Synastry: The First Step In Analyzing A Relationship?

planet postcard“Know thyself.”
–Ancient Greek Maxim

Synastry is the name given to the technique of chart comparison. You put one chart alongside another and compare how the charts interact, what interaspects the planets and angles make to each other and how they fall into each other’s house system. Examining the meaning behind each individual relationship of chart elements and their blended meanings gives the basis for understanding how these two individuals will interact and their impact on each other. But this is not the first step in synastry.

The first step is in analyzing each individual chart as a stand-alone whole. You want to assess each individual’s capacity for relationship. Each person has strengths and challenges in regard to individual functioning. Each has a distinct personality with distinct needs, tastes and goals. It is important to truly get a handle on what those needs and challenges are before you move on to comparing how they relate to this specific other. You want to comprehend how they relate to themselves, the world and the other in general.

The Sun shows your vital life energy. Emotional needs are shown by the Moon. Venus holds the key to the personal aesthetic. Mercury is representative of how one communicates. Mars expresses in the way a person acts. The condition of these planets and how they interact with other chart elements tells of a persons capacity for relationship.

Placements in the 7th house are particularly key for they relay the ways in which one is other-oriented. The ruler of the 7th house and its placement is also telling. It is helpful to note each person’s areas of ease as this is often where they have a wealth to share. The difficulties in the chart should also be taken into account as these are often exacerbated by contact with the other’s chart, for good (growth) or ill (stagnation or backsliding).

Overall trends in a chart affect the general nature of the person and that will affect how they are in relationships in general, their capacity for relationship, not just in regard to one particular person. This first step is very important before you even bring another into the equation. It’s like knowing how to multiply before you learn to divide.

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How well do you know your own chart? What is your own judgement on your capacity for relationship in general?

11 thoughts on “Synastry: The First Step In Analyzing A Relationship?”

  1. Excellent article. I’m getting to know my chart better and better.

    I would say that on some levels I have great ease in relationships (in general). I would say on some levels, great difficulty.

    I’m working on teasing out the two. Creating boundaries is working for me. While opening wider in some areas, is also helping.

    I wish I could be more specific. But I’m working on that, as well.

  2. what about transits to the relationship chart? or each persons upcoming transits? It seems like marrying a person with a 5 planet stellium in libra(square pluto and opposition uranus) is relationship suicide…any thoughts?

  3. LOL! That’s exactly what I have…5 planets in Libra, so yes, square Pluto and opposite Uranus…So I guess marrying me would be relationship suicide? Good to know. 😉 *FTR, I didn’t seriously take offense to that. I just thought it was funny.

  4. Oh, and all I know is, I can’t imagine enduring the pressure of a relationship right now on top of everything else. I certainly wouldn’t encourage anyone to pursue me at the moment because I am under way too much pressure from all kinds of other sources and I don’t want or need additional responsibilities. Don’t know how other 5 planet Librans are feeling, but that’s how it is for me.

  5. great post Satori! Good point first knowing who you are or the other before looking how they will intercat with you or in a relationship.

    With venus 8th house Aaries conjucnt mars. l love people who are serious and have power to do! l also love working together it adds more depth and meaning to the relationship. So working together is something l prefer fighting for soemthing(aries) together(8th house)…and l coudl go on…

  6. Yay Satori Yay!!!

    Thanks so much for tackling this subject for us =)
    I find the information floating around confusing & I’m really hoping you will be writing more… I love the way you explain things!

    As far as knowing my own chart? Well, I fall into two categories… some things are crystal clear & some I’m not sure I’ll ever “get”… but I’m trying 😉

  7. Very cool post i especially like how u gave a break down of the main player planets 🙂 i think i got a good handle on my chart and definitely see how my actions in a relationship reflects in my chart. With venus in Cancer I give to no end but with Cap moon I stop short of involving my emotions. Learning to blend the two.

  8. My husbands Cancer sun is in my 7th House. His Moon in Capricorn is my Sun/Asc however his rising, an Aries compliments my Cardinal Capricorn but can also irk me to no end… LOL

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