Getting married, being married, staying married.

Resolving Hard Core Conflicts With Family Or Friends

Conflicts in families and other social structures seem to be the norm.  Worse, the damage from these conflicts spreads to burden innocent people… like the friend(s) you call and complain to.  The prevailing belief is that nothing can be done! I may believe this myself, had my husband not set up our marriage with a

percentage of americans married by birth decade

Bucking The Trend By Marrying & Having A Family

I want to carry on about people who are single and contemplating their fear and the difficulty of partnering.  See Where Are All The Men? This is definitely a real thing and here is blatant proof of it. I don’t know what you think but I don’t think this happened organically.  Something is up here.

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The Cold War In Your Marriage Or Relationship

My husband and I met as teenagers during the cold war.  He worked in a missile at the time so I was particularly aware of the tension in the world. I spot trends by my nature and I’ve been an astrologer for decades. At this point in time, people tend to want to save their


How To Settle Longstanding Disagreements

A significant number of couples have longstanding disagreements which degrade their marriages and their lives in general,  over time. The same can be said for family and other personal relationships. It seems in the best interest of both parties to hash it out. It also seems it would not be all the daunting, if both

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