Carrying the Collective Shadow

shadow on houseI’ve peripherally involved in a really ugly and fairly large situation. You know I can’t be involved, involved because I work all the time, however I carry the shadow for this entire group which must number over 500 people by now.

On top that, the situation has cost millions of dollars and I am the person who is seen to be at fault…and I mean, me, solely. I am the one who is to blame.

Now I can never be charged with anything because I’ve not done anything wrong. I could easily provide stacks of evidence that would show that I am not culpable but this is not what is needed from me. What is needed is someone to stand as demon for the collective and I serve beautifully well in this role.

This is craziest phenomena. It’s not at all pleasant but I don’t think I can escape it. It’s as if they’re casting a high school play. Someone has to play the slave. I’m her and this is a done deal. Here’s the quirky thing.

I may be cast as a slave, but also the the most liberated in the group.

Life, eh?

14 thoughts on “Carrying the Collective Shadow”

  1. i have felt this my whole life (Pluto in 12th opp my sun) it wasn’t until i discovered astrology that i finally started to make sense of it. i always assumed the blame and therefore guilt because it deemed a useless battle. there was no way around it, i was always seen as the bad guy, and my steel will started believing it although i knew it not always to be true. it was really tough actually, not to throw a pity party, but i really wish i had known as a young person about this placement in my chart… the liberation came with that discovery, otherwise it was deeply wounding

  2. I’ve had this type of situation happen to me several times. No amount of explanation seems to change anyone’s mind. Eventually, probably years, the truth always seems to come out. By that time, I don’t give a shit what they think because I always knew the truth. Luckily for me, this has been limited to family situations.

    I’m sorry you have to deal with this.

    1. Isernia, same story here, historically, except people in the day and age are so incredibly, stunningly stupid I don’t think they’ll ever realize the truth. The older ones have smoked pot for 30 years and have no hope of catching up. The younger ones are what I would like to call mal-educated, meaning their education has done them more harm than good and I have no idea how the knots in the heads I meet might ever be undone. I realize that word doesn’t exist but the condition sure does.

  3. I’m a whistle blower, not exactly the same but how quickly the “supporters” and moaners huddle in their little pens once someone else speaks out

  4. Sorry to hear that you are one too, Elsa.

    My family was easy to escape, (the scapegoat escaped). But thanks to old Pluto wrecking ball its way through my 10th house and reputation in my mid life crisis, then squaring its natal self, followed by Neptune squaring my Neptune when I ran off with the gypsies, I seem to carry the ‘naughty lady’ projection for others. It’s uncomfortable.

  5. You’re not a black slave… not the best comparision, no offense, but I can understand how you’d feel imprisoned…

  6. Sorry to hear. I sure can recognize this situation. I have a strong pluto and neptune I often find me in the role of the scapegoat. People just need to get rid of their shadows, hang someone up.

  7. Elsa,
    Brilliant!!! This is the hardest thing to discern. The way I came to understand the polarity of it was this: If you hold a thought that has a value (good or bad) off of the zero point (perfect will of God, so to speak) you are really creating the absolute value of your thought; meaning the good and the bad together. So the Pharisee and Tax Collector are co-dependents. Only living in non-judgment frees us of the shadow. Astrological cycles force us to gain insight into this understanding. Knowing it doesn’t always make it easier to prevent your shadow! Really insightful of you.

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