Black Moon Lilith in Taurus – Port in a Storm

taurus lilithIf you have Black Moon Lilith in Taurus, the struggles you’ve faced through your Lilith placement have made you strong, stable, and self-contained. You’ve learned that no one can provide you

However Lilith has manifested in your life (determined by house placement), you’ve found that the best way to deal with adversity is to present a calm, unruffled exterior. When everything else was chaos, you became a port in a storm. A lighthouse. An immovable pillar upon which everyone else leans. In this way, you’ve bought security at the price of your own emotional truth.

You may also have found that the actual resources you need are severely lacking. It’s like someone took Maslow’s pyramid and carved chunks out of it. You figured out at an early age that if you needed something, you’d have to find a way to get it yourself. I know of one person with this placement whose parents stopped feeding them at around the age of 12, telling them to go figure it out on their own. While you may not have an example that dramatic, I’m sure the story feels familiar.

And that’s what it really comes down to. Feeling like no one values you enough to spare anything to help you out. Like somehow you’re not important enough to support. Like you have no inherent worth. It makes you feel so small. So you may decide to dig in your heels and push back, saying, “Okay, maybe I’m a loser, but I still deserve to live, so I am going to thrive, dammit.” Or you may say, “I am worthy no matter what anyone else thinks. Just try to let them tear me down.”

One of the best ways to get some relief is to channel Scorpio, the sign opposite to Taurus. Be willing to let yourself feel deeply, even if that seems chaotic or frightening. You don’t owe anyone performative stability, and you deserve to experience your emotions fully. You may also want to find ways to embody Scorpio’s association with energy exchange. Find the few people who will engage in real reciprocity. People who will support you in ways both tangible and unseen. People who will give you what you need, no questions asked, just trusting that you’ll do the same for them if they ever need it. That is the key to your healing.

There’s so much more I could say, but in the interest of brevity, I’ll end here. Just know that your calm, even hand and stubborn will to survive have served you so well. You’re hear and breathing, and that is a true miracle. The earth is blessed because you are in it. If you can find a way to be the pillar that others so desperately need while honoring your own desires, you will be unstoppable.

Do you have Black Moon Lilith in Taurus? How has it affected you?

4 thoughts on “Black Moon Lilith in Taurus – Port in a Storm”

  1. Strong, stable, and self-contained. Port in a storm. Lighthouse.
    Maslow’s triangle – Ha! Just this week, my new mantra became ‘I AM all I need’.
    I FEEL everything. Being an HSP empath that’s what I do, just allow it to flow its way through me, like that Scorpionic water you mention. And yes I have a few solid pillars of friends. We are there for each other when needed. I am so glad to read I AM unstoppable. I’m about to be birthed out of a deep dark 3 year gestation this spring. Scary, painful process but so so worth it to bring the new life in me forth. Thanks for a terrific post Midara!

  2. Well I have a huge experience with Lilith and now at age 44 I started to understand the huge impact it has on me. I have bml conjunct Chiron South node descendant in taurus opposite ascendant Uranus north node square ic Saturn. U can’t imagine how much pain and wounds I experienced in my life related to house 7.i always asked my self why issues related to relationships keep repeating itself again and again, tooling advantage of me ,betrayal ,lies, deception…. plus I have Venus square Neptune I don’t see the reality as it is and I ideolised my partner ?. Back to bml by time I realized I am being stronger and stronger and I am is all what I need. No emotional security and psychological stability outside. It is all in me. I remember when Uranus entered taurus March 2019 conjunct my Lilith after one month, everything I thought it was stable went ups and down(midlife crisis). I see Chiron conjunct Lilith I spent almost most of my life healing myself and going through a lot of transformation and I played a big role in healing people around me since I worked 17 years in counseling. I don’t know if I am right about this interpretation while Lilith transit conjunct my natal moon 17 degree taurus?

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