Neptune Conjunct Midheaven: More On Mistaken Identity

neptune charlie chaplin mirror mazeThere are a lot of stories on this site, about the mistaken identity scenarios that have occurred, constantly, throughout my life.  I give this to Neptune on my midheaven.

As an example, when I worked for Frito Lay, I had a route and certain stores I serviced. I’d been on the job for years. I thought most my customers liked me, simply because I was friendly, fast, reliable, etc. I was an obvious hard-worker, in my mid-twenties, bothering no one.

Then one day I went into one of my large grocery stores to tell the manager someone would be working my route for me for a couple of weeks. Reason? I was getting married.

I expected the manager to congratulate me. Instead he say, “Good! Now maybe you’ll stay home and take care of your kids!”

He nearly spat this at me. He had this venom that came out of nowhere.  Further, I didn’t have any children. “Um… what? What do you mean, take care of my children?” I asked, utterly confused.

“I mean that you should be home taking care of your kids; not out here working with the men!  I’m hoping your husband will do something about it!”

“But I don’t have any kids…”

“Yes, you do!”


“You have those two boys! Don’t try to lie to me…”

“Two boys? No, I don’t! I don’t have two boys.  I have two dogs… and zero boys. I’m not leaving my children at home. What are you talking about? I don’t have any children.”

“Yes, you do!”

He didn’t believe me and I left it there. I’d learned long ago, not to fight with “drunks”, but I was completely disoriented.  Were there other people who thought I was a child abuser?

Scenarios like this have plagued me all my life and it continues to this day, online and off.  “I know you sold your blog…”


henry building with adobeI bring it up because the Boy Was She Pissed story made me think of another. In this case, my step family was around so I must have been about thirteen. We’d lived, isolated, in the desert from the time I was six. When my stepfamily moved in, my life improved.

This was not because my mother was gone. It was because they all had colorful personalities.  Also, my mother was next door, the property over, with Henry, so she was still there and I saw her, daily.  Most importantly though, my stepmother occupied my father. There would be no way to adequately thank her for that.

This was in the 70’s which was still the 60’s aka the Hippie era.  My older stepbrothers were part of that.  Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan and such. There were four of them, by the way. Plus one stepsister.

I got along with all of them. It was like this whole hippie movement arrived in our house.  They had interesting friends as well.  I’m saying, these foreign people were introduced into the family petri dish and the effect was positive. Very positive, even.

So one day, we had company over. Friends of my stepfamily, including my stepmother. We were sitting in our living room, chatting and telling stories, when we heard a car pull up outside.  Not many people pull up to houses in the middle of the desert.  Curious, I popped up to go to the front window and see who it was.  I didn’t recognize the car or the woman, who got out of it with a bat in her hand.

A bat?  What’s that about? “It’s a lady with a baseball bat,” I said. “Never seen her before.”

We didn’t play baseball at my house. Did my brother have a bat? One of my stepbrothers? Was it loaned out and being returned?  She was headed for the door so we’d find out, shortly.

I did not expect her to knock on the door with the bat, but that’s what she did.  You could tell she’d hit the door with the bat.

I vividly recall the group in the house looking at each other, eyebrows raised, quizzically.  My stepmother went to answer the door, but by the time she could get to it, there was more pounding. It was clearly a bat hitting the door.  We were all very curious… my stepmother yelled through the door. “What do you want?”

bat“Elsa! Send that little bitch out here!”

Everyone swung their heads to look at me. I had no inkling of who this was or what she wanted. I also was not a bitch, though I was little.  We looked at each other, stupefied. My stepmother wanted me to fill her in, I’m sure, but I legit had no info to offer. I’d never seen the woman in my life.

The woman was apparently tired of waiting for me to come out, so she started batting the door again. There was no way my Capricorn stepmother was going to send me out there; she yelled something to this affect. Next thing we knew, the tip of the bar crashed though the door.  Apparently, she was coming into get me. I was scared.

At this point, someone said, “Call the police!” This was another change.  When my stepfamily came, we got a phone.  We finally had the ability to make a phone call.  But the police were going to come to our house? It was all new.  We had never called the police, before. I wracked my brain to locate information on the woman and nothing.

Now we had a big mouth in the group. I don’t remember her name, but she fascinated me. She was a “subversive” in this era. Down with cops and such.  She had two kids with “Moonbean-type” names. She had a definite aura around her and she’s the one who opened to door to confront this woman, after the bat crashed through for the second time.  Hollow door, if you’re wondering. We were poor.

This gal really had a presence about her.  When this woman and her mouth opened the front door with two bat holes in it, and walked outside to essentially say, “Put that bat down before I shove it up your…” the woman retreated, quickly. She scrambled to get in her car, still promising to find and kill me, first chance she got.”

She drove away and soon after, the police arrived.  My stepmother relayed the story, calmly. We had the license number of the car.

The police said they had to talk to the other party. It already felt “off”, as the people on my side of the equation said I hadn’t done anything.

The cops said, “She must have done something”.   The lady with the mouth reacted to that. She yelled at the cops to go arrest the crazy bitch and leave our innocent family alone.  It did not seem they intended to do this, from what I could see. More weirdness.

The police returned and informed us, the woman beat down the door because she wanted to talk to me… about giving her son, pot. About getting him hooked on pot.

Now I didn’t have any pot. I had never had any pot. I had never seen pot, never smoked pot, never even thought about pot, and everything else – negative for pot.  Also, who is her son?

The cops seemed to think this woman was justified in confronting me with a bat for my sin which never happened.  This is when the Big Mouth took over…

marijuana“Did you give anyone pot?” she asked me, in front of the police.

“No. I don’t have any pot to give. I have never seen pot in my life.”

The cops were at the door, the woman remained sitting on the couch, addressing them over her shoulder. “See that! She’s innocent! Look at that damage to the door! Why aren’t you arresting that crazy bitch?”

“Well, this looks like a dispute between neighbors to us.  And if she is getting someone’s kid hooked on drugs, you’d expect the parent to be upset… she might have gone a bit far, but why didn’t your send, Elsa, out to talk to her, like she asked.”

“What! We’re just sitting here on a Saturday, visiting with friends. This crazy bitch shows up and bats the door in and you think we’ve done something to warrant this? And we’re supposed to send this child out to speak to this lunatic? Where’s your evidence, she did anything wrong? Here’s our evidence,” she said, indicating the door which had been destroyed.

I knew at this point, the police would not be arresting the woman. I felt the people in my house all knew I was innocent so I waited to see it play out.  Things deteriorated quickly.

The woman started berating the police, who remained on the doorstep. She was taunting them, with the fact she knew her rights and she could say whatever she damned well pleased and you can’t touch me!  I had been taught to respect police and law and order, etc. so I was stunned to my core.  She really laid into them, far beyond what I thought was reasonable, not that I understood this, the least little bit. I am saying the woman was formidable and had no Libra whatsoever. The police had no choice but to retreat.  They gave no indication we’d see them again.

This left us in one hell of a mess as we did not know who this woman was.  Or rather, it left me in a mess. Would she be back? I was afraid. I mean, she was after me and only me and she wanted to kill me.

I believe this was a Saturday. I found out what was going on, Monday morning, on the bus on the way to school.

There was a newish kid in the neighborhood; he and I had gotten friendly and taken to chatting on the way to and from school.   We had no classes together. “I’m sorry my mom came over to your house,” he said.

“That was your mom?!  Why did you tell her I gave you pot? I didn’t give you pot! Why does she think I gave you pot?”

“I didn’t. I told her you did not give me pot. But she thought you did so she went to your house.”

“Is she coming back?”

“No. When I found out what she did, I told her where I got the pot. She asked me to apologize to you…”

Neptune midheaven is a strange aspect. Supernatural.  Neptune is in Scorpio, by the way. The assumptions are always awful, dark, taboo, twisted, deluded.  More often than not, they come out of nowhere.

In this case, the boy went home chatting about me. He liked me and was probably glad to have a friend on the bus ride home. New student!

It was his older sister who gave him the pot.  I have a freaky story about her, too.  I don’t know why this stuff happens to me or finds me, wherever I go, whatever I do.

I can never be exactly on balance, because I never know when something like this will constellate, but I can tell you how it’s affected me. My nose is clean at all times. Good luck catching me on the other side of the (real) line. I can’t help you with your imagination.

Do you have Neptune conjunct your midheaven?

45 thoughts on “Neptune Conjunct Midheaven: More On Mistaken Identity”

  1. My husband of 47 years and our twins all have Neptune conjunct midheaven. Husband has Libra Neptune and twins have Sag Neptune.

    I have often contemplated this aspect. It doesn’t always pan out to be what one would expect, but it is always interesting.

    The twins used to enjoy getting others mixed up about who was who. this happened after they found out people were telling them apart by their shoes! They didn’t want anyone telling them apart that way. The next year, they bought school shoes that did not match. Let the games begin!

    One young girl was staying at our house once because her parents lost their home and were trying to get back on their feet. The whole family stayed with us for four months. The young girl always knew which twin was which, we thought. My husband asked her how did she tell them apart? She replied, “I say one of their names and whichever one answers me, I know that is the one whose name I said. Brilliant! Children are very good at improving. I can picture your youth so clearly. You should take your many short stories and snippets and long stories and put them all in date order and make it a book. It would be well received by many!

  2. Neptun 22′ Rx. Saturn 23′ Exsalt. Rx. in LIEBRA – SQ. VENUS 17′ in det. in Aries 4th house. Whole House. Wheel of Spaghetti the way I see it.
    Life is but a dream? bada-um, bada.- um Speed bumps

  3. I will have this aspect by transit when Neptune gets to 1d Aries. I don’t envy your position in these stories, but maybe I should brace myself for something similar.

  4. I have Neptune MH too! This is the gaslighting I seem to attract? WTH??

    I understand. I too have learned I’d better be squeaky clean, above reproach because even my best intentions can be misinterpreted.

    I’m already an over responsible 12 H stellium Capricorn.

    At least I’m in good company here with you🥰

  5. As someone with a Pisces MC I’d have told my “friend” to tell his mom to Cee U Next Tuesday where she needs to grovel and apologize to my 13 year old self. But I’m a Cee U Next Tuesday when I need to be and two can play at that.

  6. It’s weird that people seem to be holding onto these delusions, rumors or chimeras for far more than reasonable time, despite evidence or direct conversation. And I think it’s because neptune is in a Fixed sign so they are stubborn in their misconceptions.

      1. Yep, it’s a double edged sword. For me Neptune among many things, is storries. Sucks that instead of enjoying reading fictional stories, they are making it out about someone else. A human in flesh and blood. It can be puzzling.

  7. Avatar
    Kelly Thompson

    Omg I have Neptune in Libra conjunct my midheaven and I have experienced projections on me all my life, usually shocking and totally off. Like Tuesday j went to a new dentist who treated me so crappy I can’t even find words and have no idea why! It was traumatic and I am still shaken and baffled. Sometimes the projections are good and I’m idolized. Mostly bad. My family of origin always projected I’m crazy because they are not deep thinkers and don’t comprehend wtf I’m talking about half the time. One of my adult children made up an entirely false narrative about me sgd believed! Still undoing that one.

      1. Avatar
        Kelly Thompson

        Yes!!!! This is a constant in my life! Completely in love with me to hating me in seconds flat! Suddenly a person who adored me ghosts me and character assassinates me. Just insane. It helps to realize it’s Neptune but it can really hurt. No rhyme or reason. I avoid pedestals and try not yo take it personal but…

  8. I have Neptune 3 deg, MC 4 deg, Jupiter 2 deg all conjunct in Scorpio. I have a neighbor who spread untrue gossip about me that she and her husband saw me at some beach and I never said hello, I ignored them she said. I was never at this beach. She lives 2 doors down on my street and she told 2 other neighbors this who don’t speak to me either. I found this out recently from another neighbor closest to me that I am friendly with. This gossipy neighbor and her husband didn’t speak to me for nearly 20 years. One day, after I found out why she and two other neighbors appear to “hate” me for unknown reasons, I confronted her about the gossip a few weeks ago. She denied it and asked who told me. I said “someone”. I don’t know why these neighbors allowed this gossiper to recruit them into “hating me” when I never wronged any of them. Why did it take nearly 20 years for my so called, “friendly” neighbor to tell me?

      1. Avatar
        Kelly Thompson

        🥲🥲🥲and I’m sick of it. But j just keep kicking a$$ anyway. My moon in Leo makes me shine somehow (and maybe Jupiter rising) in spite of their bullsh*t. But damn.

  9. Avatar
    Kelly Thompson

    I estranged from my family of origin over this finally – got sick of the gossip and false narratives. I found out from some grandsons how they paint me and it ain’t pretty so I exited after sixty plus years. I really didn’t realized until about 2914 ttd story they made of me. It broke my heart.

  10. mine is on the ascendant rather than mc but I do have stories of being confronted with other people’s projections. It doesn’t happen in the public sphere, more on a closer circle of friends/acquaintances but still hurts cause I am not seen for who I am. I used to take it very personally, especially the rejection part.
    Nowadays I have become very wary of people being enthused by me or negative towards me without actually having spent a lot of time with me. I think most people see me as exotic and privileged which is far from the truth. Sometimes I let them believe it, try to turn it into a cloak of disappearance. That’s another thing, there are moments when I feel completely unseen/unrecognised. Not misunderstood or misrepresented, but plainly invisible. I try to keep at hand the thought of all of this as not being personal but revealing for the person across – this is not about me, it;s about them.. still not being seen hurts.

    I’ve often thought about whether it would be easier to conjure a persona out of thin air and use it somehow, but my neptune is in sagittarius and being anything less than bluntly one’s self feels foreign. I could have been an amazing sales person, tried it but disliked the lack of honestly it brought along.

    I soak up a lot in my interactions, that’s another difficult thing, setting boundaries can be elusive. Clear focus about personal direction also tough.

    I wonder if neptune in scorpio could also grant someone a magnificent weapon in stealth mode. Or a capacity to slip through others’ manipulative tactics. I wonder if it also accounts for the miraculous healing you have experienced Elsa (I have been reading recently about your burnt hand and how it healed overnight). And your misdiagnoses . . Neptune stuff, go figure

    1. Feeling invisible is another feeling I get or to put it another way, people taking credit for my work or ideas which were plainly visible.

        1. the work thing really sucks… Maybe you can take the credit back, post a link of your original work in a comment or something, redirect the flow somehow back to you?

          (I have done something similar on insta with linking original designers on copycat posts, simply as a reminder of what is what.. )

    2. You describe my experience. Thank You ! Insightful !

      My MC Neptune IS Scorpio. But heavy 12th House Cap stellium. I have “understanding unconscious motives” stealth.

      Understanding the unconscious motive is the booby prize. I may feel superior because I see and I understand but Im still rejected and/or invisible.

      1. you’re welcomed 🙂
        I don’t know if I feel superior for seeing thru something, mostly I’m dumbfounded, I mean what am I supposed to do with it and why am I not left in blissful ignorance..? it’s tough to keep an even keel with people or demand justice if get used to the idea of ‘inside knowledge’. So then I try to transcend, but I’m no saint nor do I want to be one. There’s something I learnt from reading on taoism that Elsa often says here, that there’s no good or bad energy, it’s just energy, pure and simple – until directed. And Neptune comes with a lot of energy feelers so… ?

        For me all neptune things can be very seductive so at some point I feel the need to just let it go. Most of the times I end up paying no attention to things I cannot put into good use through my earth planets – I let it do its own thing whilst I do mine.
        I do watch a lot of documentaries on surfing when I’m in a weird or bad place though, that’s a way of trying to figure it out I guess!! (lol)

  11. Avatar
    Kelly Thompson

    Also and then I’ll shut up 😂 I draw out their ugliness and it becomes visible and boomerangs back on them.

  12. Transiting Neptune will be crossing my MC as it enters Mars (5degrees). Guess I’ll be looking up lots of posts and reading all about this to shore up my knowledge base as this is incoming. Thanks for all of your efforts to put this out there Elsa, it will be helpful to have the information.

  13. Yessss Neptune 22 Sag in 10th conjunct MC at 22 Sag, square my 7th Virgo Sun, sextile Pluto at 22 Libra inconjunct Chiron 22 Taurus. Neptune, Pluto, Chiron in a yod. I have been mistaken for all sorts of things my entire life and having a Pisces ascendant most people don’t know what to make of me. I have to keep my nose clean too or I am automatically drug into crap that I had nothing to do with. Thank you for posting this Elsa!

    1. This is WILD! This resonates, intensely…

      Neptune on the IC opposing Jupiter MC, less than 2*

      Venus trine Neptune – “saint to sinner, in seconds” or vice versa…

      Invisible to people who malign me, project their issues onto me, steal my work, lie about me, and more… incredibly hurtful. Difficult to depersonalize…

      I have an incredible ability to *see* through people, a curse and a blessing…

      A wild ride indeed 😱😳😜

      Love your work and efforts, Elsa

        1. Yes, a support group.

          The lies and projection are mind-numbing… would love to know how to handle things so the outcome is a win-win, instead of annihilation

      1. Similar to my chart set up, only all in Scorpio on the MC. For me, I don’t know these backstabbers are working behind the scenes until much later, when any action I can take is lost. Probably a protection because I will confront these maligners.

  14. I’ve been mulling this over all day.

    We are the screen projected upon.

    Then others watch the projectors movie. Our truth is invisible to many,

    But we are not invisible to those projecting!!!

    They are attracted to us like we were put here for them to project on.

    Some part of me is willing to be a screen, because I have the illusion that some will see the truth behind the projection.

    The few that make the test, are Gems.

    You rare gems shine through this illusion.

    Thank You

    1. Avatar
      Kelly Thompson

      I’m a Gem. My BBC sense is that I’m providing a service as a blank screen and it is kind of like a therapist working with transference. I can see the transference tho the person projecting cannot. In a way if I stay blank and present they have to own those projections and they begin healing. But most can’t deal.

    2. What an interesting comment! I don’t personally have Neptune on Midheaven, but I have natal Moon two degrees separating from natal Neptune with Jupiter in Gemini, so I can see it.

      I often feel some of the feelings I saw in comments, above, too.
      I’m glad I checked the box to be notified when comments are added. Most of my life there has been some semblance of “not being seen”. But also, to “see” others with an uncanny knowing that I need to quiet most of the time.

  15. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    How wide of an orb? I have 25-degree Neptune in Scorpio and 6-degree Sagittarius Midhaven.
    This type of sh*t has been happening all my life!

  16. My best guess would be that another planet(s) is activating the Neptune/midheaven. That’s a wide orb (11 degrees) that is out of sign and includes an outer planet.

    However, what other players(planets, parts, fixed stars etc) are pulled into the fray?

    Your chart itself could reveal something touching the energy and carrying it on. (Like a “translation of light”) type of thing. I like to use the traditional orbs. Someone else might see it very differently.

  17. Just a last note from me on this, it’s a quote from an article in the Guardian about Godard’s last film. It made me think of this thread and I thought it would be nice to share it here..

    “Robert Bresson said that we live in mystery, and that mystery needs to be on screen. And there is another quote that I like from [Romanian writer] Emil Cioran. He said that every mystery becomes a problem. So we find a solution to solve the problem. But the solution only profanes the mystery.” Far better, he thinks, to simply live with the mystery.

  18. Neptune exactly conjunct MC in Scorpio. I always get accused of “plotting” something with evil intent. This crap happens to me so often that now, at 60 years old, I find I don’t really want to be around groups of people because something I say seems to always get twisted or upsets someone. If I have to go to a function, I pretty much keep my mouth shut. It seems the only way to not upset someone or have shit talked about me.

    A few years ago, I started complaining to close colleagues about how little we were paid compared to others in our same position (at a university). A few weeks later, I was slapped with a five-page document that I was forced to sign saying I wouldn’t discuss salary with anyone. First, it’s public information (public university), second, it is illegal to tell employees they can’t talk about their salaries. I was ostracized by the entire team, and the outgoing boss even warned people to stay away from me–I found this out later.

    Cut to last year when suddenly all we are talking about is our salary and comparing it to others with similar roles! My response to the uproar, “NOW?! Now you want me to contribute to the discussion I started three years ago? Sorry, I signed a gag order.”

    That is but one instance. My solution? I keep myself to myself. No wonder I’m not much of a team player, indeed!!

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