Insecurities & Practical Matters

Cancer crab moonI’ve gotten my nerve up so I am going to continue to write on these topics that are critically important to huge numbers of people.  We’ve got everyone, everywhere yelling about how screwed we are.  Yeah, we know. It’s time to start talking about solutions.

This post will be about people who are alone. By choice or otherwise, it really doesn’t matter.  You get older and you realize you probably going to need some help. This is particularly true now as the cost of living is soaring.

Add to this, the widespread illness people are dealing with; could be caused by stress alone; it’s sure nice to have someone around who can give you hand. Never mind, you’re giving them a hand, gives you life meaning and purpose.

Now if you’re younger, same thing. Two or three or even four of you opt to live together, it cuts your expenses, dramatically.  Young or old, you don’t have to run out and get married. I’m saying, your life will be much easier if you learn to support others as they support you.

If you’re young, working together can help your group get some traction in life.
If you’re old, connecting with others can ease the pain and loneliness of aging, while increasing your sense of security on different levels.

For any of this to work, you have to be able to get along with other people. If you hate half the people out there; regardless of how you split the herd, you’re hindering your chances of success. The powers that be work ’round the clock to make us hate each other. Why comply? Life is a lot more interesting when you have non-carbon-copy of yourself to talk to.

So if you don’t want to get married and if you don’t want or need to living with someone and share expenses, there are still things you can do to improve your life.  Ever hear of “neighbors”?

The best thing you can do to help yourself, is get to know your neighbors. They are right there, in a position to help you, nearly immediately.

Case in point, my neighbors had their pipes freeze over Christmas. They came over here for buckets of water to flush their toilet. If they didn’t know their neighbors, this would have been a lot worse for them. I can’t count what all they’ve done for us over the years. If you can ease someone’s burden or help someone solve their problem, why wouldn’t you? These things come around.

golden girlsNeighbors are right there. You have something in common with them, other than being human, in that you chose the same location as a place to live.  Mercury rules neighbors. They are like siblings… so if you don’t have siblings, this is the replacement for that.  That a person might have different beliefs is irrelevant.

The things I am describing here are not TV relationships. They’re real relationships where people pool and share their resources for mutual benefit.

Another friend mentioned the Golden Girls. This is a throwback model or example of how people can pool their resources and improve their lives. It’s very different from. “There is nothing I can do!”  There is something you can do. There is always something you can do, though you may have to persevere.

People tend to look at others, feeling they’re lucky to have people around to support them but in most cases, it’s because they’ve built bridges and invested in relationships and maintained them over time.  You have to get over the programming… everyone in the world sucks. This is not true.

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Do you have people in your life who you rely on who can rely on you?

16 thoughts on “Insecurities & Practical Matters”

  1. We have neighbors and look out for each other. I have to give it to my husband, he is very good social being (Sag Sun in the 9th house Taurus Moon in the first) and keeps all the connections going).

  2. “People tend to look at others, feeling they’re lucky to have people around to support them but in most cases, it’s because they’ve built bridges and invested in relationships and maintained them over time.”

    I agree and disagree. It’s not that cookie cutter like.

    People (family, friends) break bonds of trust, they can let you down when you most need their support, they can save their ass and throw you under a bus…the list goes on….

    We all go thru periods in our lives of ‘house cleaning’ in terms of these relationships we invested in and built.

    I think the idea of this romantic relationship psyop also applies to family and friends and coworkers.

    Yes on the neighbors and yes connect with those who have differences of opinion but being wary and on guard to balance the connections made.

  3. great articles. i like the article too on, “Mass Disillusion & Escaping Forces Bent On Keeping You Isolated” ; its so true, there’s so many good men out there looking and they die alone, many are in their middle aged to senior years. I was reading an article on the news about South Korea’s men as an example, dying alone from middle aged, from their 40s to 70s dying alone, without anyone. The country alone has many articles about women wanting to stay single and career minded. their career is the only thing they can trust. Being in a relationship is not even in the cards, and in some shocking related incidents, even women who are pregnant get ostracized because they shouldn’t have babies. This is really getting to the detached no marriage, staying single Aquarian energy. First the isolation and loneliness of capricorn then aquarius comes along and decides no more of this stuff and being alone is better. Of course many aquarians love to be partnered and married happily but usually they have alot of partner loving energy in their charts. xD but imagine, those in the collective, its coming to that age of, wanting to be alone because partnership is too restrictive (so thus the freedom) and to put down the pregnant and married. How interesting the collective starts to change with the times. However, romance will always thrive, deeply in many hearts. Its like a hidden secret and wish. Maybe thats why the Aquarius symbol is also hopes and dreams and wishing on a star because it seems so far away and its better to just be alone and free. thus the sadness of saturn. And when people let you down, its easier to just run away, because it hurts too much. But persevere, like capricorn, persevere, and i understand the depth of capricorn in the positive sense. In the end, capricon is like their opposition cancer, loving family and suffering through it, despite all the disappointments and flaws. no one is perfect and thats okay. ^^

    its good to have family and friends and neighbors too, that are hospitable and trustworthy. My mother in law always leaves a set of extra keys to her neighbor in case she lost one of hers. And in case we aren’t around or in a different country or city since we also have a set of her keys. My husband doesn’t trust as well as my mother in law though. he’d rather hire a locksmith to get in lol xD

    1. Have you lived in SK? The type of man who is dying alone is one who didn’t keep up with social connections, especially if they’re much older. If they were married, their wives were expected to handle their social life while he worked.

      One of the many reasons why very young Korean women are shying away from marriage is due to the social pressure they face within and outside of their marriage on top of having to work similar insane hours as the men.

      Yes, it’s detached Aquarian energy that’s meant to solidify women’s humanity, rather than being useful to so many people other than themselves.

      Japanese men are doing a similar thing as well as American women, I guess. People are withdrawing their energy from institutions and individuals that take advantage of them. Nothing wrong with it imo

  4. I had been thinking about this during my Xmas trip to my family’s. My mom tends to let people abuse her boundaries. My sister is all about burning bridges (scorpio stellium in the 9th including merc, and sun/venus/jupiter conj, plus sat/pluto conj exact 6min apart in libra 8h). Although she has a keen judgement when it comes to situations where she has no stakes in, when it comes to those directly involving herself she just drives everyone away. Too judgemental and uncompromising. I feel sorry for her seeing it all just black and then all just white and absolutely nothing in between :/

  5. Yes I like this post. It is so helpful to get to know neighbors and to build those social connections on your community. Community is important and a necessity for me.

  6. Avatar
    Tess Charbonneau

    Insecurities and Practical Matters!
    Sooo real! I find this article to be very relevant and true for me!
    My moon is in cancer nataly in the 9th. I’m a Scorpio sun in the 2nd and Libra rising. I love rurally and love knowing my neighbors and checking in on the elders and ones who need company and food.
    Elsa you are sooo right about the times we are in and pooling resources and living together!
    Making our living situation work with adult children coming back home to roost and easing the mortgage debt on our home. Turned 65 this year and still whittling away at it. We are all makers and gardeners and are having new adventures back at the homestead! So far so good!

  7. I’ll be 80 in April but I moved into a seniors village at 60. People said I was much too young for that, as I was a youthful art student at the time, but living alone after a marriage ending I’d have been lonely living in a property with fences around. It was the right move for my Cap rising. Though we treasure our privacy we keep an eye on each other. My neighbours on either side trust me with their keys and I trust them with mine. We are a small village with twenty one-bedroom cottages owned by the state and though we have little in common apart from the weird weather, the garden and sharing produce, we have a shared humanity and for me that’s enough. I like being a senior. Situations seem to move on and resolve themselves faster when you’re old. It feels liberating to get free of vanity and Capricorn rising does seem to improve with age, even with Pluto transiting there. Key word contentment.

  8. Yes,agreed!

    I know 19 of my neighbours and have many, many friends.
    Someone letting me down? Not to worry! There’s always a next neighbour or friend who is willing to help.

  9. Everyone in the world does suck sometimes, and we have to make room for that in our relationships. More importantly, we have to make room for relationships, for the vagaries and surprises and depths of feelings that might not always feel good — it’s all part of the sharing that makes life feel real. I’ve often thought about how life is so dependent on other life, for food and sex and companionship and working together to do what can’t be accomplished alone, that life demands relationships outside the self to survive.

  10. Just good advice. Though my tendency is to runnnn away, O value my home as somewhere I specifically don’t have to socialize.

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