Black Moon Lilith in Aries – Lone Pioneer

cowboy lilithIf you have Lilith in Aries, the pressures you’ve encountered through your Lilith placement have made you independent, strong, and unlikely to take shit from anyone. Your wounds have taught you that if there is a problem, you will have to face it alone.

Regardless of what aspect of your life Lilith impacts (which is determined by the house she is found in – you have had to go it alone. When you have asked for help, no matter how reasonable the request, you were rejected or dismissed. You likely realized early on that your needs were treated as burdensome by the people meant to help you, so you learned to stop asking them.

But needs have to get met somehow, so you have become a master in getting what you want in other ways. You may find yourself hyper-focused on your goals, knowing that you are the sole power propelling you forward. You can only count on yourself, so you’d better step up, right? You may also find yourself saying “fuck it,” and instead blatantly asking or even demanding what you need from others, even strangers. The worst they can do is reject you, and you definitely have dealt with enough of that in your life. But either way, you don’t let your emotions get caught up in the outcome.

Emotions, that is, other than anger. With Black Moon Lilith in Aries, you carry with you a deep, seething rage. This belies the screaming pain of feeling like you’ve been left alone to fend for yourself in a cold world. It’s cruel and unjust and sometimes you’d like to see the entire world burn down rather than let yourself or anyone else feel this kind of pain for another second.

Some of this can be alleviated by purposefully incorporating some of the energy from Libra, the sign opposite to Aries. Try to find a counterpart, a friend, a lover, someone who hears and validates your plight. Look for counterbalances and shades of gray in your otherwise black and white view of the world. And find someone who can help you without making you feel dependent.

There is, of course, so much to say about this placement. But let me close here: your pioneering spirit and anger are your superpower. Convert your rage into determination to blaze your own trail, leaving a path for the rest of us to follow. And remember – independence is wonderful, but if you find the right allies, you’ll never have to be truly alone again.

Do you have Black Moon Lilith in Aries? What is it like? How has it changed you?

8 thoughts on “Black Moon Lilith in Aries – Lone Pioneer”

  1. whoa. hits home. hard. BML aries 12th house, loosely conj ac. joining the ram’s party i have a rx venus conj merc (being battered by tr chiron), sextiling chiron/moon conj in Gemini 2nd house. demanding from others… I wish. anytime I tried I just get discarded. and I find libran energy of people-pleasing the wmost undoing. I do have ultra focus when i need to be Phoenix rising, but I also have Pluto opp sun and mars opp sat. Trust me when I say, finding a kind soul to hear me out without telling me how I gotta do to be fixed, or that doesn’t start to have ideas of how to get a return on their helping ear/hand, is one in a million… nept sq that ven/merc… but just understanding bml on the 12th would be good enough.. and I don’t. as I don’t venus rx in that same house…

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      Lynda Connelly

      BML in Aries 5th house. There were times I felt I had no one. I put one foot in front of the other. Kept going and survived stronger. I also have a few people I know I can count on.

  2. Heck yeah! I have BML at 0° Aries point, in the 2nd house. Finding someone I can depend on has sure been tough. And that whole thing about being rejected when I asked for help — that has 100% happened.

    When someone actually DOES help me, I treasure that friendship, forever!

  3. Spot on! Totally my experience, as I have Lilith in Aries at anaretic 29 degree in 2nd, square Saturn 29 Cancer in 6th.
    Great writing Midara, thank you so much.

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