Mars In Gemini Scrambles This Blog

scramblerI got a new “related posts” plugin for this site.  The change is profound. It’s locating all of this old content written back before the black cloud of censorship formed overhead.

I think people still want to read things that are untamed. This plugin has made this type of content, accessible.

I’m slightly embarrassed and feel something akin to light nerve pain, at the thought of this. I have no idea what you might run across but I will say, things are getting interesting around here, again. For that, I’m grateful!

This is the post I came across, that prompted me to write this. It’s so funny. My restraint is palpable, at least to me.

Bully Update – Mom Goes In With Her Mars

I also see my husband’s mouth is all over this blog, still. I thought I had removed most all of those posts, but no.

The thing is, all of this stuff is still true, even if life is sterile or denied or candy-coated at this time.

This is funny:

Voice Of Mars: How To Fight, Using “Women Techniques”

I got there from here:

The Unconscious Mars aka People Who Are Mad As Hell But Don’t Know It

Have fun!

2 thoughts on “Mars In Gemini Scrambles This Blog”

  1. Thank you for sharing all these years! I always love your stories. I understand the feeling of putting yourself out there, and I am a wimp so I don’t tend to do it. So double thanks for doing it in spite of all the nonsense you’ve gotten over the years for sharing your stories honestly!

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