Cardinal Grand Cross In The Natal Chart: Flat Tire

Dylan“Damn, I’m in a tight spot.”
–Ulysses Everett McGill, Oh Brother Where Art Thou

Nearly everything in my son’s chart is in cardinal signs. He has planets at early, mid and late degrees and a grand cross consisting of Moon in Libra, Saturn in Capricorn, Mars in Aries and Chiron-Jupiter in Cancer. With sun-Mercury also in Cancer, he’s a sensitive guy. The outer planets are hitting his chart like a storm. Last week he and a friend were invited to a “party” of former friends where he was assaulted and held down while his friend was jumped and severely beaten by four guys neither of them had seen before. This week he put his nose to the grindstone, worked a full schedule and went to school.

One week after the beating he got a flat tire. Should be less problematic, yes? No. I don’t know how to change a flat tire and neither does he. I know little about cars and haven’t been able to teach him much. Other men in his life do know, but they don’t teach him, Saturn (restriction) opposing Chiron-Jupiter (wounded mentor/teacher) squaring Mars in Aries (male energy) opposing his moon (needs). This weekend anyone in his life who was in a position to help him figure this out was out of town, too busy or just plain avoided his calls. His dad went so far as to shame him for not taking care of it himself. Add to that the fact that he had to work this weekend and he was sick. His life is hard.

A grand cross is full of frustration. His needs and drives are inflated by Jupiter and thwarted by Saturn, with a good dose of pain that never goes away, Chiron. However, it’s a closed pattern and this energy circulates. He doesn’t give up… ever. He keeps on working it (Saturn Mars); you can’t keep him down (Jupiter moon). I think this is going to pay off for him BIG TIME. This is why you often see difficult aspect patterns in the charts of successful people. Difficulty builds character if you stay in it and keep moving forward. The payoff is that you train up and learn the skills you need to survive and thrive. If you keep on moving forward eventually you get somewhere.

Has adversity ever paid off for you? Have you acquired skills you needed to succeed? Can you see the astrology?

16 thoughts on “Cardinal Grand Cross In The Natal Chart: Flat Tire”

  1. My son has a grand cross too, with the moon right on the ascendant and jupiter in the first. That kid just lets whole catastrophes slide off his back like a tough little duck. I spent half his life terrified for him and the other half just marveling at how adversity — fights at school, rejections, estranged father — seems to cheer him *up*. Sometimes I see him looking around as if he’s thinking, this is tough? Somebody tell me they’re kidding.

  2. Damn I wish I were closer. I learned how to change a flat with some ease when every single car we owned blew tires in the period of a month one summer. I was driving every single time. Ten-fifteen minutes I can do this now, tops. Even in a 1973 Buick land yacht that weighs ten times what I do.

    Which if you think of it … perfect example.

  3. Really well written. I hope it pays off for him big time too. 🙂
    Do the nodes and the ascendant count toward making a grand cross?

  4. All my eight T-squares are going to be Grand Crosses during the Aries stellium transits! Gee I can hardly wait…

    And yes I’ve learned just about everything form adversity, but it’s damn tiring to the psyche and I’m just about tired out now

    Good luck to your son, he sounds like a good kid. At least he’s got some of the support he needs 😉

  5. my son was fine (a few bumps near his cheekbones). his friend didn’t go to the hospital but probably should have. he’s okay though. I’ve dealt with a few people who should have gone to the hospital for head injuries but didn’t, and they were fine too. lucky, in a way.

    Dylan’s 6’2″, scorpio rising, pluto conjunct… they held him down so he couldn’t protect his friend. that hurt him pretty badly, even though it wasn’t physical.

  6. thanks Dixie, I’m amazed at how good-looking my kids are. they’re nice to have around the house, :), class the place up. 😀

    Eva, it’s nice to hear that, seriously. sometimes I forget we’re not alone.

    Shannon, sure wish you lived closer! someday, will you show me how to change a tire?

    thanks DebDeb. the asc and nodes don’t count as an official grand cross, but I’d still take the energy into account.

    Astroboy… and I bet you will be too. 🙂

    BlessedPlace, tired, yes, that’s exactly how I observe him feeling! such a fuckload of work. it’s like it’s always your turn on the wheel. no breaks.

  7. Who did the crotch patches? 🙂

    Glad he’s ok, what a hard time he’s having, poor love. He looks like my brother BTW 🙂

  8. bahaha! yeah, he did his own crotch patches… nice how it matches his drink, eh?

    I think he looks like a cross between Stephen Frye and Hugh Grant. my daughters resemble Miranda Cosgrove and Dakota Fanning. they’re a good-looking bunch. 🙂

  9. HOOOOORAY! his tire is fixed! a gal pal from L.A. who’s visiting friends showed him how. her dad showed her how. and Les Schwabb fixed it for free!

  10. What a great post Satori! I am sorry about your son’s difficulties! I can relate to the grand cross and other chart similarities as well as the red running shoes and sitting by the lake with a kokanee.

  11. thanks for this article. my son was born during the cardinal grand cross this summer and i wonder every day how it might effect him. when he gets a little older i will be calling you for a reading of his chart, if you do that! i’ve looked at it myself quite a bit, but i would love feedback from someone familiar with the situation.

    my dad has a grand cross too, and he has been really successful. hard angles aren’t so bad.

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