Her Father Died, She Changed Her Life: Jupiter Transit Through Sagittarius

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Hello Elsa,

This year my father died, and after this I changed my view of life. I quit my job that made me unhappy. I started to tell people what I REALLY THINK. I started to tell people that I love them.

I am afraid this view will change and I will start acting as I did before. I mean that I will have fear and worry for everyone again. I will tell people what they like to hear, not what I really think. I will live some other life…

Anyway, my question is: will this change be permanent, or will it pass and send me from being Cinderella back to my old self again.

Thank you,

Dear Cinderella,

Congratulations on your transformation! I would not worry too much about any significant backsliding because our lives are moving forward all the time, even when it seems otherwise. And once a person breaks out like this, they are not too likely to go back to living in a repressed manner because come on. Why would they?

Gays who come out of the closet virtually never go back in. And you can think of this in these terms. You are out of the closet. You have revealed yourself to be a woman with an opinion who appears to have had a heart opening… and once a heart opens, it rarely closes. Why would it? Why not live a joyful life?

But since you’re worried about this, how about you take what you did when you wrote me a step further? What if you write down all your gains and what they mean to you? And while you’re at it, write down your hopes for the future. Jupiter is in Sagittarius now and moving forward is favored. Keep your eye on the horizon; I think you’re going to be fine.

Good luck.


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