Off Like A Herd Of Turtles!

herd of turtlesMercury is currently retrograde in Capricorn, creating hardship and delays of all kinds. Case in point, a teenager we know got stuck a couple hundred miles away. My husband took off this morning to pick him up. The idea is to relay him back to his mom, in another state, by the weekend?  This was all unexpected of course.

So my husband took of at 6:30 am. The mother contacted me so I contacted him, right as he was pulling off the side of the interstate with a blown engine.   This is all par for course, considering Mars is retrograde in Gemini.

Someone asked me why I missed weekly videos over the holidays. It was because it was the holidays, and also because we had house guests. So now we have another house guest and some vehicles to shuffle around. I’m just really sorry I’ve sort of disappeared.  As soon as I start something, I’m interrupted by just regular life.

I am progressing on the zoom / relationship idea, though. I wonder if someone wants to volunteer to get on zoom with me and have a recorded session? You could be anonymous of course.  It’s just one idea of many floating around.

Thanks everyone.

26 thoughts on “Off Like A Herd Of Turtles!”

  1. Haha, that herd of turtles!! I didn’t get to make it onto the rock yet…

    “As soon as I start something, I’m interrupted by just regular life.” aaaargh, are we echoes?! My story for practically my entire life, no matter how I try to change that darn script 😖

    You are allowed to disappear!! Holidays and houseguests a valid reason. So is ‘just because’ 😬

    I disappeared too, sick for a couple months so I missed that zoom post, please link it here? Sounds intriguing.

    Happy New Year to you and all the happy/struggling/triumphant campers here 🤗

  2. Love love herd of turtles.
    I’d be happy to zoom with you, re relationships. I’m all about relationships and what happens in them with me and others.

  3. We got our daughter ice skates for Christmas but she wants to exchange for a different size. She’d texted us Monday asking if we’d be around. I said, sure in about 45 minutes as I was shopping. Texted her when I got back. Left her a message. She never got back to us. Our son-in-law’s birthday is today. She’d sent out an invite on Sunday for pizza and cake today. We followed up but nothing. Very unlike her.

    My husband got in touch with our son-in-law to say Happy Birthday and he mentioned our daughter’s phone was having big problems. I think the birthday dinner is still in and we can do a pop in. Not typical of us but it’s the last we’d heard!

  4. I don’t know what I’m doing yet. For example, what about a pair of charts and a couple in trouble or clashing in some way, where they can’t figure out how to fix it?

    1. I like that idea.
      What about starting with when two people meet? What connects them? What doesn’t?
      What do the charts show?
      Then when people are having trouble or clashing, what is the challenge? Why? And, how to fix it.

    2. Avatar
      ConfuzzledFish 🐠

      Yesss!!! Mememeee, I volun-tear!!! You come up with so many genius ideas, may I borrow your magik hat please?!

  5. I think you’re really on to something here Elsa! I’d love to see that Zoom convo and I’m also happy to be your volunteer (although it seems like you already have a lot of willing participants). Ellen’s ideas all sounded great btw.

    Guess it’s a good problem to have – that people miss you too much for you to take a holiday 😉

      1. Elsa, you’ve written enough on enough topics over the last 20 years to keep us busy learning & contemplating for the next twenty!
        I wrote 1000 words every other week for a newspaper, full & new moon forecast & 12 horoscopes. I did it 5 years. What you do is an unbelievable drill!!
        A Holiday movie had me thinking about how hard it is to simply be human…how hard we are on ourselves & each other. And how amazing it is when we soften & allow ourselves & each other to simply be human. That’s my New Year’s focus “Be okay with being human”.
        And Elsa, you are so that!! Lead on!

        1. Thank you!
          I have the text for a video, written. I am going to try to film it when our house guest leaves. I think people will like it. It’s intended to light this thing – let’s go!

  6. I’ll throw my name in the hat for relationship tribute. My husband and I are trying to figure out if we can stay together. It’s been challenging so some help would be greatly appreciated 💓

  7. The zoom idea is great, if you need any more volunteers I’d do it. I like Ellen’s ideas and then to expand on that.. maybe add in things like longevity potential (or not) of a relationship, potential strengths and weakness lending to a strong partnership or weakening due to imbalances, what areas two people may compliment each other and areas of possible learning from the other via the chart.

  8. it seems (feels) i have bigger experiences in the dream world. i woke up thinking about you, elsa. maybe relations to the self would be best use of time. you allow a person to feel and then see the feeling, allowing a best use of their time. i like the idea of soul mates;how about twin flames?
    oh my, it seems i’m healing from a time of pain, it’s been amazingly painful.but it resembles a stone ripple in a pond-it’s rippling out from here

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    ConfuzzledFish 🐠

    Question: might a herd of turtles be a hurtle?!
    HuGGGz coming @soup… just becaws ❤️ and also because I came across some of your old posts

  10. I was born on Oct. 11, 1961, at 2:32AM, in San Jose, Santa Clara County, CA, and if my horoscope lends itself to the theme you are proposing, I would happily volunteer for a zoom fest!

  11. A friend of mine had a court appearance on the opposite coast. Flew halfway there, then all further flights canceled because of the storm! He turned around and came back! Merc Rec on steroids. And because of the change of plan, there was no one to pick him up from the airport at midnight, an hours drive from home.

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