with the saturn in sag square neptune energy. the deceptive ‘devil’ promising us the world only to leave us all bitter and scrambling in the end. the human desire nature is awful.

  7. I think so, yes. But then I get really tired. And I curled up in a ball and kind of rolled away. Oh my, I can feel the tiredness. Yuck, I just can’t go there any more. No energy for it. Someone else will have to run the race for them. I caught myself two weeks ago at work being asked the impossible. Like do this 4 hour project in 45 minutes because there is no overtime. I started getting frustrated at the demand and then said to myself I just am not going to go there. Not my problem. I guess it’s buying into feeling like I am supposed to meet the other’s demands that gets to me. It’s just not worth it.

  8. It’s strange too thinking about this… (sorry, coming back) I’m not sure they are the deceptive ones as like you say, it is like a hall of mirrors and this is where I am confused. And also where the Sagittarius kicks in… like, maybe there is something to righteousness and virtue and stuff. and the saturn aspect plays out like- how do i correct (saturn) this in a virtuous way. Yep, Saturn square Neptune might be a bigger pain in the butt than i had anticipated..

  9. Spot on post!
    This brings up for me the description of my relationship with my father.
    I just realized few months ago how toxic his “lovely promesing words-non emotional choerent behaviour” axis was on me.
    On top of it the creepy desire on his part to have a close relationship, without being emotionally available. Trying to buy my attention with money or future businnes together …
    Just words of course.
    I am amaysed how many of you relate to this!
    “Dont pay attention to what he says, or what he writes in a card- pay attention to what he does”
    Great suggestion!

    I wonder what’s the future of this people…will they ever learn and stop?
    Or is it more likely to be a sort of narcisistic issue where this people are not able to get in an authentic relationship and they just pretend and promess as long as they get along with it?

  10. if you watch Jane Austen films,like “sense and sensibility”, she always injects alot of realism combined with idealism in there. I see some quotes on paying attention to what he does, it’s similar to what Marianne Dashwood says in the film: quote — “It is not what we say or feel that makes us what we are. It is what we do…or fail to do” — after she was duped by someone she loved/trusted and almost died for, because he never came through for her.

  11. Have I ever been Neptooned or Neptooned myself? Absolutely! It’s comforting to see and read these posts, to know I am not alone.
    I had this experience that led me to leave my husband. It took three years for the veil to drop. And when it did, I had to fight my way back to sanity. Lesson learned. NOT all that is sexy and glamorous is gold.

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