Moon Conjunct Uranus: Emotional Jarring

Last night the moon in Aries squared Venus in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn as it headed into Taurus to conjunct Uranus in the sign.  I was shocked last night, when I learned that someone I am close to; someone I rely on will be leaving town. The separation was most definitely unexpected.

This person did not plan this more, nor do they want to move but it’s happening anyway, and fast.  So fast, we are bringing them the thirty-six-gallon Rubbermaid containers we used to move here from Colorado. They don’t have time to try to find boxes.

Completely separate from this, there was a message on the back-end of the site this morning. The forum software we use may be fading out. This means I’ll have to migrate the database again and go through the learning curve to (re)set up the forum and secure the site, which is a constant challenge in this era.. All I can say is, “Oh man!”

What’s happening with you?


39 thoughts on “Moon Conjunct Uranus: Emotional Jarring”

  1. I didn’t sleep a wink last night. I told someone I love that I’m leaving town soon, and I hope our paths cross again in the future.

    On top of that my hearing is tweaked, I can hear what sounds like faraway music or baseline that other people can’t. Even the hum of the fridge from another room, it’s really grating my nerves.

    1. Oh and I’m renewing my moms passport for her, I was surprised to find that if you have an internet connection, credit card and digital camera you can do it in 5 minutes without leaving the house. The new one comes in the mail from the other side of the world.

  2. Yesterday one of the agencies I work for sent me to take care of a lady for a few hours since her regular aide called out. Not only did she refuse service, she gave me a long earful about my employer and their total lack of courtesy in sending someone different to her without asking her permission first! Wow.

    On a different note: Last night I slept in the new bed. When I used to housesit for my parents, I slept in it, so I knew it’d be very comfortable. But I had to keep reminding myself that there is no “his” side of the bed anymore.

  3. I had to put my beloved dog – who was my loyal companion, cuddle buddy, happy welcome homer and forever best friend – down yesterday. I couldn’t bare to do it until she showed me it was time… and it was definitely time without a doubt. But I’ve been sitting in a painful/numb/shock state ever since. I just ache 🙁

  4. Deeply, cautiously optimistic about the summit. Not to chain someone to their past. Somehow that speaks to my life. Prosperity for everyone seems possible in a subtle way.

  5. ((L)) that is very difficult, sorry for the loss of your beloved pet.

    I’m having a purge fit. Cleaning and discarding, recycling.

  6. Just coming home after small trip, love not driving but the stillness giving a lost in space feel weatherman predicting temps to drop 35+ degrees tonite
    Dark of moon , bet the wind and rain follow
    To all hope the week coming allows you not to put your foot in your mouth peace or time to breathe deep and find your favorite dreams

  7. I am purging like crazy. Getting rid of stuff I’ve held onto thinking I’d use it someday. While I’ve purged before, this time it is different. I’m doing it in a very “detached,” mindset. I also feel like I’ll be uprooted soon or moving, although it doesn’t make sense. I have no “plans,” to move- but I “feel” it.

    Taurus Sun
    Libra Rising
    Leo Moon
    and yeah, a packed 8th house in Taurus.

    1. I’m purging too. It’s like an onion, I think I made progress but there’s another layer underneath.

  8. A secret birth in our family – hush, hush but only toward people new granny wants to punish. I hold them all in contempt – every complicit asswipe who rubs elbows with them and then smiles to me. New granny came to me a couple of weeks ago to confide all her troubles. Now I’m not part of the family. Really?

  9. Last week a torti cat was grabbed by a fox 4 feet from me while I was gardening. We have barn cats around and feral and cats are allowed to roam here where I live. I thought it was my youngest. I was heartbroken as I had just had to let her sister go to the Rainbow Bridge on New Year’s Day and my other cat was attacked but managed to escape with some extreme puncture wounds. Imagine my surprise when I went to my neighbor’s house to get my white cat (my neighbor is elderly, her husband is allergic and is quite taken to this particular cat to the point she has renamed him because she could never have a cat) and my neighbor remarked that my torti was in the bushes at the house across the street. I told her she must be mistaken. She insisted she wasn’t as she was caring for those neighbor’s cats while they were on vacation and she know my torti and she was sleeping in their comfy patio chairs and darted into the bushes when she went to feed the cats. I walked over to the bushes and called her and she came right out. Joy for me but sorrow for the cat that was snatched right before me eyes.

  10. I’m in cleaning and purging mode here as well—getting ready for the move next weekend. Found a very nice pencil sketch of a lighthouse that someone had sketched for ST—I want to frame it. I also came across one of my old sketches, one I’m proud of. I want to frame it and put it up too. Uranus is passing through my 5th house now, getting to Chiron there. Maybe in just pinged it this morning.

  11. Thought I was having a heart attack, spent overnight in the hospital. Showing no signs so being sent for a stress test.

  12. my daughter got married over the weekend. Told me this afternoon. She went to Laughlin, AZ with her boyfriend of 5 years. Came home quietly married. We are shocked, happy, but shocked.

  13. Panic. I am looking ahead to July 12th/13th and that 20* Cancer eclipse that will hit my husband’s AC and my Mother’s Moon. Right now, things are in a state of upheaval and just found out that my husband may lose his job. 2018 has been nothing but a crap storm around here.

  14. Abrupt loss of a friendship which you warned me about in my solar return report. It wasnt unexpected. Thanks to you.
    The unrequited love Ive had for a man for 4 years evaporated or resolved itself. A release…now just friendship love…at peace. Trying to gear for the next 5 months of change in my 8th and 9th house…

  15. A neighbor put a note in the maibox of each of his neighbors, saying he was hosting an all night party, from Saturday into Sunday. He asked that anyone who found it too loud (but it wasn’t) to call him, or drop by and ask for him. Kinda original gesture to do that. 🙂

    A tip that I found useful when I moved house: using shopping bags (vinyl-ish, with woven strap handles) and tying the handes in a knot, to close them, simplifies lugging things. Easier to carry two bags, than two boxes of similar size. The larger version bags (from big box stores) are great for clothes, linens, etc. Best wishes for everyone’s moves going smoothly. 🙂

    1. Thank you for that tip! Just remembered my former MIL gave us a bajillion canvas bags (most of them huge). So maybe I can avoid yet another trip to buy boxes. ?

  16. Severe stomach problems, because the doctor gave the wrong medication. One pill was too weak, whereas the other gave my side effects like uncontrollable shaking. Had to go to the hospital, got the right medication and stopped taking the one with the side effects.
    Feeling emotionally very drained, but physically better now.

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    James Slattery

    This June 19 Gemini is getting terrible, restless sleep and a total lack of appetite which is unusual for me! I feel on edge for no reason and find it hard to sit still. I suspect something(?) is on the way for me.

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