Cardinal T-Square This Week – Venus, Uranus, Pluto – Tables Turn

The Cardinal T-square covered here – Venus, Uranus, Pluto – Corpses, Pregnancy, Rage, And Obsessive Control is going live this week.  Uranus in Aries is prone to impulse and Pluto amputates.  Venus in Cancer is your love, your money, your grace, and your values.  You can see the potential for damage here, both to yourself and others. If you can resist it, I would.

It’s also possible for ill-mannered people to radically (Uranus) transform (Pluto) under this sky, so that’s exciting. If you’re having Venus problems (trouble getting along with others), consider going for the total overhaul.  If you do this, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the result.

Basically, tables are going to turn this week.  Why not turn them in a positive direction?

16 thoughts on “Cardinal T-Square This Week – Venus, Uranus, Pluto – Tables Turn”

  1. How can one facilitate complete overhaul of personality, shed outworn structures, change from inside? Under Pluto/uranus asepcting Libra chart ruler in 7th house?

  2. I can see the potential for transformation here. Does the female hold the trump card, though, if she acts with authority?

  3. Syb, a person is on top and then they get a cancer diagnosis. Stuff like this happens every day. You’re cruising and you get t-boned by a truck.

    Recently I told a client she did not want her husband in love with her for her looks. Looks are not something you can necessarily keep!

  4. “Can the tables turn for the better too?”

    Of course!

    And people just simply wake up in their life! Which can be very good!

    My son is going through this now. He’s jolted, starting high school, but it is in his best interest and he’s improving.

  5. That sounds very good. Waking up is a good thing. I feel like my life has been on hold for a long time for one reason or another.

    I hope your son has a wonderful experience in high school.

  6. I awoke this morning with the thought that I am 80% intact, inner self. Then I looked around at the mess that has accumulated since the onslaught years and backed it down to 65-70% :D. I am normally not much of a rater, but found it good news. I’ve come a long way from nowhere.

  7. I’m a double Cap and a plutonian. This life has been full of heavies. The is just another in an entire series of shots across the bow. What makes this one stick though is it’s sitting directly on my Aries moon. Not even sleep is helping right now. And that darn Saturn/mars conjunction hasn’t helped either. The only thing I can tell myself is that this will pass as Venus and Mars move on fairly quickly.As for that Uranus/Pluto square, I should be powder by 2016. Then the Universe will mold me into what they wish me to be.

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