Losing friends, keeping them and everything in between

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Making Real Friends In The Post Covid Era

“How do you form deep friendships in your later years? You don’t have time on your side, and it can be difficult to meet people. Let me know when you find the answer, Elsa.” – Margaret on Losing Friends & Lack Of Trust I said I’d follow up on this. I waited to see if […]


Losing Friends & Lack Of Trust

I value communication more than most. With a packed 8th house, I’ve always had an inner circle. These are people I can talk to about anything. Literally, anything. The planets have aligned in such a way; my entire inner circle is ill, if not gravely ill. Two of them have already passed. I’ve heard of this

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Sick Of Superficial Connection?

I had a gal mention her frustration with with how superficial our relationships have become, overall. Basically, people agree on very little, or so it appears.  Consequently people keep all discourse, lite! I suppose this is may be relieving for some. No one wants to live in a war zone. The problem is, just the


How To Settle Longstanding Disagreements

A significant number of couples have longstanding disagreements which degrade their marriages and their lives in general,  over time. The same can be said for family and other personal relationships. It seems in the best interest of both parties to hash it out. It also seems it would not be all the daunting, if both


Abandoning Friends When A New Love Comes Along

“I would like to know more about abandoning your friends in favor of a flavor of the month type relationship/addiction. For those who cannot do 12 step programs or stuff like that. I know you say certain problems solve themselves but I figured I’d ask anyway. How does one find deeper meaning in “the chart”.

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Choosing To Be Anti-Social

I coved this topic eight years ago.. I’d like to take another look at it because in 2023, many people have adopted this mindset. They choose to isolate themselves. ~~ I wrote this as a follow up to Why People Fail To Make Friends Or Find Love. Reading the comments and some of forum discussions

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