Astrology and Childhood: Scarcity vs Abundance – A Rich Man Born To A Poor Family

I’ve mentioned my son has the chart of a wealthy person… this is dramatic to my eye. When he was born I wondered how this was going to work. I pretty much figured he would wind up rich but what about “childhood”? Because he wasn’t born with money… except he was and here is how this works:

My daughter is a lot like me. We want almost nothing. The things we do want, we want very badly. We want them to death you could say, but this only happens in a blue moon.

The first time my daughter asked me to buy her something in a store, she was seven years old. She saw a very large, very expensive stuffed dog and she just went berserk. She wanted that thing so badly and I got for her on the spot because I realized she had never asked me for anything in her life. Ever! This in contrast to my son, who wants everything all the time.

So my daughter and I share this quality. We place value on non-traditional things so what happens, is all the resources (money-wise) flow to my son. For example, if I give my daughter 10 dollars she will spend 8 on her brother, 1 on herself and donate the last to the dog pound or the Children’s Hospital’s via those cans they have at grocery store checkouts. She does this without fail and she has done it since he was born. There is no way to stop her… it’s her money! But besides that, I get it and I pretty much do the same thing. We both know he likes stuff, it makes him enormously happy, we love him, so..? And it’s no skin off our nose. We don’t want anything anyway… except the experience of giving.

And my son? Well he has a lot of stuff. He has stuff coming out of his ears and he has exactly what he wants too. He has specific tastes and frankly if you get him anything less… well he just doesn’t get it. Why would you not have exactly what you want? I think that would be an unanswerable question to him and this is obviously the reality of a very wealthy man.

How did you show your colors in childhood?

4 thoughts on “Astrology and Childhood: Scarcity vs Abundance – A Rich Man Born To A Poor Family”

  1. I guess I honestly don’t know. I spent so much of my childhood hungry for attention and validation, there wasn’t really any room for discovering me until I was an adult. Sad, but eh, I’m over it. 😉

  2. Wasn’t materialistic at all but my dad is a very generous man (in more ways than one but thats another story..)and cos i am his only child, even though we were pretty poor, on birthdays & christmas i was kinda spoilt. Mum said he’d work extra hours.

    One year i did really want a bike and i dont think they could really afford one. But he bought a second hand one and painted it bright orange and put funky stickers on it and i thought i’d died and gone to heaven (one of my fav colours is orange) and i never knew it was 2nd hand. Even now i’m heading for 40 he still overspends on me and i find it abit embarrassing. My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and he asked me what i wanted and i needed a really sharp knife to chop with. Well he buys a whole frigging set of them which cant have been cheap. Wouldn’t mind but he hasn’t got that much money himself.

    I dont have a money chart per se, theres a merc/nep opp in 2nd/8th and i’ve had a mental block for years about money. My ex was well paid so again i was kinda taken care of. Now i’m on my own i’m teaching myself about budgeting. As i’ve never been a big spender (shopping drives me crazy – apart from the supermarket which sends me into a trance and keeps me there for hours)its been pretty easy so far. Jupiter in 7th has been kind but i have a strong independent streak that has always bulked at being taken care of (NN in 1st) and now i’m determined to get my head round it.

  3. In my family, it was rude to ask for things.
    You had to follow the rules and hide your disappointment.
    I’m still bitter about most of my childhood. Saturn in the 5th house is to blame. My brother is just like your son: everything comes to him through my mother and myself. He has a Taurus moon in the 8th house. Lucky him.

  4. I have, since childhood, felt insecure. My mom would laugh as she tells me stories about how I used to hide plums underneath my pillow when I was 4 years old. To this day, I will always overbuy food and the ironic thing is, I have had the gastric bypass and I can’t eat everything (or even half) of what I buy…I just need it, I need to know I’ll be nurtured, I guess. I have felt insecure in other ways, like my sister was more beautiful, etc.

    Looking at my chart its quite obvious: Jupiter in Cancer in 2nd house, and Chiron in Taurus in 12th.

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