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zodiac elkes signsIf you do this long enough, you pretty much see everything.  Today, a client sent me the chart of a new man she’s met. This is a common thing.  I love this kind of work. I never know what I’m going to see and what I’m going to have to say about it.

Emphasis on have.  My clients rely on me to be honest and concise.  Sometimes the news is not that good.  It doesn’t matter. I have to respond. But today’s man had a really good chart. I know what you want to know. What was in the really good chart?

For starters, the man’s sun, moon and Venus were all in agreement. This allows a person to be in peace about who they are and how the feel. Not every day, every way, every minute. But a person in this situation will experience satisfaction.

The man also had a packed 9th house and Jupiter involved with his ascendant.  Now you have a guy who tend to be optimistic on top of feeling good most of the time.  Moon in Taurus giving him plenty of grounding.  He had Libra as well.  He’d be fair and probably polite.

It doesn’t really sound like someone from this era, does it?

There used to be a saying, “Nice guys finish last”. I don’t know if this is still a thing or not.

I told her he trended away from pathological. We may be socialized to reject a man like this. All the male idols on TV are cutthroat.

Do you know anyone who is easy going?  Can you see it in their chart?

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  1. I can think of one man I’d consider ‘easy going.’ I don’t know his chart, and haven’t seen him in a long time. But, he’s kind, optimistic, and is well-loved by people, he helped start a ‘poetry apothecary’ group after retirement.
    I tend to read books about worlds that I would and could thrive in. ‘Charles’ is one of those easy going characters raising an orphaned infant girl. He raises her to believe in the possibilies, and being more substantial than his spindly frame would lead one to believe. The book is Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell. The setting is not of this contemporary time, so socialized to reject ‘Charles’ might be so, unless I invested in the world of ‘Charles’ and found ways to find him or invent me in the world I find myself.
    Windy way of saying what I feel.

  2. My dad. He’s a Capricorn and I don’t know much else about his chart. He is the most easy going guy I know.he has loads of friends and I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t like him. My mom would get mad at him because he was easily taken advantage of by employers through the years, but most returned his kindness. He would go out of his way to help anyone.I can sit with my dad for hours sometimes talking up a storm and other times not saying anything,just enjoying his company.

  3. Whoa, this post made me think. I haven’t met any easygoing guy. On the other hand I ‘think’ I’ve met two easy going girls, kind, friendly, breezy, sunny and well adjusted. A taurus sun and an aquarius sun. 🙂

  4. I like to think I’m easy going, but I don’t know if that’s always true. I think my poorly placed Mars and Venus may be disqualifiers : ) But I do have Saturn-trine-Jupiter and I think that helps. My dad has that aspect too, and he’s the most easy going person I know.

  5. I have known many men who were easy going. Three were Aquarius or on the cusp of Aquarius and Capricorn, Taurus, Pisces and Cancer. They were also polite, Humorous, laid back, Devil May Care, talented, popular and all pretty just plain nice. They would help anyone too or at least be a friend. The other men I have known who seemed relaxed and easy going but would turn around and snap at you for any discrepancies are either Geminis, or Virgos. Sag men I’ve known seemed easy going, but had addiction issues which made them act in less than kind ways at times. I have only known one Libra, who reminded me a lot of John Lennon, artistic, kind, intellectual, yet bitting in his views sometimes, but pretty easy going, And a Leo who I fell in love with who was warm, humorous, generous, loved people, but was super perfectionist in the recording studio to a unbelievable degree. And I dated an Aries with a Taurus Moon who was easy going but a cheater. So of all the signs I’ve known I think Aquarius wins. They do not seem from a different era to me. Guys on TV are just a construct of writers and producers showing us what they think we want. They aren’t necessarily the everyday man. I work in an office with many young men and none are like the ones on TV.

  6. Thank goodness for my husband and my son! Both easygoing — they may have problems, but nothing they think can’t be resolved. My son has sun conjunct Jupiter in Aries, so that makes sense. My husband has a stellium in Cancer, so he probably just keeps things to himself to avoid burdening the family.

  7. A man with venus moon together keep him.trine sextile. No matter the sign.

    Easy going i thinks Leo’s are until you cross them.
    Jupiter with suns and moon aspects help.
    Great lunar aspects . Of course the lights agreeing.

    Never met an easy going gemini. They are hyper.?
    A friend said air is fragile.

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