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Taking A Couple Days Off (and here’s a story)

We have family coming in, Friday and Saturday.  I’m usually fast to respond but this won’t necessarily be the case over the next few days, as we’ve got plans to be out and about.  I don’t expect to get any newsletters done, either. Sorry! I wanted to put something up here to read. I got an […]

Vintage Astrology Blogging… The Freak That Is Elsa P Goes Skating

I wrote this astro story in 2003.  It’s funny/uncensored, revealing, free expression. Includes swearing!  Let’s go! Yay!  It’s also prelude to Pining For Reuben. ~~~ Kris said she was surprised I’d not seen, Gone With The Wind.  I responded: “Yeah, well I never saw Star Wars until twenty years after the fact. This in spite

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Catbird seat

Pining For Reuben, Continued

Nineteen years old. I was pining over, Reuben, after learning that my husband (that I am married to now) had married someone else. I was so obliterated by this, I didn’t date anyone for six months which is eons at that age and also for someone like me who really likes to be with man.


School, But Wait! There’s A Knock On The Door!

Four years old. I don’t know exactly who got me into first grade, but it must have been my grandpa, because my parents were fighting and it sounded like this: “Tell her!” “I’m not going to tell her!  You tell her!” “I ain’t tellin’ her teacher, shit!” my father said, putting his foot down. “Well,

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