Chaos Ongoing, Car Accident & Daredevil Moves By Me & My Friends!

Mack truckOkay, so this is stupid and good and bad and even a little funny.  You know I am trying to catch up. (Off Like A Herd Of Turtles) Today was the day this was supposed to happen. The stranded teenager who has been staying with us the last couple days, left late this morning.  My husband blew the head gasket on his car on this mission but it was ultimately successful?

I had an appointment myofascial / physical therapy.  It went really well – I headed home to go to work.  I was on a state highway heading towards an intersection with the Interstate.  You can turn onto the Interstate in both directions but I was going through, so I stayed in the right lane.

Nothing happening until I heard a loud noise and felt the impact. A large commercial truck (gravel hauler), had veered into my lane and clipped my car.  It knocked me hard but the car was drivable. I got quite pissed off when I saw the truck, speeding away, clearly intending to get on the highway and run.  BULLSHIT!

I got myself together and stepped on the gas, forgetting I had no left side rearview mirror… honking, flashing my lights making a scene.   Next thing I knew, someone motioned me over behind the truck so I could better follow. Good deal, I had a witness!

Angry ItalianNext, another man accelerated aggressively, and started signally me, very effectively. Mars conjunct Mercury! He motioned with his hands, to pull in front of the truck, he would pull behind and we’d stop the truck.  By now there were at least eight cars, all leaning on their horns. I nodded and did as I was told.   The truck came to a stop and blew his air horn at me which further pissed me off so I got  out of the car to confront the guy; I started yelling at him like any mad Italian would.

He denied hitting me, but I did not have to say anything because by then there were three men standing with me, all independent, all stopped to make sure this guy did not get away with what they saw him do.  All four us told the guy, “You did it. Get out!”

He said he did not know he hit me which was bullshit.  Turns out the man who signaled me was an off-duty cop.  I just love how people are here. This is not at all surprising due to the area and of course, my Guardian Angel!  I’m taking the rest of the day off though, two cars down.

41 thoughts on “Chaos Ongoing, Car Accident & Daredevil Moves By Me & My Friends!”

  1. Whoa! What an ordeal. Take a bath, relax your muscles and take the next few days off! I’ll be sending lots of light and energy your way.

    1. Yes! And it was the United Nations there too. Lots of different colors of people and various sexualities from what I could see. But we have one thing in common here, for sure! You do not ruin someone’s property, etc. and then take the hell off. I would have chased that bastard all the way to Texas. I had a full tank of gas!

      There’s a song.. “…Got a Jesus on my dashboard, got a third wife on my ass!”

      I am that third wife! Your tire height matches my ripped up passenger door. I think a dozen people called the cops. They had me on my way in 8 minutes max, because everyone stuck around to state who the liar was.

  2. I LOVE it when people are their very best selves for the good of others! So many people are good and kind. I’m really glad that you were supported in this way, Elsa, and by total strangers! You may have a pranged up car, but your faith in human nature (and guardian angels) must be off the charts! Brilliant story, thank you so much for sharing 😊 ❤️ 🙏

  3. I called a friend so she could call the Highway Patrol. This is her:

    “My friend got hit by a gravel truck on hwy XXX. The guy took off and she’s chasing him…”

    They already knew about me, lol.

  4. Glad you got some support at least! Goodness. Both times I was hit they gave me the run around and I never got reimbursed for my damages. I don’t understand how people sleep at night honestly. Honestly, frick them! I just hope they get exactly what they deserve and a little extra so that they get the lesson!

  5. Went to the hospital and got a toradol shot for inflammation. I can believe I got adjusted only to get unadjusted five miles down the road.

  6. Wow, what an experience – you do you have a way of galvanizing people! Take a breather! Sounds like you could use it (guilt-free). We will be here when you get back <3

  7. That’s so crazy! He didn’t know he hit you because he wasn’t paying attention? Or he out and out lying. Either way he needed to take responsibility. Glad you weren’t hurt and got support from people plus an off-duty cop no less! Love it! Yes I hope you take some time for yourself Elsa and that sucks you got the Toradol shot only to get re inflamed! A bubble bath should do nicely!

  8. PS I went to an appointment today and in the reception area heard the receptionist say “No she’s not in right now. She was in a car accident but she is okay and will be here.” It just stood out to me and then read this!

  9. I am really sorry you had an accident.Glad you are okay and you had nice people helping you out with the situation.

  10. I am happy that you are off the highway and home safely.
    But, what an episode of “don’t do me wrong creep”. You go girl. What an experience in trust. Trusting those that signaled you to get in front of the truck. Then carry out the remainder of the confrontation. Heroics. I was cheering you on as I read the article.
    Safe driving in 2023 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Holy cow! And look how quickly you responded, without even thinking about it, full warrior mode . . . to Texas if need be! Something like this really exposes the inner person and look at yours. All beat up and yet someone to be proud of, standing to fight. Kudos too to the folks who rallied around you, who took the time to get involved. That’s a rare find these days. It’s really encouraging to hear. And thankful too that you were not seriously injured. Though it has been a bad week for your vehicles . . .

  12. Elsa glad your guardian angels were there to protect you – hope you are ok – transiting Uranus is going to form an exact opposition to my Mercury in Scorpio – should I stay in?

  13. I Love this Story!! Don’t mess with us Wise Warrior Women! So this is one manifestation of this current config! What’s next?! :p

  14. Talking to people, I guess I wasn’t clear. This accident took more than ,y mirror out. This guy’s tire ripped my door open… a circular scar dug *through* the metal of my door. (Mars Mercury) The back seat door was also damaged but not as bad. Bottom line, this could have EASILY been fatal which is why I was so pissed off. You just don’t do something like this and not stop, not only to take responsibility but to render aid.

    1. Reading this adds an OMG to my initial reply. You certainly had your”posse” on deck for the amazing protection made available to you . Are you chilling these days???

      1. Yes, I went to the hospital yesterday, to get a toradol shot (inflammation) to try to prevent a lupus flare. It seems to have worked. I’m subdued and sore/pain, but hoping to be productive tomorrow. I will have to deal with my car next week.

  15. That Angie Girl

    It’s great when random GOOD stuff happens to balance out the random BAD stuff (though “bad” is just lessons to be learned usually).
    I love reading about your “never a dull moment” life. My life is the same. I thought everyone’s was for the longest time, then I found out that most people have relatively “normal” lives.
    I feel less alone with my random Cuckoo when I read about yours, so Thank You for sharing it!💕

  16. Wow! Sounds like the kind of reaction I would have! Hold them accountable! Glad you’re okay and hope the soreness goes away quickly. Makes my heart smile that people you didn’t even know supported you in such a beautiful way.

  17. “I started yelling at him like any mad Italian would.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😍🤣🤣 he might’ve pissed his pants a little

  18. “I got quite pissed off when I saw the truck, speeding away, clearly intending to get on the highway and run. BULLSHIT!” I love this Elsa, I got fired up just reading it, (Aries moon square Cap mercury here) I’d have gone after him too…foot to the floor, horn blaring with pirate-style swearing. So amazing that the ‘people’ were there to help you. Glad it all worked out – I love it, so empowering, helping each other out on the highway of life. Reminds me of the Dukes of Hazzard… Glad you’re safe, shame about your cars though.

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