Pluto Transiting The Sun – Hanging With The Black Dog

Speaking of the shadow side, when the soldier surfaced in 2003, or rather when I dug him up, Pluto was transiting my Sun. I was writing on the astrology mailing lists back then. The Pluto transit to my Sun was 10 times as challenging for me as the Pluto transit to my Moon.

So anyway, we got in touch. And he’s calmed considerably since then, in part because of our contact, I think. He always says I connect him to this world. I think it’s true. So back in 2003 he had not been connected in… a very long time. So he was way out there on the outer rim of whatever. I would go out there and hang with him.

I was listening to his stories, mostly. He told me his whole career which of course is a rare thing to hear about because for the most part, these Special Forces guys don’t talk. And I was very interested. I was curious and horrified, shocked, amazed, proud… all of that. I was in awe of the whole thing, not just of what he had to say but of my own ability to parse and assimilate it.

I would talk to him, via chat mostly and then write to one of the mailing lists to offload some of the intensity, before heading back out to the rim for some more. I was draaaawn. And people… other astrologers had some very interesting things to say. But one gal really nailed something for me when pointed out that it seemed I was having the time of life. You know… she said and I am paraphrasing… “Seems you don’t just like to sit with the black dog, you like to pet it and rub it’s tummy!”

I had to laugh. She was so right! I was enjoying myself immensely and I realized why.

It’s not that hard for me to blow someone off the planet with my mouth or my stories or my whatever. And this is our affinity. We do not repulse each other! Isn’t that strange? Everywhere we go we have to worry about this, except for when we go together and it’s always been that way.

Do you have a lot of Scorpio? If you do, you probably know what I mean. We are so conditioned to being the shadow of society but when we sit together, we’re just people.

Can you relate?

3 thoughts on “Pluto Transiting The Sun – Hanging With The Black Dog”

  1. Oh absolutely! With Jupiter, Juno, Part of Fortune, Mars, Mercury & ASC in Scorpio most of my long time friends are heavy duty sorts in one way or another. It’s the pits to draw what I think of as the “bootlickers”. There is this whole dynamic w/Mars in Scorp particularly, that attracts the submissives looking to get walked on . . . and what bothered me was finding the urge to do the walking. I also recall the Pluto in Scorpio years vividly . . . heh, talk about lessons in learning to be very, very quiet within. Ever want to clear out a room quickly, just invite a truly pissed off Scorp type over . . . 🙂

  2. Yeah, I’ve found two people that I can share with like that and I wouldn’t trade ’em for the world. *smiles* One is my hubby, the other is a friend I’ve known since kindergarten. Both have significant Pluto and all of us were born within three months of each other, so there’s a lot of affinity between us.
    As a matter of fact, my friend is the one that introduced me and hubby-man! *lol* I hadn’t thought about how strange and right that is until now. . .

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