Resolving Hard Core Conflicts With Family Or Friends

ConflictConflicts in families and other social structures seem to be the norm.  Worse, the damage from these conflicts spreads to burden innocent people… like the friend(s) you call and complain to.  The prevailing belief is that nothing can be done!

I may believe this myself, had my husband not set up our marriage with a mechanism to deal with these type situations.  We agreed, if we ever had a problem we couldn’t solve, we would talk to a priest. We agreed, we would both accept the priest’s view or judgement of our situation and adhere to his advice.

This is not to say we felt that priests are infallible.  But they do have a lot of training, they generally have good judgment, they aren’t on anyone’s side and the love is there.  Our love. Even if one of us disagreed with the priest, it would be worth it to take the hit or the humbling, to avoid or to move out of a rut.  It also inclined us to work things out ourselves. No one has to thrown down the priest card?

I present this idea not to recommend it as “priest” means different things to different people. It’s the mechanism, I’m presenting. There is a way! But the way may require an individual to sacrifice their pride or ego, for the health of their relationship. I understand this is beyond some people, but just my stating this might change that.

I’ve been thinking about this for some months…

How To Settle Longstanding Disagreements

I have this idea… I wonder about ripping into a situation like this on my blog.  Analyzing two sides of a conflict and making a judgment call. It’s common to do this in consultations.  With thirty years of experience, I’ve gotten very good at it. I think it would interesting and just helping in a very broad way.

What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Resolving Hard Core Conflicts With Family Or Friends”

  1. This approach sounds healthy. In a relationship when conflict occurs it’s best to go the route -let us find ways to resolve this situation/conflict and compromise. Brain storming solutions. I don’t think the blame game is conductive to any good and lasting relationship or friendship. By the by, the conflictual situation also gets extended because some people still don’t use words and communicate when they are upset or hurt about something and they expect their partner to have mind reading abilities. It doesn’t work like that. Open your mouth and talk it out, the sooner the better.

    1. That is so very true! Lots of passive-aggressive, blocked up throat chakras out there. Dealing w/ one of those types now, and it’s always a frustrating stalemate when one person just refuses to talk 🙁

  2. Some conflicts don’t need to resolved. When you realise someone is damaging you, get out and slam that door closed

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