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Libra and Projection

I’ve written quite a bit about the 7th house and projection, but what about Libra, the sign that rules the 7th house? Libra is also known to project: Positive Projection: Libras’ desire for balance can lead them to project their positive qualities onto others. They may see others as kind, fair, and cooperative, even if these qualities are not


Why Do People Admire & Defend Psychopaths?

“Elsa, please write something about the people who follow, enable and support psychopaths. What do their charts show. There are those who lie and those who lie to support the liar. Sycophants?” Libra Rising on Born That Way: Talent & Psychopathy Complicated question! Use of the word, “follow”, suggests you’re talking about online entities here. 


Feeling Guilty For No Reason

This is from a consultation. I think it’s somewhat harsh but some people are in jacked up situations and they don’t want to be coddled. They want to know how to untangle the knot and solve the damned problem so that can get their life on track and enjoy it. So what if your problem

fire hose

Hey, Non-Crazy Women Who Want A Man!

I’m in a situation where I talk to men and women of all ages, all the time. I’m just off the phone with yet another man who would like to be in a relationship. Problem is, women hate men?  Women think men are horrible? Meantime, we’ve got “Phoenix” around here, commenting about this same issue. 

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