True Stories

This stuff really happened

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Perils of Serving Alcohol Underage

Okay!! I found the story about that boy’s sister, mentioned in Mistaken Identity.  She’s quite hard to describe. This family moved from California, I remember that.  That didn’t mean anything in this era.  She had Aquarian energy. In part, this was due to her unusual name and her boy-hair cut which was unique in this

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Contest – What About My Beer?

3This is a true story. Catch up here: The Contest. Well I had to do that. Talk about a disaster. I was not kidding about “tired”. The last thing I needed to do was drive three hours, fly six more, then check into a hotel just to eat dinner with someone I didn’t want to know.


Contest – Look, I Don’t Mean To Be Rude

This is a true story. Catch up here: The Contest. Well, I wasn’t happy for long. Wait’ll you get a load of this prize. I was told I would be flying to Boston from a city that was more than three hours away. Hmm. An hour sitting in the airport at least, right? Then a six

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